It’s starting…

… to get crazyyyy. I guess festive period is really over.

Here are a bunch of pictures from my wonderful weekend and some randoms from my past week. I usually divide them into categories like fashion, food, weekend, events, etc; but then discovered i sometimes forget to post certain pix. So i’m just gonna campakkan semua into one post so it’s just a chronological account of my life la ok.

First are some fashion pix!


What i wore to work one day. I’ve been feeling a lot more colour of late and managed to find these two separate pieces from Topshop and Azorias in the exact same shade, so i wore them together XD


Wearing a necklace from one of my favourite regional jewellery brands – By Invite Only


A lounge-y kinda day.
Peach top from Leftblock, pants from Topshop Unique, laptop case cum clutch from Snupped.


Bought the striped top in Bangkok, and the lightning bolt pants in Urban Outfitters.


Couldn’t decide what colour to have my manicure in so i got them in all.
Vintage shirt from Absolute Vintage.


Happy Year of the Horse!

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!!!
It’s my mum’s year cos she turns 60 this year!


I’ve been giving myself a break of sorts since doing my detox and colon hydrotherapy (i can’t wait to blog about it…it’s gonna be a long-ass post cos there’s so much info that i’ve been blabbering to people, i can just direct them to my blog instead of retelling the story XD)

It’s got me thinking so much about my direction in life. What i want my company to be about, what i want to promote/sell, how i want to impact others as well as myself, how i want to change myself for the better (work out more, lower my body fat percentage, start to meditate, practice hooping, control my emotions to be more positive at all times…). It’s a long list. I feel that this year (for me) is going to be a lot about me… working on myself, and taking care of myself better. I told Clem that we need to work on new hobbies, cos we spent too much of last year just partying :p

I had an RM30 voucher for MPH from some books i got for Christmas, and ducked into the Publika store to use my vouchers. I ended up spending RM240 more… (stores must love suckers like me who can’t let go off a voucher and end up spending more!!!)


For 5 books! That’s pretty good! I tend to switch between self-development, fiction and autobiography books so i don’t stop reading one if i’m not feeling it that day.

Random pic: Lucas’ birthday BBQ! I didn’t stay long cos i was still recuperating from my detox and needed to rest.



Just before CNY, i went to get my hair done at The Met.
As usual, Alex did my cut and Teng coloured.
At times like now when a mermaid colour is available, i wish a teensy bit that my hair was long so i could flip turquoise tresses till kingdom come.


My mum cooked two fantastic dinners for the family – one the night before CNY eve, cos my Ah Kiu was in town; and another last night for 3rd day of CNY. My favourites were the fried fish, veggies, supersoft mushrooms, steamed chicken, and black pepper pork. It’s pretty much almost everything on the table really. I must learn how to make that black pepper pork ribs… it’s one of my favourite dishes from when i was a kid and i haven’t eaten it for years!


+ + + + +

We spent a lot of time at the Loh Loh’s, playing with Cameron and trying to get him to take his first step (he’s so close! He can stand by himself for about 30 seconds now!).


I was so happy to visit him last week cos i hadn’t seen him since before we left for France, and he totally recognised me and laughed and laughed. It’s so fun but so tiring to entertain a baby! I felt so pooped after a couple of hours and told Cammy, “Damn. It’s so tiring with a baby!” And she said, “I know right. And i have help.” Ok i’m not in a hurry to have a baby now.


These were some crazy awesome peanut butter cookies Kenny’s mum got from Ipoh. I cut it up into pieces to snack on cos it’s THAT GOOD.

On 2nd Day of CNY, a bunch of us went to the Selangor Turf Club for the races!
Thanks for the invites Loh Lohs!
I blogged about us going last year too.


Lucas, Helo, Lion, me, Cammy, Kenny, Lion, Clem, Serena, Matt, Matt’s parents who are here for the hols.


Cammy and i :)


We yee sang-ed so canggih till Lucas spilled a whole beer XD



I didn’t take many pictures during the betting cos we were too busy studying the handbook in between drinking and eating XD

I’m a bit better at betting on horses now, i think! Before i would just check out their trainers/jockeys and history of wins. Now i take into account the length of each horse’s previous races, placings throughout the length, and estimate who would do well in, say, 1200, or 1400m.

But saying that, all those details can also go down the drain once we look at the horses making their appearance; or if you really like a particular horse’s name.

