Ten minutes at Tiffany’s

I brought an old necklace into the store today to get it cleaned.

As the store assistant took it in her hand to inspect it, i couldn’t help apologizing, “Sorry, it’s so dirty..!”
She seemed so poised despite its miserable condition, and i couldn’t help blurting out, “i haven’t worn it for years, an ex boyfriend gave it to me and i didn’t want to wear it, but now that i’m over him, i can.” She giggled a bit and i felt a bit better.

As i waited for my receipt to be ready, i took a look around the store for fun. Checked out the typical heart bracelets you see everywhere, some cool wrist cuffs, diamond earrings, and came across… the wedding rings. The moment i saw couple rings, i just swooped over them. Hmm, no. Not gonna need knowing about those anytime soon. Don’t waste time in store, just move on. Saw a series of rings with little diamonds lining the whole band. They were so pretty.

I stopped, and just stared at every single one of them. Noted down the different sizes of diamonds, their accompanying prices, and which one i was most likely to buy myself if i were to buy myself one. I wasn’t actually going or wanting to buy one at that moment. You know that game you play with yourself? When you see an array of things you really like in a store, and play pretend which one you’d get if you could? (Once i walked around an entire department store noting down all the things i wanted for fun and didn’t buy a single thing.)

As i was doing my thing, my thoughts started dancing through my head.

Wait, why would i buy myself a diamond ring?
Those diamonds are so pretty
Diamond ring… me buying myself a diamond ring…
Well, why not?
Yeah, why not.
No one’s gonna buy me a diamond ring any time soon, so i might as well aim to buy myself one!
I might as well just marry myself! Hahaha!

I laughed inwardly at my thoughts, and hurried back to the counter to collect my receipt.

Walking out of the store felt liberating. Who knew a solo trip to Tiffany’s could be such an adventure!

I told KrazyKatKyan how i’d recently dug out all the jewelry past boyfriends gave me, and started wearing all of them. I used to store them in the drawer because i was either too emotionally distraught by it, or other boyfriends didn’t like me wearing it. (Can i just say now to all girls, when you have a boyfriend, there really is no need to tell them where that jewellery before him came from.)

Now i took them all out. I feel emotionally free to wear them now and it feels great.


Have a very FAIRY CHRISTMAS!!!

I can’t believe it’s Christmas Eve already. I barely just started preparing for Christmas… This year has been an absolute rush and i decided to cook Christmas lunch for my family and ok i really don’t have time to write this RIGHT NOW BUTTTT maybe later *stares at mountain of presents to wrap and trying not to think of those i haven’t got for dad and bro yet*




Why i’ve been so quiet here!

It’s been really hard to keep up with the blog… but i swear things will get better once my new manager starts in Jan. I miss blogging! And i’ve been SO INSANELY BUSY with meetings, events, work, the Kinkybluefairy e-store, social stuff… it’s like every single hour is taken up. I’ve never slept so little in the past 5 years, but strangely enough, i don’t feel too tired. Ok what am i saying, i DO feel tired. There are times i just want to lay down on my bed and not have to think about work or my endless to-do list, but… now is not the time to be tired! It’s do or die (dramanya…)

My to-blog list is scarily long… i think i will shut myself away in January and just turn my focus back to my blog. Well, i HAVE to.

But for now, here are some random pictures in no particular order of what i’ve been up to in December.

+ + + + + + + +

I did a charity drive for Uber, along with a whole bunch of personalities in KL. We were to drive customers around in Volkswagen automobiles around for 4 hours or more, and all the money we collected from our drives were to be matched by Uber and VW respectively, and donated to charities of our choices.

I was paired with Serena, yay!
She chose WAO to donate to, while i chose the Malaysian Nature Society.
I’ve been supporting various charities that aid human beings in the past 5 years, but of late, i’ve been FEELING that i want to give back to the planet more. Earth is the reason we are who we are… so from henceforth i will be focusing more on environmental organisations. If there are any you think i’d be interested to know of, please email me joyce@kinkybluefairy.com !

KL 2014-22

Our drive was on Friday 12.12.14, and i went to pick Serena up. It was a real squeeze into our time cos December is just so crazy for everyone. I rushed into the office for a quick shoot for our KBF Christmas card for TEN MINUTES before running out. Thinking it’d be funny to have some sort of costume, i grabbed a chicken mask.

Serena took one look at it and said, “You are NOT wearing that while driving!”
Me: Of course not!! Are you crazy!?
Serena: I don’t know!! It’s you!


Thanks to that chicken mask, i won Most Outstanding Costume for the day from Uber XD

Being a driver is tiring! We drove to KLCC, then to Bangsar, then to KLCC again, then back to Bangsar. Thank you to everyone who caught an Uber ride with us that day! Hope our service was up to standard ;) Admittedly i cursed *once*. We were fetching a make up artist customer to Petaling Street and i blurted out, “F*ck man!”
Serena: Joyce! No cursing in front of the customers!
Me: But that guy was being such an asshole! He wouldn’t let me go…

I’m being optimistic that we were very entertaining drivers…

Thanks to Uber and Volkswagen for getting us on board the campaign, it was a great experience. I have uber respect for drivers now!

