Bits and bobs

Instead of opting for a short futuristic cut, i felt like keeping it a bit more feminine (haha i guess this is considered as feminine as i can go for now).


New friends i make still ask me where i get my hair done and it’s been the same answer for years - The Met @ Parkroyal! Alex is my superstylist cos he pretty much judges you based on your character and style, and whips something up. Sometimes i don’t even know what he’s gonna do to my hair – i leave it all up to him.

The Met KL Salon is having an InstaChange competition, where 3 winners will be selected each month from July-Sep 2014. Winners will each receive a free cut, colour & hair treatment + haircare products from Redken 5th NYC and exclusive skincare products from Sothys Malaysia, all valued at up to RM1,500!

All you have to do is:
1) Follow @TheMetKLSALON on Instagram
2) Post a front profile snap shot of yourself on Instagram
3) Hashtag #themetklsalon, and write (in English, Chinese or BM) what inspires and motivates you to change your hairstyle and colour

More details on their Facebook update *here*

I just noticed that Serena is still on The Met’s Facebook page cover photo with blond curls. She does her hair there too and i think… she introduced me to the salon a few years back!

Clem and i went to visit her yesterday cos she’s pretty much still house-bound with 7-week-old Chloe.


Serena looks positively RADIANT. Motherhood suits her.


Chloe is one of the most good-looking newborns i ever saw!
I swear all these half-kwailo-half-Asian babies always turn out looking so good.

+ + + + + + + + + + + +

I’ve been regularly eating at BMS Organics as a healthier option to some of my meals.
They’ve got an extensive menu filled with Chinese dishes, and they’re all REALLY YUMMY and reasonably-priced.


The first dish i ordered there was the curry laksa.
It satiates my curry laksa cravings albeit with less guilt.

Everything in the restaurant is vegetarian, and i’ve been telling everyone that it’s the best vegetarian meat i’ve ever tasted. A year ago i wouldn’t have believed i would be trying to push fake meat to anyone, myself included.

Don’t be lazy, read the below to be a little bit smarter today >


I’ve been trying to slow down my meat intake since watching Earthlings and it’s not easy AT ALL, cos of the amount of meat that surrounds my social life + meals + where i dine.

Some people think i’m riding a “trend”. It’s not a trend when it’s the TRUTH of the situation our planet has plummeted into. Not wanting to KNOW nor CARE is a sign of being in denial or ignorant. It’s not like i’m a full-fledged vegetarian trying to sell the idea. I’m so not. I still appreciate a steak once in awhile, and my mince meat in my occasional hawker lunches… i’m just hoping for a bit more awareness on how eating meat daily isn’t necessary nor normal (based on the human lifestyle mere decades ago).

Ok i’ll stop there. Back to happy pictures!

I’m not a big fan of milk, so i try to compensate my calcium intake by eating lots of cut fruits in Farmer’s Union yoghurt (thanks Didi for recommending)


I need to do a toy purge in my apartment soon… lots of them are gonna go into donation before Christmas!

+ + + + + + + +


My crazy Cheshire-cat-on-crack phone case from @PGadget atop my Furla Candy bag.

+ + + + + + + + + + +

I started horse-riding!

Chelsia has been asking me to join her and i really wanted to cos i’m looking for new hobbies that include more movement and activity (and less drinking :p). We woke up at 6am one morning and it was actually really nice to chat with each other, feed and talk to all the horses, take a class, feed the horses some more, then get home to shower and off to first meeting of the day.


Look what a happy fairy i am!
I must admit you can’t help favouring certain horses more than others. I’d pass one an extra carrot or two and go, “Shhh don’t show the others!”

If you think i’m being all super healthy not eating meat and going horse-riding, let me make you feel better.

Behold the fate of the cupcake that was left in a certain drunk person’s handbag:


Don’t worry, it didn’t go to waste and was still devoured.


I went to visit Louis on Friday night and met all his pets including the sweetest hedgehog!

+ + + + + + + +


The BIG Group is having a Turkish Food Bazaar at The Square @ Publika till 26th July!