There was one called Positive Thinking (horse number 4), and Cammy and i decided to go for it JUST COS. And guess what, Positive Thinking came in first! Both of us were screaming and hugging as number 4 flew past the finish line! That was a good one, cos his chances were low so the winnings were higher! I put down RM10 on him and got RM216 return. Damn, i should have listened to that voice in my head that went “Put RM50 on Positive Thinking!” But i don’t bet big… i bet for fun so if i lose i know i’m okay losing. There was another winning horse i bet on, called Fox Treasure :)



Coming soon!



I got so many compliments about my dress that day! It’s from Singaporean label Zardoze.
Clem is wearing his spanking new suit from Sacoor Brothers.

Sonia said it’s a really nice pic of us, and i retorted, “Yeah. It took 10 pictures to get a nice one.”

Here’s a preview of what i mean.


After the races, Kenny took us for dinner at this insanely ghetto Chinese restaurant in Taman Desa. It’s so ghetto all the workers are from mainland China and they don’t even speak Cantonese, only Mandarin! We had some sick lobster yee mee there.

Totally. Crave-worthy.
Must go back.

Clem and i came home after that, and took a taxi to Aps’ house for a gambling session she was holding. It was pretty crazy and i heard we all went home at 4:30am. Clem woke up on the sofa and i was relieved to discover i managed to shower. All in all, i won RM100 collectively at the races and Aps’ place! Yay! (Told you i wasn’t a big gambler haha).

Tomorrow i fly to Bangkok with Yishyene for our getaway together. We always try to travel together when i’m in Europe or she in Asia, and she’s NEVER BEEN TO BANGKOK CAN YOU IMAGINE (the first place i took her to was Bali) so it’s about time!


Nothing like home.

Even tho it’s SO NICE to travel and be on holiday and eat different yummy food and be disconnected from home base and work, there’s nothing like the feel of your own bedsheets on your skin and full knowledge that the thread count is exactly to your suiting. Of course, it would be better if i wasn’t experiencing such bad jet lag, so that i could be sleeping peacefully on those bedsheets instead of lying awake in the dark for 2 hours before giving up and attempting to answer emails instead.

I even napped for only two hours this afternoon so i’d be robbed of body clock sleep and yet i JUST CAN’T SLEEP. Oh, and i slept real little on the plane too. Clem slept so much more on the plane, took the same nap as me, and feel dead asleep at midnight -_-

Despite thinking i’d pass out upon returning home, the OCD in me couldn’t stop myself from unpacking and doing the laundry. Had a drink (just teh ais, no alco) with Jon and Shaun earlier. Jon told me about the tragic story of a drunkard dad falling off his 7th floor balcony in front of his children. Freaky thing is i knew about this story before cos Clem said his boss saw someone falling off the building on a Sunday morning while he was playing golf in Tropicana. (Ugh, don’t want to think about it anymore. Change topic.)

I happily passed some pate and saucisson to the both of them, cos they’re the only thing Clem and i brought home as presents for friends and provisions for ourselves. We managed to lug home all our clothes, presents from relatives, food worth 250 euros, some toys i bought, and a bunch of books from Collete cos they happened to be on sale, and even a Raclette machine. Oh and a giant hardcover book about 3ft tall that was Clem’s favourite as a child (it’s to help me practice my French). All our stuff was almost 80kg altogether :p Damn, writing about that made me tired. Maybe this is really gonna help me feel sleepy. Or talk a lot of rubbish here. Which i might cringe at tomorrow.

God i’m just looking at all the stuff around me in our house. We have so much shit – my toys everywhere… Alfred the reindeer in the corner, two poufs, our laundry hanging in the house cos outside is too dusty from construction across the road. I can’t wait to move so we more SPACE to look organised and neat!!!! I was anticipating renovations to be about RM50k (if i’m lucky) to RM75k. But from talking to Jon who just renovated his apartment, and based on previous gauges from Kenny and Serena, it’s gonna be costing me RM100-125k. Wadda… but i’m willing to just go all the way cos there’s no way we’re gonna bother renovating a few years’ down the line after moving our stuff in.

I told Clem i’m aiming and envisioning to earn 10k… euros per month, by end of the year. I used to give myself a salary target every couple of years, and i think it’s time to up my own game… … seeing how much renovation and mortgage is gonna cost ptui. Plus i really want to still have money to travel.

