Our 7th Friend-iversary

I was to go out for late dinner with Joshua and Kanch last night but it got canceled cos J had too much work. I totally get it. I was working till 9:30pm as well and only stopped cos 12 hours was about enough and i couldn’t go on all day… or COULD i.

Messaged a few people to see who i could eat with, and Rudy happened to be out (miracle) so he swung by and we went for Japanese. I took him into the neck of the woods and he was like, “Where ARE we? Look how dark the road is… Adventure!!”

I ordered for us: large sashimi salad, gindara (cod fish) with salt, garlic fried rice, spider rolls, and japanese choc cake with vanilla ice cream. We just let conversation flow… and if you know Rudy, you’d know that you don’t even have to talk and he can go on and on and on until, “Babe… what was i talking about?”

We agreed how things just happen as they should if you let them,
and recalled all these amazing coincidences we were experiencing.

Rudy: What an awesome day. So lovely to have dinner with you sayang
Me: Oh my god…. you know WHAT. Our Friend-iversary… it’s our Friend-iversary!!
Rudy: NO!

We looked up the blogpost i wrote about our 1st Friend-iversary on my phone,
and true enough, first week of December is our Friend-iversary
and we’d happened to have dinner.

In the blogpost i wrote 6 years ago, i mentioned that our dinner then was the first time we’d met up since the cruise we took… in 2008.
And this time, it’s the first time we met up since The Ship… which was the second time we’d gone on a cruise in our lives, and we’d ALSO roomed together!

It’s like we’ve come full circle.

In life there are no such things as coincidences.
And it’s such a wonder to observe them if i open my eyes a bit wider.

Like just now, a new friend was telling me about this dream he had.
And i noticed that the voice note he sent was 1:11 minutes and sent at 1:11 pm.
Love it.

+ + + + + + + + + + + +

Gonna give a plug for Uniqlo cos they did fly me to Paris and i haven’t written the blogpost yet! >

UNIQLO will be launching its Holiday Campaign promotion nationwide with giveaways and a chance to win a trip to Tokyo, Japan!

The promotion begins from 5th – 25th December 2014 where customers will receive an exclusive UNIQLO Fleece Blanket with a minimum purchase of RM200 in a single receipt. Available in a variety of colours, the fleece blanket is ideal for keeping warm in cold conditions and for travel.


Adding on to the spirit of joy and giving, customers will also stand a chance to win a 4D/3N holiday in Tokyo, Japan. Winners will be decided from a lucky draw and there will be a special Holiday Campaign shopping bag with every purchase. For more information check out UNIQLO’s Facebook page: www.facebook.com/uniqlo.my.


After running around non-stop since mid-August, i have finally started to miss being at home.
I miss writing, and playing with my hoop, and dancing, and attempting to sing.

Realised i’ve been keeping myself so busy with work and events, that i’ve let my balance slip.
My eating habits have gone downhill and i’m dying for a detox. Tried to book myself at Pure Health this week but they’re absolutely packed!
My laundry is piled high, albeit separated perfectly via colour.
I have so many books i flip through but never finish.
I’ve barely been spending time with my family and friends.

But i’m taking control again.

I realise i can’t continue managing this blog, and the shop, and the PR stuff, and the events, and the team, AND myself; simultaneously anymore. I physically and mentally CANNOT. I can just about keep up with my own shit without having to remember other people’s schedule and to-do lists too. So i’m hiring a new manager… and she starts in January.

At least it’ll give me more time to focus on my blog and future plans for KBF.
And my weekends back.
Ok fine, i’ve been having a lot of FUN working weekends.

Last weekend was Urbanscapes, a perfect example of that.
But i tell you, the stress that comes before the fun…

I’d already learnt from taking KBF to It’s The Ship that stressing about something doesn’t solve anything. So when all these things were going wrong last Friday and Saturday, i surprised myself on how calm i was. OK i admit i did scream into the pillow once, but i was pretty much calm the rest of the time.

Summary is that all our stock from It’s The Ship was to arrive from Singapore latest by Friday, and SweetEe couldn’t get a hold of our contact at Livescape, so she and Weng Yee simply went to the office to collect our stuff, but it was not there. Shipping company promised to have it in by 9AM the next day, so we all woke up really early to transport everything to Genting by 11:30am… and they totally didn’t care. Livescape told us this bloody shipping company have been idiots since they started the project -_- We were told to wait till 12 noon, so SweetEe and Weng Yee went up to Genting first to set up what they could, which wasn’t much cos the majority of our stock was optimistically brought on the ship. I waited at the Livescape office with Jeremy (who was playing photographer and helper to us that weekend) till the truck pulled up the driveway at 3:15pm.

