Bonding with my sofa

I’ve been in a daze since i got back. It’s not even jetlag cos there’s barely any time diff with Japan, i think it’s just all the constant running around, being up early and sleeping late, too little sleep, and a lot of press meetings and partying. I spent HOURS unpacking from all my trips, and haven’t been so happy to be AT HOME in so long.

The cleaner is over and i was just lying on my sofa staring out at the impending storm thinking, “Maybe i should just give myself this weekend to do NOTHING. When was the last time i just stared out the window…”

And at that very second,
a giant gust of wind blew so strongly,
my entire curtain billowed up above me like a waving sail,
and just extended over me beautifully for what seemed like a long while.
It was like a movie scene.

I’m taking it as a sign to just let myself not edit pictures or work until Monday morning.
And then… it’s choo choo cray train all the way till January.

Lessons i learnt this week:
1. Don’t participate in any activity that contributes to another’s darkness. It will still be a part of your path. Move only towards that is light.
2. Listen to that tiny voice in your head. Don’t push it away. Make it stronger.
3. Don’t trust people so easily. Be smart that not everyone out there is as nice and believable.

Something else i bumped into IG recently after having read the article on it some time back:


Here’s something else i’d like to share, an article on being busy that Yishyene shared with me: The Disease of Being Busy

Sekian. It’s fairy time.


Laugh Malaysia!

Laugh Malaysia with Harith Iskander

Harith Iskander, the Godfather of Malaysian Stand-up Comedy, will be headlining Malaysia’s largest comedy gig happening Oct 29th, 2014 at Bukit Jalil Stadium. Called Laugh Malaysia, the show will also be featuring his fellow comedians Dr. Jason Leong and Papa CJ.

Get your tickets at *HERE*


On left is Harith and i.
Wow, i managed to find my old blogpost when we went to the Miss Malaysia/World contest in 2006 :p
How time flies… like i told him, i turned around and suddenly he’s got two daughters!

On right is pic shot at my tailor’s, cos i’m getting her to make fashion bibs for me to wear when i eat curry and soupy food. I’m sick of meticulously arranging paper napkins on my chest! I wonder why i didn’t just do this before! Making some extra ones so i can sell them on KinkyBlueFairy :)


Above was taken when i went for Yiu Lin’s private launch of her new Shoes Shoes Shoes boutique in Telawi.
The space is GORGEOUS and women in there were going crazy… i saw so many pieces that caught my eye but they sold out in my size in mere minutes -_-


I returned the next day (i had to rush off to work) and bought new sparkly shoes that make my heart sing!

On right is Sweet Ee looking incredibly sweet, on a rare night we worked till 11pm. We decided to work off-site and it’s kinda dangerous cos with food and drink at hand, one need not stop… until the restaurant kicked us out cos they were closing.


I crashed the Halston Heritage launch to see Patty and Lexie after the Ferragamo one.
My favourite pair of black heels tragically broke so Patty and i went to Topshop to get a new pair.
We both came out with new clothes and… i didn’t even get a new pair of shoes -_- 

We had Korean for dinner, wine at La Bodega, and i met one of their friends who has “I love Thailand” tattooed on his arm. Hilarious.


Sarah and i caught up at the Marie Claire event.
Check out Deb and her on the cover on the right! Purdy purdy!


One weekend night i went to see Cameron (oh yeah, and his parents too) cos he’s growing up soooo fast!

I swore i just saw him a month ago, and suddenly he’s RUNNING and CLIMBING and not giving a shit that Aunty Fairy is actually really fun and wants to run away from me all the time. He’s still small enough for me to pin down and smother with kisses, but he’s so ROUGH that i’m afraid one of his flinging arms would smack me in the face! Boys! I thought i could continue force-hugging and kissing him till he’s about 4 but now i’m not so sure.


We had steamed egg yolk crab and snails at Luck Kee Seafood Restaurant!



This is currently my FAVOURITE song to dance to at home!
Listen to it while you read this post!

Today is the first day in WEEKS i’m able to just have a day to relax and do nothing!
I was just going through my Instagram and was like WOW. I did so much in the past two weeks!!

Went to Seoul for the Omega event, came back to KL for a few days, worked like crazy, attended 4 events, flew off to Sydney, worked like crazy on the plane and in the airport, went to the launch of Fashion Bloggers, flew back to KL, worked like CRAZY before the Love Bonito launch in Publika, which KinkyBlueFairy did the PR for, and i emceed as well.

I remember i was so excited and positive on the morning of the Love Bonito event! I woke up and meditated for awhile to be calm and focused, and then i played Geronimo and danced in my living room cos i was just so HAPPY and excited for the day!

Friday i tried to take it easy cos i was pretty much just EXHAUSTED. Went to the H&M x Alexander Wang media preview, and had a meeting with Danny (one of my best friends, and now, my architect) to discuss the renovations for my new home… i’ve been so busy that i haven’t put aside time to really think about what final ID i want. All i know is that i’m not gonna conform to using the space how society dictates the rooms be used for… I decided that i’ll use the main master bedroom (which is very large) as my creative space and play area. So i’m gonna have my walk in wardrobe on the surrounding walls, big mirrors so i can dance and hoop in there, and keep my paints and art stuff so i can play in there. It just makes more SENSE to utilize the room in that manner and sleep in one of the smaller bedrooms instead, cos i want to use one room just to REST (feng shui thing, practice certain habits in designated areas in the house so the energy in that space is consistent).