There are still so many places on my bucket list i’m dying to go to, and this is without even researching where i want to go cos my current list is already so long! I want to go to Istanbul, Croatia, Tallin in Estonia, Greece (anywhere in Greece, especially by the sea), Machu Picchu in Peru, Cape Town and other parts of South Africa, Geneva to visit friends and ski, Lapland to see that Santa Claus Town, Iceland to see the nothern lights, Alaska for its insane nature, LA and San Fran, a road trip in America would be awesome, a road trip in Australia would be awesome too, Clem and i say how we want to visit New Zealand, Japan, Taiwan and Korea. I want to explore India but he doesn’t. I wish we could be on holiday together forever. (This sounds like i’m gonna need more than 10k euros/month.)

Ok i’m gonna list down the food we brought back just so i can refer back to it when we go again next time.

- saucisson: lots of different types, maybe about 15 sticks (most to give away). And even two small bags of snack saucisson to bring out at nights.
- lots of tins of pate and rilette
- a few jars of foie gras
- some duck liver or something for salads that i haven’t tried before
- viandox, it’s some meat blood sauce that Clem’s dad used with fried shallots for salad dressing, and was super yummy
- some Benedicta mayo. we prefer it to Kewpie
- lots and lots of packets of serrano, viande de grison, and all kinds of hams
- apricot and blueberry jams
- cassoulet
- duck confit. Clem thinks i’m way too obsessed about this one.
- one jar of soup de poisson

I think that’s it… God i better not get hungry now. Gonna try to sleep.


Things i want to do for 2014

I find that so many bloggers do a recap of their 2013 and i… had the fleeting thought of doing that initially, but honestly i can’t be bothered to go back and research what i did the whole year. Also, why focus on the past and, possibly, gloat in its glory when there’s so much to think about for the future? Plus, i think i’m also kinda lazy right now cos i traveled 6 hours by car from Bordeaux to Melun today, and have just had a few glasses of champagne and wine (as we always do at Clem’s family dinners. Every dinner or lunch is an occasion with drink.)

Ok so to the point, things i want to do for 2014. I’d like to travel more… i feel i gave that a bit of a backseat cos i didn’t do a big trip in ’13. Mostly cos i wanted to use the money to start my company, and time spent away also meant opportunity lost to earn money. Ughhh i think i’ve been thinking about money too much in ’13! I’m putting it down to all the bills that’s weighing me down at the back of my mind – car, future renovation and mortgage. Not including my lifestyle.

I want to write for myself more. That means starting a diary again that does not count this blog. I read an interesting article about Virginia Woolf on the creative benefits of keeping a diary, and i admit, my writing style has taken a backseat of late too. I have been using the same flow and punctuation for a few years now. What happened to my random lines and words.

That break randomly.





I want to cook and entertain more this year. I enjoy it so much yet abhor at the thought of not having a cleaner to take care of the mess the day after. Which is why i’ve confirmed with my cleaning agent i want one every Sunday without fail, so no matter what, we can do an impulsive gathering without worry of cleaning responsibilities.

I want to teach myself to hoop properly.

I want to be more loving and patient to the people around me. It’s kinda hard cos i have a sharp tongue on my bad days. I realise this may be my worst trait yet.

I want to get at least half my list of Projects I Have In Mind For Work done. I don’t know how i’m gonna manage it with all the above… so i think doing half of it is good enough cos at least i’m getting it on its way. I need to remind myself that work isn’t everything and that Everything In Life = Everything.

Ooh, i’m gonna work on decorating and making a beautiful home for Clem and i. I think that’s gonna be my best and favourite project this year. I want to make it so awesome that i never want to leave XD (Hence, throw more parties so i don’t have to leave and my bed is just a crawl away.)

Ok i got tired with whatever i wrote. Also it’s cold, i want to get under the covers, and we gotta wake up early tomorrow for Papi’s funeral. We leave France in four days and i feel kinda said it’s almost over. Must take more holidays this year. Or more down time. Or less work. Must remember that money isn’t everything!


The week before Christmas!

It’s been so incredibly HOT here that i can’t wait to get to France soon. I just checked the current temperature is at 9°C in Paris, and 6°C in Bordeaux. It’ll probably dip when we’re there in a few days so i’ll be going from one extreme temperature to another. I think i prefer it being cold tho… (i say that NOW but when i’m shivering in pain, we’ll see).

So many of my friends are already on holiday, some have stopped taking in work, some have closed their businesses for the year…

Someone asked when *my* holiday starts, and i said, “It starts when i’m ON THE FLIGHT.”