After having their team of chefs and buyers visit Istanbul twice this year, their inspirations have resulted in offering Turkish fare like Shish Kebab, Lamb Kofta, Tomato Dolmas, oven-baked Turkish Shortrib, Mercimek Çorbası (lentil soup), Güveç stew, Fattoush salad, Turkish ice-cream and many more for the month of Ramadhan.

To further accentuate the festive spirit, all Ben’s and Plan B outlets will be serving uniquely crafted Turkish-inspired dishes till 27th July 2014.

The BIG Bazaar will be taking place at Ben’s Independent Grocer till 3rd August, where unique Turkish discoveries of spices, nuts, teas, dried fruits, baklava and lokum have been air-flown just in time for the festive season.

+ + + + + + + + + + +


FEELING your best contributes to BEING your best all day, so it’s imperative you ensure you have everything you need to have your day run smoothly :)

If you haven’t already tried Libresse, now’s your chance as they’re giving away FREE samples (6-piece sample pack, while stocks last).

*Click on this link* to try Libresse for free! 

Don’t forget to LIKE the facebook page so you can receive updates too!


Recovery and MOARRRRR

Le sigh, i haven’t even really settled back down in KL after a crazy weekend at the Cove;
and i’m already sorting out my next trip in a couple of weeks’ time for a surprise client…
i can’t say yet but i’m excited!

I felt kinda sick after lunch with my parents yesterday, i don’t know why…
a bit of headache and nausea (NO I’M NOT PREGNANT)
I’m putting it down to too much partying and not enough taking care of myself properly.

This whole taking-care-of-myself well seems to be the MAIN topic that plagues my thoughts this whole year.
Besides work stuff.

I was just thinking over the weekend that isn’t my job here to do the BEST i can?
And if i’m trying to do that in all other arenas of my life… then how come i’m not doing it for my actual LIFE itself meaning, my health…
I don’t know.
I’ve been thinking lately that it may be time for me to really stop smoking and drinking.
Smoking i know i can, and WANT to stop by this year.
Drinking…. damn, i don’t know if i can stop drinking.
Damn you manmade vices that got me addicted! *shakes fist*

Nothing done pointing fingers.
Ah we’ll see.
Maybe i’m just really hungover.
Maybe this is one of those many times i say to myself, “I swear i’m gonna stop drinking” and then the next thing you know i’m partying again.

Am i gonna end up one of those people who can’t drink within their imposed limits?
Maybe i’m one of those who have to go all the way or no way.
i.e. I have to go cold turkey no alcohol, or just forget the idea.

I feel ill. Will rethink this tomorrow. Ok bye.

Of photoshoots and fortune tellers

A bird just shat on my face!

I was standing outside on the road talking to Lang from Feed The Envy, and we were talking about our businesses when i felt a PLOP on the tip of my nose and forehead.

I instinctively knew what it was… cos it’s happened before! (The first time, a bird shat on my cheek was when i was in South of France with my mum.) It’s okay, i’ll just count it as a VERY LUCKY sign especially since i was talking about my plans when it happened.

I told Yishyene about it and she was all, “Where’s the picture?”
Luckily for me i’d just met Lang and he was too nice to think of taking one XD

Anyway back to my blogpost!
Last weekend the Formerfrees and i had a baby shower staycation at Sekeping Tenggiri for Sueann!

Before heading there i had lunch and ketchup sess with Dhanya who’s back from shooting in SG, and we went to Mothercare to get my present for the baby-to-be. A big bag of mint and pink plastic balls caught my eye and i lost all concentration on the changing mat i was to look for. I picked up the bag of balls and started hugging them while walking around the store grinning, feeling very sure i’d buy them ALL.

In the end i decided to be a bit more grown up about my financial choices… also i can’t keep buying toys like this. Clem is at his wit’s end and there is barely any more space in our storeroom so i put it back, feeling mature but dejected.

When i headed to the counter to pay for the baby stuff, i saw Dhanya paying for something and wondered which baby she was buying for. Turns out the baby was ME cos she snuck off to buy the balls as my belated birthday present! I was “Noooo Dhanyaaaaaa!!!” And she said, “Now Clem can’t say anything cos *i* bought it for you. Happy birthday!”