Don’t have much time… in less than two weeks i’m being flown to Paris for a Uniqlo media trip. I wanted to drop by London to visit my grannie just before cos she’s been having some health problems this year, so Uniqlo has been so nice to book me a flight to London first, then i’ll make my own way to Paris, then they fly me back to KL. The next day after i land, i’m being flown to Tokyo and Osaka for another job… it’s gonna be crayyyyy. I’ll be in 5 cities across two weeks! Then AFTER that… i most probably will be sailing from Singapore to Langkawi on The Ship, a 4N/5D party cruise organised by Livescape. I’m sending SweetEe to Seoul for a Kiehl’s event, cos i can’t split myself in two, and i’d LOVE to return to Seoul but… yeah i can’t do everything and be everywhere. (When will teleportation be a reality for human beings? Right now they’re working on teleporting energy and information, but come on guys… hurry up! XD)

Also… I know work is gonna be insane in Nov and Dec as it’s the busiest time for bloggers. I can’t wait to hit the beach in January.

OH! KinkyBlueFairy will be opening a store again at Seek & Keep in BSC at the end of this month! The theme for this edition of Seek & Keep is “party and celebration” and KBF is expanding to selling party and festival accessories and deco!! It’s so me anyway… i keep on buying decorations to do up villas in Bali, i might as well buy in bulk and sell it on my online store and on ground too :D And party stuff here is soooo limited! Every time i want to get decorations for birthdays or baby showers, i end up going to the SAME party shops and paying a bit too much for streamers and things that don’t look THAT special to begin with. Wait till you see the stuff we’re gonna stock!! I’m so excited! So much COLOUR and SPARKLY things and OHHHHH

I’m so excited about life!!! I’ve just been giving myself up to whatever comes my way and do whatever work slaps me in the face, and it’s slowly working out really well… I wish i had a bigger team.

OH YES. I’m still looking for interns and meeting all potentials this week! So if you are interested in interning with KinkyBlueFairy, hit me up at


Of Underrated Solitude and Rainbow Sparkles***

I spent Friday night in alone cos i only managed to eat dinner i made at 10pm, and by the time i’d slowly finished chewing (which is tiring when you’re exhausted!) i decided not to go out for a group celebration and stayed in instead. My body and mind were fighting each other. My body said no, my mind felt guilty. In the end i pushed the guilt away and decided to put myself first.

The reason i’m always out is because i have a problem saying “No” to people. I’m such a people pleaser sometimes. I just want everyone to be happy! But i really needed some time for myself to just THINK and be QUIET and do things at HOME.

I ended up doing so many things! I allowed myself to just flow from whatever i felt like to the next.

That night’s dinner dishes in the sink caught my eye and i sighed, “Might as well get to it now before i’m too tired to do it.” So i did the dishes. Then i folded the laundry that had dried. And while i was keeping the folded clothes in the bedroom, i caught sight of my half past six job of colour coordinating my wardrobe, and decided to continue it.


The folded stuff are tops, shorts and leggings that don’t wrinkle. Next to this wardrobe is another one with all my hanging stuff in black, blue, green, yellow, and brown.

I took almost 3 hours to sort a quarter of my wardrobe out. 2 more sessions to go.

Then i organised my lingerie drawer, and picked out all these bras that don’t fit me anymore to send for the Neubodi event.

I’m just gonna copy paste what was in the email i got here cos i’m too lazy to word it out for you:

“This charity campaign titled “OLD BRAS FOR CASH” is a charity bra drive, where we will be collecting gently laundered bras/used bras, which will then be donated to the women in Kathmandu, Nepal. Second hand bras are considered very much a luxury item in Nepal, and with these second hand bras, it can help them to start up a business in the second hand clothing market, which allows them to earn up to 5x of their minimum wage.

We will be officially working with UPLIFTBRAS.ORG, and for every purchase made at a Neubodi specialty store, RM1 will be donated to BCWA, Breast Cancer Welfare Association.”

I mean, that’s pretty cool right? And i always felt terrible about throwing out bras. They’re such expensive items and it’s not like you wear them till they die. Some of the ones that didn’t fit anymore (cos i lost a fair bit of weight after my allergy fiasco) are still fairly decent.

When i was done it was 2am and i figured it was time to reward my efforts with a glass of cab sav. I’d have preferred a Malbec but i can’t find any in the house. (Have to buy some. < Mental note!!) I ended up thinking about all i’d gone thru that week – rushing a presentation for a government funding opportunity, the shop KinkyBlueFairy is gonna open at Seek & Keep @ BSC this coming weekend, the work for other projects i still hadn’t completed, small ideas i have here and there that i needed to get on. Through all that pondering, a very clear idea on how i needed to shift things around came to me.