After the drive, i had an hour to kill and felt so exhausted i snuck off to Energy for a 1-hour massage before meeting Aps + Rudy + Ion + Jess + Tania + Justin for dinner. It’d been WEEKS since i caught up with them and i really miss my friends..!

KL 2014-25

Edward from Singapore joined us a little later, and after that i took him to No Black Tie cos it’s his first time in KL. I ended up having a blast watching Havana Social Club perform Cuban music so much, i stayed till the end. People pushed the tables and chairs to the side and everyone was dancing!

+ + + + + +

One weekend, my little MaryBerry got hitched! I went to her house at 6am for the torturing session that is one of my favourite traditions. Someone told me that this practice is a very Malaysian thing because “one day a long time ago, some idiot said that he’d rather put his groomsmen on the line instead of pay a dowry”… and this is what has resulted. So the fact of the matter is – pay your full dowry and nobody gets hurt!

But looking at the bigger picture, money can’t buy us women the kind of entertainment we get from torturing guys. I asked Aaron, “What’s the worst thing you’ve ever had to do as a heng tai?”
He gave me a pained expression while replying, “They made me dress up as Hello Kitty.”
I laughed so freaking loud.

This time, we got all the guys to remove their shirts and dress up in scarves while making 50s pin up model poses on the ground, but after a minute, they started making these kinky poses and turned it into what looked like an orgy -_- Men. After lots of games and yelling at them to give us ang pow, Chek sang “Grow Old With You” outside Mary’s door before getting to open it… and found a decoy bride inside.

The girls got Gobi to wear a veil and lie sexily on the bed :D

KL 2014-7

On the right is my eyeshadow for the wedding that night. I hadn’t put on my eyeliner or mascara yet, just wanted to record my handiwork which was a combination of colours from Shu Uemura, Urban Decay and Stila.

The wedding was a downright party at Zebra Square which involved a LOT of drinking and seeing old friends i hadn’t seen for a decade who suddenly amassed an entourage of children without my knowledge.

KL 2014-8

On the left is when Mary and Chek popped the champagne and everyone watched the cork fly.
On right is Kanch, Mary and i. Mary wore the most exquisite dresses for her wedding, so proud of her fashion choices!

The next day (Sunday) i went to The Met at 11am for hair prep and shoot which lasted till 12:30am.

KL 2014-9

The Met asked me whom i thought would model a crazy hair colour along with me for their SS15 lookbook, and i couldn’t think of anyone better than SweetEe. This would also mean that her hair would be sponsored for the next year and she’d look even better for KBF all the time :D Also discovered that day that Sweet can model!

We had make up by Taiso, photography by Alexio, styling by Max Mak and Nathan, and hair by Randall and Chuen.

+ + + + + +

KL 2014-23

One late night on our off day, Tai Yong and i went to some dodgy area in KL for some legendary roti banjir with half boiled egg. My new hair matched the walls!

+ + + + + +

One morning, i went to the launch of CC Fun Factory – a line of cute baby onesies designed and manufactured locally by Serena C!

KL 2014-10

Check out www.ccfunfactorystore.com


Our 7th Friend-iversary

I was to go out for late dinner with Joshua and Kanch last night but it got canceled cos J had too much work. I totally get it. I was working till 9:30pm as well and only stopped cos 12 hours was about enough and i couldn’t go on all day… or COULD i.

Messaged a few people to see who i could eat with, and Rudy happened to be out (miracle) so he swung by and we went for Japanese. I took him into the neck of the woods and he was like, “Where ARE we? Look how dark the road is… Adventure!!”

I ordered for us: large sashimi salad, gindara (cod fish) with salt, garlic fried rice, spider rolls, and japanese choc cake with vanilla ice cream. We just let conversation flow… and if you know Rudy, you’d know that you don’t even have to talk and he can go on and on and on until, “Babe… what was i talking about?”

We agreed how things just happen as they should if you let them,
and recalled all these amazing coincidences we were experiencing.

Rudy: What an awesome day. So lovely to have dinner with you sayang
Me: Oh my god…. you know WHAT. Our Friend-iversary… it’s our Friend-iversary!!
Rudy: NO!

We looked up the blogpost i wrote about our 1st Friend-iversary on my phone,
and true enough, first week of December is our Friend-iversary
and we’d happened to have dinner.

In the blogpost i wrote 6 years ago, i mentioned that our dinner then was the first time we’d met up since the cruise we took… in 2008.
And this time, it’s the first time we met up since The Ship… which was the second time we’d gone on a cruise in our lives, and we’d ALSO roomed together!

It’s like we’ve come full circle.

In life there are no such things as coincidences.
And it’s such a wonder to observe them if i open my eyes a bit wider.

Like just now, a new friend was telling me about this dream he had.
And i noticed that the voice note he sent was 1:11 minutes and sent at 1:11 pm.
Love it.