Look how much happiness they bring into a pool!
I know i’m screwing myself over cos i’ve just added another big bulky item to my To-Bring-On-Holidays list, which is already pretty long.


Didi presenting Sueann and her baby bump! Baby girl coming in 6 weeks!!

+ + + + + + + +

I did a shoot for L’Oreal on Monday, along with 4 other bloggers they chose.
My hair was done by my regular stylist – Alex from The Met.
Here’s a sneak peek behind-the-scenes, i can’t wait for the pic to be out!


Stylist Wee Chee pondering whether the orchids should go in.

+ + + + + + + +

On Wednesday i had a shoot for Kate make up at the Tongue in Chic office.
Ming did our make up.

If you want to have him do your hair or make up before a special night out, you can request for a Mingover at Dry Parlour, a new wash and blow establishment in Bangsar Village that i’ve been meaning to blog about! I heard that if you ask nicely they’ll serve you wine too ;)


Don’t poke me Ming!!!


Bambi Tattoo #9 by Lynda @ Pink Tattoos

I got a new tattoo last week to join my other cartoons on my ankles! Ok i didn’t PLAN to get so many cartoons… but it’s so happy and addictive to have something i LIKE SO MUCH on me.

Some people think that all these tattoos are TOO much but i just say that they’re taking their skin too seriously. Your body and your skin are just temporary in your existence… and your existence on THIS planet in THIS lifetime lasts only a blink of an eye in the ENTIRE momentum of the universe. ;)

So i really wanted either Bambi or Care Bears. I wanted BOTH.
But my appointment time didn’t allow me both (can’t be tattoo-greedy) so i had to choose one FIRST.
I went with Bambi cos it’s a nickname an old friend calls me, and Bambi is just TOO CUTE.


I can’t even eat RABBIT cos Thumper is Bambi’s friend!


Lynda in her Pink Tattoos studio in Telawi. She’s also got a team of tattoo artists of different styles working there.


It took about 2 hours and i love how she made the flowers curve with my ankle bone.

I have to admit… when Lynda drew one particular leg of Bambi right on my ankle bone, three curses in three languages screamed through my brain. Weirdly enough the first curse was in Cantonese (i don’t speak Chinese).



OHAI BAMBI! Welcome to my fairy family!

You can view more tattoos by Pink Tattoos here >
IG: @pinktattoos

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It’s starting…

… to get crazyyyy. I guess festive period is really over.

Here are a bunch of pictures from my wonderful weekend and some randoms from my past week. I usually divide them into categories like fashion, food, weekend, events, etc; but then discovered i sometimes forget to post certain pix. So i’m just gonna campakkan semua into one post so it’s just a chronological account of my life la ok.

First are some fashion pix!


What i wore to work one day. I’ve been feeling a lot more colour of late and managed to find these two separate pieces from Topshop and Azorias in the exact same shade, so i wore them together XD


Wearing a necklace from one of my favourite regional jewellery brands – By Invite Only


A lounge-y kinda day.
Peach top from Leftblock, pants from Topshop Unique, laptop case cum clutch from Snupped.


Bought the striped top in Bangkok, and the lightning bolt pants in Urban Outfitters.


Couldn’t decide what colour to have my manicure in so i got them in all.
Vintage shirt from Absolute Vintage.


Happy Year of the Horse!

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!!!
It’s my mum’s year cos she turns 60 this year!


I’ve been giving myself a break of sorts since doing my detox and colon hydrotherapy (i can’t wait to blog about it…it’s gonna be a long-ass post cos there’s so much info that i’ve been blabbering to people, i can just direct them to my blog instead of retelling the story XD)

It’s got me thinking so much about my direction in life. What i want my company to be about, what i want to promote/sell, how i want to impact others as well as myself, how i want to change myself for the better (work out more, lower my body fat percentage, start to meditate, practice hooping, control my emotions to be more positive at all times…). It’s a long list. I feel that this year (for me) is going to be a lot about me… working on myself, and taking care of myself better. I told Clem that we need to work on new hobbies, cos we spent too much of last year just partying :p

I had an RM30 voucher for MPH from some books i got for Christmas, and ducked into the Publika store to use my vouchers. I ended up spending RM240 more… (stores must love suckers like me who can’t let go off a voucher and end up spending more!!!)