I can’t wait to go and not think about work or money, and just EAT and cuddle up and drink and play in the snow and open presents and give presents and ahhhhh COME ON SATURDAY! HURRY UP!

+  +  +  +  +  +  +  +

Random instagrams from my past week :D

I had a Melium voucher to use cos i modelled for one of their ads for Dome cafe a couple ‘o months ago, and topped up to get the Givenchy Bambi tote that just came into KL a week ago :D I asked to be on the waiting list for this bag, heard that there was also a number of people who put their names down, and pleaded with Ling from Melium when i saw her at an event to push me up the list heehee. Thanks Ling!!!


+  +  +  +  +  +  +  +

Had our annual Christmas dinner with the Formerfree girls at Cava in Bangsar. Food was so-so. Some dishes were great and some were meh. I don’t have the group shot of us so here’s one of Sarch and Didi.


Stealing Rahul’s caption for it >
deeds: yo you feel me gangsta??
sarah: i stopped paying attention ages ago

We did our Secret Santa thing and i got toys and bubbles from Sueann.

After dinner Clouds and i went to El Cuarto to join Clem, Rahul, Tercia and Leonie for drinks.


Merry Christmas!!!


Cloud and Fairy love! <3

+  +  +  +  +  +  +  +

Oh i just HAD to put a pic of this cake from Souka which was leftover from our Lovelies Christmas dinner (will blog about that later!)


It’s thick yummy cream (i love eating cream!!!) atop compact moist chocolate with an equally compact delicious crust at the bottom. I don’t even know what it’s called cos Steph bought it. I had such a great time eating it all by myself in front of the TV… this is officially my current favourite dessert!!!

+  +  +  +  +  +  +  +

I went by Lisa’s house to purchase some of her handmade necklaces for Christmas pressies! She sells them online too at but they’re so much better to pick and buy in person.


Lisa is one of the sweetest and smallest people i know, and she’s crazy creative. She sources all these semi-precious stones and vintage jewellery pieces online from all over the world, and makes them into various one-off necklaces and earrings. Super nice. I am not even going to go into how much i spent at hers.


I don’t want to put up pix of what i bought cos then i’ll be giving away what i got for some ladies who haven’t opened their presents yet! I love the sea-blue one above, which i’m gonna go back for tomorrow… :p

See more pix of her creations in my previous blogpost *here*

+  +  +  +  +  +  +  +

On Wednesday night last week, i cooked a small dinner for Rahul, Aps, Jess and Danny. I’m not doing our annual Christmas do this year cos we’ll be away… so i thought i’ll just cook a small dinner for Aps and Danny, then invited the other two too.


Rahul, and Wilson on his special chair.

It was really nice and Clem and i realised how much MORE OFTEN we should be throwing parties at home instead of going out! We’re gonna do more of that when we move into our new place. I CANNOT WAIT FOR IT TO BE READY! If i’m lucky and if renovations go smoothly, MAYBE we can move in by March. I hope! I can’t wait… i’m planning to do one bedroom up to be a TOY ROOM where we can chill and play in there, and also, to contain all my toys in one area so Clem doesn’t have to face all my toys every day. I wanna build a swing in the doorway, and put astroturf on the balcony and make it look like a garden with nice plants! I wanna have a huge kitchen with an island, and a big dining table for dinners! I want the bathroom to have black granite and rain showers… ahhh can you tell i just CAN’T WAIT?! Our first real home! Anddd Aps bought the unit below me so i can pass things down to her with a fishing line or something haha!!

+  +  +  +  +  +  +  +

Clem and i had our annual Christmas dinner with the sotongs at Cammy and Kenny’s place this year. Each couple takes turns to host every year so next year it’ll be our turn again!


Clem wrapped Matt’s Christmas present in newspapers -_- Men. Some people commented on IG that it’s good to recycle bla bla and i AGREE but i can tell you it was not his intention! I added the ribbons so it wouldn’t look so pathetic.



Cameron in his Santa suit!!! SO CUTE. He started getting moody after awhile tho cos it was too hot, and Cammy reluctantly took it off. This is why you have children… so you can dress them up and torture them XD



Thank you for cooking Cammy!!!