I didn’t even bother scolding the guy much, just gave him a sharp line or two then proceeded to quickly load the 10 carton boxes into my dad’s 4WD and drive straight up to Genting.

We were incredibly late in setting up and after all that was done,
i thought to myself, “RIGHT. Now i can go play.”

urbanscapes kinkybluefairy hoop

[shot by a Jonathan Chin, thanks!]

I played a LOT with my hula hoop at Urbanscapes.
Got a little drunk in the end, couldn’t stop playing all night and hit some people in the process, including Brian in the face (sorry!)
Rudy told me Jono complimented me on my hoop, and i proceeded to give him a lecture about hooping. Uhhhh

I think one of the reasons i love hooping is because it gives me my time alone.
After constantly being surrounded by people all the time, i need to be by myself to have long drawn out THOUGHTS.

There’s so much need to think about!
What areas in my life do i need to reshuffle to achieve balance.
Who i want to spend more time with and how.
How i want my new home to look like and function… (oh god, i saw the wetworks quotation last week and shouted “WHAT THE FUCK!!!)
Big trips i want to take next year (trying really hard to fit in Machu Picchu but work is getting in the way *growl*)

Oh god i realise i’m being so aggressive. This is not the person i want to be.
I definitely need to do more sport or something, let the anger out.
Or maybe the opposite. Meditate more. That’s right. I’ve totally not been meditating at all except every time i have a crisis.

Wow, see what alone time gives me?
I blog and am reminded of what changes i need to make to my life!

Ok it’s time for bed, and before i start spewing more brain crap that will embarrass me tomorrow.


I need a house assistant

Just about getting back into life on land after spending 5 insane days spreading colour via KinkyBlueFairy festival gear on It’s The Ship. Oh my god i have so much to do now! My house is a mess, i haven’t paid my bills, my Astro got cut, my water bill is pending, i just cleaned up my unpacking from Japan and Paris and now all this colourful stuff is STREWN everywhere cos i need to unpack from the ship.

Gotta run. Blog later. Ton of emails. I NEED MORE ASSISTANTS FOR MY LIFE.

Bonding with my sofa

I’ve been in a daze since i got back. It’s not even jetlag cos there’s barely any time diff with Japan, i think it’s just all the constant running around, being up early and sleeping late, too little sleep, and a lot of press meetings and partying. I spent HOURS unpacking from all my trips, and haven’t been so happy to be AT HOME in so long.

The cleaner is over and i was just lying on my sofa staring out at the impending storm thinking, “Maybe i should just give myself this weekend to do NOTHING. When was the last time i just stared out the window…”

And at that very second,
a giant gust of wind blew so strongly,
my entire curtain billowed up above me like a waving sail,
and just extended over me beautifully for what seemed like a long while.
It was like a movie scene.

I’m taking it as a sign to just let myself not edit pictures or work until Monday morning.
And then… it’s choo choo cray train all the way till January.

Lessons i learnt this week:
1. Don’t participate in any activity that contributes to another’s darkness. It will still be a part of your path. Move only towards that is light.
2. Listen to that tiny voice in your head. Don’t push it away. Make it stronger.
3. Don’t trust people so easily. Be smart that not everyone out there is as nice and believable.

Something else i bumped into IG recently after having read the article on it some time back:


Here’s something else i’d like to share, an article on being busy that Yishyene shared with me: The Disease of Being Busy

Sekian. It’s fairy time.


Laugh Malaysia!

Laugh Malaysia with Harith Iskander

Harith Iskander, the Godfather of Malaysian Stand-up Comedy, will be headlining Malaysia’s largest comedy gig happening Oct 29th, 2014 at Bukit Jalil Stadium. Called Laugh Malaysia, the show will also be featuring his fellow comedians Dr. Jason Leong and Papa CJ.

Get your tickets at AirAsiaRedTix.com *HERE*


On left is Harith and i.
Wow, i managed to find my old blogpost when we went to the Miss Malaysia/World contest in 2006 :p
How time flies… like i told him, i turned around and suddenly he’s got two daughters!

On right is pic shot at my tailor’s, cos i’m getting her to make fashion bibs for me to wear when i eat curry and soupy food. I’m sick of meticulously arranging paper napkins on my chest! I wonder why i didn’t just do this before! Making some extra ones so i can sell them on KinkyBlueFairy :)


Above was taken when i went for Yiu Lin’s private launch of her new Shoes Shoes Shoes boutique in Telawi.
The space is GORGEOUS and women in there were going crazy… i saw so many pieces that caught my eye but they sold out in my size in mere minutes -_-


I returned the next day (i had to rush off to work) and bought new sparkly shoes that make my heart sing!

On right is Sweet Ee looking incredibly sweet, on a rare night we worked till 11pm. We decided to work off-site and it’s kinda dangerous cos with food and drink at hand, one need not stop… until the restaurant kicked us out cos they were closing.