+ + + + + + + + + + + +

Gonna give a plug for Uniqlo cos they did fly me to Paris and i haven’t written the blogpost yet! >

UNIQLO will be launching its Holiday Campaign promotion nationwide with giveaways and a chance to win a trip to Tokyo, Japan!

The promotion begins from 5th – 25th December 2014 where customers will receive an exclusive UNIQLO Fleece Blanket with a minimum purchase of RM200 in a single receipt. Available in a variety of colours, the fleece blanket is ideal for keeping warm in cold conditions and for travel.


Adding on to the spirit of joy and giving, customers will also stand a chance to win a 4D/3N holiday in Tokyo, Japan. Winners will be decided from a lucky draw and there will be a special Holiday Campaign shopping bag with every purchase. For more information check out UNIQLO’s Facebook page: www.facebook.com/uniqlo.my.


After running around non-stop since mid-August, i have finally started to miss being at home.
I miss writing, and playing with my hoop, and dancing, and attempting to sing.

Realised i’ve been keeping myself so busy with work and events, that i’ve let my balance slip.
My eating habits have gone downhill and i’m dying for a detox. Tried to book myself at Pure Health this week but they’re absolutely packed!
My laundry is piled high, albeit separated perfectly via colour.
I have so many books i flip through but never finish.
I’ve barely been spending time with my family and friends.

But i’m taking control again.

I realise i can’t continue managing this blog, and the shop, and the PR stuff, and the events, and the team, AND myself; simultaneously anymore. I physically and mentally CANNOT. I can just about keep up with my own shit without having to remember other people’s schedule and to-do lists too. So i’m hiring a new manager… and she starts in January.

At least it’ll give me more time to focus on my blog and future plans for KBF.
And my weekends back.
Ok fine, i’ve been having a lot of FUN working weekends.

Last weekend was Urbanscapes, a perfect example of that.
But i tell you, the stress that comes before the fun…

I’d already learnt from taking KBF to It’s The Ship that stressing about something doesn’t solve anything. So when all these things were going wrong last Friday and Saturday, i surprised myself on how calm i was. OK i admit i did scream into the pillow once, but i was pretty much calm the rest of the time.

Summary is that all our stock from It’s The Ship was to arrive from Singapore latest by Friday, and SweetEe couldn’t get a hold of our contact at Livescape, so she and Weng Yee simply went to the office to collect our stuff, but it was not there. Shipping company promised to have it in by 9AM the next day, so we all woke up really early to transport everything to Genting by 11:30am… and they totally didn’t care. Livescape told us this bloody shipping company have been idiots since they started the project -_- We were told to wait till 12 noon, so SweetEe and Weng Yee went up to Genting first to set up what they could, which wasn’t much cos the majority of our stock was optimistically brought on the ship. I waited at the Livescape office with Jeremy (who was playing photographer and helper to us that weekend) till the truck pulled up the driveway at 3:15pm.

I didn’t even bother scolding the guy much, just gave him a sharp line or two then proceeded to quickly load the 10 carton boxes into my dad’s 4WD and drive straight up to Genting.

We were incredibly late in setting up and after all that was done,
i thought to myself, “RIGHT. Now i can go play.”

urbanscapes kinkybluefairy hoop

[shot by a Jonathan Chin, thanks!]

I played a LOT with my hula hoop at Urbanscapes.
Got a little drunk in the end, couldn’t stop playing all night and hit some people in the process, including Brian in the face (sorry!)
Rudy told me Jono complimented me on my hoop, and i proceeded to give him a lecture about hooping. Uhhhh

I think one of the reasons i love hooping is because it gives me my time alone.
After constantly being surrounded by people all the time, i need to be by myself to have long drawn out THOUGHTS.

There’s so much need to think about!
What areas in my life do i need to reshuffle to achieve balance.
Who i want to spend more time with and how.
How i want my new home to look like and function… (oh god, i saw the wetworks quotation last week and shouted “WHAT THE FUCK!!!)
Big trips i want to take next year (trying really hard to fit in Machu Picchu but work is getting in the way *growl*)

Oh god i realise i’m being so aggressive. This is not the person i want to be.
I definitely need to do more sport or something, let the anger out.
Or maybe the opposite. Meditate more. That’s right. I’ve totally not been meditating at all except every time i have a crisis.

Wow, see what alone time gives me?
I blog and am reminded of what changes i need to make to my life!

Ok it’s time for bed, and before i start spewing more brain crap that will embarrass me tomorrow.


I need a house assistant

Just about getting back into life on land after spending 5 insane days spreading colour via KinkyBlueFairy festival gear on It’s The Ship. Oh my god i have so much to do now! My house is a mess, i haven’t paid my bills, my Astro got cut, my water bill is pending, i just cleaned up my unpacking from Japan and Paris and now all this colourful stuff is STREWN everywhere cos i need to unpack from the ship.

Gotta run. Blog later. Ton of emails. I NEED MORE ASSISTANTS FOR MY LIFE.


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