Mattrena gave us all a holiday as our Christmas presents! Merci beaucoup! Which is so great cos then we’ll all get to spend more time together :D :D :D


Kenny’s present is still on the way from the US so he was whining he had no present -_- Matt: “See, someone always cries. Every year, some kid will always cry at Christmas.” So true…


Kenny and Cammy got us this cool sign! Such a great idea! They also got me an electric pepper grinder WHICH I LOVE cos i cook so much and hate having to grind pepper continuously when i need lots! I meant to buy it for myself but got so busy i didn’t get to it and NOW i have it mwahaha!! (wow, i’ve become such an auntie that a kitchen appliance excites me so :p)

In non-aunty manner, Clem and i went to Thirst after 6 hours of Christmas merrymaking.



It was just when we arrived too! Clem and i were having our first beer and i was showing him something on my phone for 30 seconds and the hoop was resting against a platform which was just next to me, and then it was GONE. I was kinda upset for 30 minutes, and walked around the VIP area looking for it, and Uncle Callen even helped me look but to no avail.

After that i just thought to myself that i just have to let it go… it’s happened. What can i do. It sucks. It’s probably my own karma for stealing other things when i’m drunk so… but still. It’s also my birthday present from Yishyene two years ago and such a beautiful swirly colour boohoo!!! Ok ok i’m stopping. I’m letting it go, letting it go. I guess this is an excuse to buy a new hula hoop AND an LED one.


Ion of WEAREKIX and Paul of All Is Amazing.
Check out their websites for some sick work.


“Hi, my name is Michelle. You may also call me Mrs Obama.”


+  +  +  +  +  +  +  +

On Sunday, I went for dinner with my brother and Matthew. We had bak kut teh at Centrepoint and i managed to pass him his Christmas and birthday present combined. I booked Clem and myself a much-wanted spa session at Energy Spa. We love the place so much we bought 2 packages and keep one at each outlet in Mont Kiara and Jalan Ampang :p Viji has these magic hands that just made me feel so much better. Magic healing hands!


After our massage, we went to 1U to watch Frozen! Before that i convinced Clem to eat at Putien cos i wanted to have the garlic cockels. Damn OD on garlic tho… i could still taste garlic in my mouth before i went to sleep that night :p

aa-cockles-garlic-putien-1 aa-disney-frozen

Disney’s Frozen was AWESOME!!!!!! It reminded me of the old Disney movies with MAGIC and SONG and LOVE! I wanna watch it again! I instagramed how i love it and how i went to watch it with Clem, and he said, “You know, you don’t have to say that i went to watch it with you…” Why not!? Are you ashamed you went to watch a DISNEY movie with me!? But Disney is for everyone! How can you be ashamed of Disney! And because you said that, see, now i had to go mention it on my blog.

+  +  +  +  +  +  +  +


I had lunch at Fat Spoon with Sarah cos it’s been months since we caught up proper with each other. I totally overate that day… had the fried oysters to start, then the moo moo rice bowl, then a nangka and ice cream dessert that Chelle gave us, a hot chocolate, and two glasses of water co it was so hot that day. I could barely work after that.

+  +  +  +  +  +  +  +


Yesterday i had lunch with Tai Yong. He took me to the BEST BEEF noodles in town (can’t believe i’ve never been). It’s called Lai Foong and the coffeeshop has been there since the 50s. Oh btw Tai Yong owns Lust in Changkat, and if you’re looking for a place to party, that’s where you should go ;)


+  +  +  +  +  +  +  +

I’m out in Eh! magazine this month (thanks for telling me Natrah!) in an editorial shoot for the Mitsubishi Attrage.


+  +  +  +  +  +  +  +


It’s still showing in cinemas across the nation

For more info check out

+  +  +  +  +  +  +  +

ANTM @ Butter Factory KL

* below written by SweetEe *

No words can describe how excited I was when I heard the news that the top 5 finalists of ANTM (America’s Next Top Model) cycle 20 was coming to Malaysia!




I went for the launch of Bodytone‘s latest outlet in Great Eastern Mall (Jalan Ampang) cos i really wanted to support them. I’ve been doing Powerplate for almost two years now (tho admittedly being going less in the past few months cos have been so busy!) but i don’t see myself stopping anytime soon cos i’m so much fitter than i ever was in my 20s!

Some people still ask me what Powerplate is… i basically work out and do weights on a Powerplate machine in a class of up to 6 people maximum (so a lot of attention is given). The Powerplate machine vibrates at a certain frequency during the entire workout, making me use my core muscles a lot more and generally making the workout a lot harder and you get twice the results in the same amount of time you spend doing a normal workout.