I crashed the Halston Heritage launch to see Patty and Lexie after the Ferragamo one.
My favourite pair of black heels tragically broke so Patty and i went to Topshop to get a new pair.
We both came out with new clothes and… i didn’t even get a new pair of shoes -_- 

We had Korean for dinner, wine at La Bodega, and i met one of their friends who has “I love Thailand” tattooed on his arm. Hilarious.


Sarah and i caught up at the Marie Claire event.
Check out Deb and her on the cover on the right! Purdy purdy!


One weekend night i went to see Cameron (oh yeah, and his parents too) cos he’s growing up soooo fast!

I swore i just saw him a month ago, and suddenly he’s RUNNING and CLIMBING and not giving a shit that Aunty Fairy is actually really fun and wants to run away from me all the time. He’s still small enough for me to pin down and smother with kisses, but he’s so ROUGH that i’m afraid one of his flinging arms would smack me in the face! Boys! I thought i could continue force-hugging and kissing him till he’s about 4 but now i’m not so sure.


We had steamed egg yolk crab and snails at Luck Kee Seafood Restaurant!



This is currently my FAVOURITE song to dance to at home!
Listen to it while you read this post!

Today is the first day in WEEKS i’m able to just have a day to relax and do nothing!
I was just going through my Instagram and was like WOW. I did so much in the past two weeks!!

Went to Seoul for the Omega event, came back to KL for a few days, worked like crazy, attended 4 events, flew off to Sydney, worked like crazy on the plane and in the airport, went to the launch of Fashion Bloggers, flew back to KL, worked like CRAZY before the Love Bonito launch in Publika, which KinkyBlueFairy did the PR for, and i emceed as well.

I remember i was so excited and positive on the morning of the Love Bonito event! I woke up and meditated for awhile to be calm and focused, and then i played Geronimo and danced in my living room cos i was just so HAPPY and excited for the day!

Friday i tried to take it easy cos i was pretty much just EXHAUSTED. Went to the H&M x Alexander Wang media preview, and had a meeting with Danny (one of my best friends, and now, my architect) to discuss the renovations for my new home… i’ve been so busy that i haven’t put aside time to really think about what final ID i want. All i know is that i’m not gonna conform to using the space how society dictates the rooms be used for… I decided that i’ll use the main master bedroom (which is very large) as my creative space and play area. So i’m gonna have my walk in wardrobe on the surrounding walls, big mirrors so i can dance and hoop in there, and keep my paints and art stuff so i can play in there. It just makes more SENSE to utilize the room in that manner and sleep in one of the smaller bedrooms instead, cos i want to use one room just to REST (feng shui thing, practice certain habits in designated areas in the house so the energy in that space is consistent).

Don’t have much time… in less than two weeks i’m being flown to Paris for a Uniqlo media trip. I wanted to drop by London to visit my grannie just before cos she’s been having some health problems this year, so Uniqlo has been so nice to book me a flight to London first, then i’ll make my own way to Paris, then they fly me back to KL. The next day after i land, i’m being flown to Tokyo and Osaka for another job… it’s gonna be crayyyyy. I’ll be in 5 cities across two weeks! Then AFTER that… i most probably will be sailing from Singapore to Langkawi on The Ship, a 4N/5D party cruise organised by Livescape. I’m sending SweetEe to Seoul for a Kiehl’s event, cos i can’t split myself in two, and i’d LOVE to return to Seoul but… yeah i can’t do everything and be everywhere. (When will teleportation be a reality for human beings? Right now they’re working on teleporting energy and information, but come on guys… hurry up! XD)

Also… I know work is gonna be insane in Nov and Dec as it’s the busiest time for bloggers. I can’t wait to hit the beach in January.

OH! KinkyBlueFairy will be opening a store again at Seek & Keep in BSC at the end of this month! The theme for this edition of Seek & Keep is “party and celebration” and KBF is expanding to selling party and festival accessories and deco!! It’s so me anyway… i keep on buying decorations to do up villas in Bali, i might as well buy in bulk and sell it on my online store and on ground too :D And party stuff here is soooo limited! Every time i want to get decorations for birthdays or baby showers, i end up going to the SAME party shops and paying a bit too much for streamers and things that don’t look THAT special to begin with. Wait till you see the stuff we’re gonna stock!! I’m so excited! So much COLOUR and SPARKLY things and OHHHHH

I’m so excited about life!!! I’ve just been giving myself up to whatever comes my way and do whatever work slaps me in the face, and it’s slowly working out really well… I wish i had a bigger team.

OH YES. I’m still looking for interns and meeting all potentials this week! So if you are interested in interning with KinkyBlueFairy, hit me up at joyce@kinkybluefairy.com



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