For 5 books! That’s pretty good! I tend to switch between self-development, fiction and autobiography books so i don’t stop reading one if i’m not feeling it that day.

Random pic: Lucas’ birthday BBQ! I didn’t stay long cos i was still recuperating from my detox and needed to rest.



Just before CNY, i went to get my hair done at The Met.
As usual, Alex did my cut and Teng coloured.
At times like now when a mermaid colour is available, i wish a teensy bit that my hair was long so i could flip turquoise tresses till kingdom come.


My mum cooked two fantastic dinners for the family – one the night before CNY eve, cos my Ah Kiu was in town; and another last night for 3rd day of CNY. My favourites were the fried fish, veggies, supersoft mushrooms, steamed chicken, and black pepper pork. It’s pretty much almost everything on the table really. I must learn how to make that black pepper pork ribs… it’s one of my favourite dishes from when i was a kid and i haven’t eaten it for years!


+ + + + +

We spent a lot of time at the Loh Loh’s, playing with Cameron and trying to get him to take his first step (he’s so close! He can stand by himself for about 30 seconds now!).


I was so happy to visit him last week cos i hadn’t seen him since before we left for France, and he totally recognised me and laughed and laughed. It’s so fun but so tiring to entertain a baby! I felt so pooped after a couple of hours and told Cammy, “Damn. It’s so tiring with a baby!” And she said, “I know right. And i have help.” Ok i’m not in a hurry to have a baby now.


These were some crazy awesome peanut butter cookies Kenny’s mum got from Ipoh. I cut it up into pieces to snack on cos it’s THAT GOOD.

On 2nd Day of CNY, a bunch of us went to the Selangor Turf Club for the races!
Thanks for the invites Loh Lohs!
I blogged about us going last year too.


Lucas, Helo, Lion, me, Cammy, Kenny, Lion, Clem, Serena, Matt, Matt’s parents who are here for the hols.


Cammy and i :)


We yee sang-ed so canggih till Lucas spilled a whole beer XD



I didn’t take many pictures during the betting cos we were too busy studying the handbook in between drinking and eating XD

I’m a bit better at betting on horses now, i think! Before i would just check out their trainers/jockeys and history of wins. Now i take into account the length of each horse’s previous races, placings throughout the length, and estimate who would do well in, say, 1200, or 1400m.

But saying that, all those details can also go down the drain once we look at the horses making their appearance; or if you really like a particular horse’s name.

There was one called Positive Thinking (horse number 4), and Cammy and i decided to go for it JUST COS. And guess what, Positive Thinking came in first! Both of us were screaming and hugging as number 4 flew past the finish line! That was a good one, cos his chances were low so the winnings were higher! I put down RM10 on him and got RM216 return. Damn, i should have listened to that voice in my head that went “Put RM50 on Positive Thinking!” But i don’t bet big… i bet for fun so if i lose i know i’m okay losing. There was another winning horse i bet on, called Fox Treasure :)



Coming soon!



I got so many compliments about my dress that day! It’s from Singaporean label Zardoze.
Clem is wearing his spanking new suit from Sacoor Brothers.

Sonia said it’s a really nice pic of us, and i retorted, “Yeah. It took 10 pictures to get a nice one.”

Here’s a preview of what i mean.


After the races, Kenny took us for dinner at this insanely ghetto Chinese restaurant in Taman Desa. It’s so ghetto all the workers are from mainland China and they don’t even speak Cantonese, only Mandarin! We had some sick lobster yee mee there.

Totally. Crave-worthy.
Must go back.

Clem and i came home after that, and took a taxi to Aps’ house for a gambling session she was holding. It was pretty crazy and i heard we all went home at 4:30am. Clem woke up on the sofa and i was relieved to discover i managed to shower. All in all, i won RM100 collectively at the races and Aps’ place! Yay! (Told you i wasn’t a big gambler haha).

Tomorrow i fly to Bangkok with Yishyene for our getaway together. We always try to travel together when i’m in Europe or she in Asia, and she’s NEVER BEEN TO BANGKOK CAN YOU IMAGINE (the first place i took her to was Bali) so it’s about time!



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