You see a lot of girls going for the classes… and to dispel that it’s SO EASY (cos it’s NOT!), i’ve been trying to get my guy friends to try it at least once (first trial class is free). I’m not gonna uncover my poor friends’ names in public, but they’re pretty healthy guys who exercise regularly but couldn’t keep up by the end of the class XD


Patricia K, me, Tianna, Ethel

#TonedIsTheNewSexy is Bodytone’s movement that it’s not about being skinny, but being healthy + toned + strong + living a balanced life.

I totally agree with it… i mean, i’m generally a skinny person but i started working out cos:
1) my tummy suddenly started appearing out of NOWHERE in my late 20s
2) i was embarrassed bout my skinny weak arms that couldn’t even open a bathroom door without me having to lean on it

Since i started doing Powerplate, i don’t experience back pains like how i used to, and can carry twice the amount of groceries and event props that i pathetically wasn’t able to before!


Linora, Patricia, me, Chelsia, Belinda, Aishah & Cammy

I mean look at Cammy… she gave birth in the end of March this year and looks freaking amazing despite putting on a lot of baby weight initially (let’s just say, she WAS quite worried).

Every month, Bodytone will be giving away 2x separate personal training sessions to be won alongside one of Bodytone’s ambassadors.

For instance, the month of November it’s the chance to win a workout with Miss World/Malaysia Thanuja!


Thanu is so tall i have to look up at her like THAT.

To enter, you have to Instagram (simultaneous post to FB + Twitter is a bonus) a pic of you doing anything healthy, or your body parts; and hashtag #tonedisthenewsexy #bodytonestudio #IwanttobodytonewithThanuja

For more info, check out their FB page:

+ + + + + + +

Random pix from the past week:

Had a potluck and played with baby Cameron. Or rather, Cameron played with cards.
He’s so heavy now that we can’t hold him for a long time and keep on passing him around :p



Besides taking pix of my new My Little Pony toys Cammy helped me buy (cos i didn’t even get to go to Toys’ r Us), I got to practice with my skateboard a fair bit! Watched some videos online and was advised to keep on practicing cruising till i’m super confident in it. Er, okay i will then. I stupidly tried to skateboard while drunk and fell on my bum badly. Okay alsooooo, the house wasn’t the best place for me to attempt that.


Clem on the Penny and Kenny with his Vespa

+ + + + + + +

I cooked dinner for Aunt G and Uncle Mark last Friday cos they’ve never been to my place before, and also had my dad and a few friends over. Only decided WHAT i was gonna cook over Friday lunch break, and bought the groceries in the evening. I’m pretty chummy with my beef and pork butchers… you have to! Cos they’ll sneak out that good piece of meat they’ve been storing out of sight ;)

Village Grocer didn’t have chicken stock so i decided to rush-make my own. I checked my Manu Fiedel cookbook to do it the French way but i didn’t have enough time so i did it the normal way – just throw in chicken bones and veggies and simmered it down. The French way would have been to ROAST the chicken and veggies for an hour, before boiling it in water. Makes sense… cos the ingredients would be more flavourful after roasting!


I did a rolled pork belly and shoulder with prunes, herbs and potatoes.


+ + + + + + +

Yesterday, Sa’s mum took Aunt G, Uncle Mark and us girls for this wicked sang had mien lunch at Sri Karak.



It was so good… i’m so happy i got introduced to it!
I need to know more yummy local things around PJ area to eat!

+ + + + + + +


One of THOSE nights at Ril’s – me, Shan, Kubz, Aps, Rahul

+ + + + + + +

Stacey went for some therapy whilst i went to Koh Samui last week :D


Pic above was taken before i left for Koh Samui.
She got a polishing, wax and her interior cleaned at Regal Valet (where Zinc / Bazarro used to be) and came back to me SPARKLING. Will blog about that soon!


Clem and i stayed at X2 Resorts in Koh Samui.
Such a gorgeous place, we had such a great holiday… wish we could have stayed a week!


Ok more holiday and fashion posts to come next!

+ + + + + + +

KinkyBlueFairy Looking For A New Intern!

OK! So the last time i put up a notice for interns was in January 2013.
Out of all the applicants, i had three interns, out of which one has now become full-time staff :D

I’m currently looking for a new intern to start from Nov/Dec 2013.

I want someone with these qualities:
- can take great photographs
- write in English well
- is a people person, outgoing, loves fashion, food + life, and has a sense of humour
- is not an idiot

Please email :D :D :D


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