I still can’t believe it’s only Tuesday

OK well technically, it’s Wednesday now.
I guess it’s cos i have been working every day except Saturday night…

Was ON IT half of Sunday when my laptop decided to fail on me
The Finder just wouldn’t OPEN
The heart attack i tell you
I prayed, wailed, and even tried meditating my hands over my keyboard -_-
After an hour plus, i had this one thought, “Okay fine. What if i don’t do work tonight but i REALLY NEED you to work tomorrow!”

And then BLING it suddenly started working.
Just like that.
And because i made a sorta pact to NOT work if my laptop worked, i had to adhere to it…
So i bumbled around the house thinking WHAT SHOULD I DO
and ended up colour coordinating half (or a third) of my wardrobe
into creams to whites to silver to greys to black,
pinks to reds to oranges, blues to greens and turquoise,
yellows to limes to olives to golds.
Got confused at some pieces which had SO MUCH colour on it i couldn’t decide what the primary colour was so started a “colourful pattern” section

Took me almost three hours, i realised it was almost 1am and had to go to bed
Showed my work in progress to some friends and they said, “You have a shitload of clothes.”


I’m purging, i’m purging…

In between work i had the cleaner come over this morn and got her to wipe out ALL the cupboards and shelves.
While she took out all the stuff i tried to tidy up and organise them simultaneously
and discovered so many hidden treasures i never knew i had… like a John Legend & The Roots CD that’s now playing in my car.

Found some old memorabilia of past jobs or occasions (sometimes even something as stupid as a paper plane i folded :p) and had to make myself just CHUCK IT. I’m trying not to be a hoarder, and just CHUCK all these things i don’t need.

The cleaner today must’ve been super happy cos i gave her an old ipod and blackberry (they’re seriously old…) i found lying around.

And that’s just the start of it.

Next i’m going to find time on weekends to finish up my wardrobe, sort out all my books, toys, decorations, present wrapping corner, clean out the larder, medicine box, shoe cupboard, everything.

Well, that’s what i’m hoping for.
Some order in the home will bring some order to my life.

+ + + + + + +


Drop by the Main Concourse area to see all these activities they have going on,
and view the project Vince Paul Yong and i have been working on!!!


Balance baby balance

This month has been absolutely CRAZY but like i’ve learnt recently, whatever we want, is drawn into our space and it’s up to us on whether we resist it or not. I’m not gonna resist work that’s coming my way! I was taking up all the projects i could, till this week i’ve just started saying no no no to people cos i just don’t have the manpower to handle anymore.

Which is great. It’s NOT a bad thing.

I have been envisioning KinkyBlueFairy to be a creative boutique company that does whatever tickles our fancy, and all these unexpected projects have been dropping on our doorstep.

Right now we’re working on three big projects simultaneously not counting smaller social media ones on the side.

We’re launching our e-commerce website soon (finally!) and it’s already in beta phase but Sweet Ee refuses to allow me to blog about it yet.
We’re starting to work on the PR for a big fashion event coming up in October so that’s gonna take up time in Sept.
We’re pitching on event installation ideas to be had from end of this year and looking forward to next year.
I have already started to look thru the calendar on events we can take part in to promote KBF’s products and oh don’t even start about Christmas yet…

We’ve also been collaborating with photographer Vincent Paul Yong of Verve Studio for a Levi’s project.

Here’s a teaser vid for now that Levi’s just launched on YouTube:

This is all work, not counting personal stuff i have to do on the side, like spending time being best buddies with my lawyer, banker and agents in my efforts to sell off my first property so i can breathe easy on the second one i plan to renovate and move into this Jan, or maybe Dec if possible. I haven’t even confirmed the ID for it yet. Feck.

And then of course… i absolutely MUST have some personal time or else i’ll just go crazy.
I’ve started meditating every morning now. Just so i am CALM and in CONTROL.
It helps a lot.
If you want to read more, check out The Stillness Project.
It’s run by my friend Tom, whose goal is to get 1 billion people in the world to meditate.

So here are some quick pix cos tomorrow, i’m taking my parents for a one-week holiday to Bali.
We were supposed to go in April but my dad broke his back in March so he couldn’t fly and i delayed their tix and so we’re going tomorrow!
I will definitely be working while i’m on holiday with them :p
I don’t have a choice. My Levi’s deadline is looming and i’m trying not to freak out.

+ + + + + + + +


I haven’t had lunch alone in the longest time and just RAN AWAY to do so one day last week.
It was glorious. Eating my favourite Jap set meal of sashimi and tempura at leisure while going through my thoughts and work notes.

Work perks include packages sent to our office from brands who love fairies :D


Thank you Sephora! My current faves are the Stila and Marc Jacobs ink eyeliners.

We also got a huge bag of Sailor Jerry goodies, this Caribbean Rum that’s making its debut in Malaysia this weekend at MTV Asia World Stage.


All i can say is we got more excited about the rum and cookies :p
We tried the rum almost immediately (in our defense, it was already evening) and it’s really smooth!
“Sailor Jerry is blended with 100% natural spices and flavours, and is inspired by the American tattoo legend Norman ‘Sailor Jerry’ Collins.”

Alcohol is always welcome in our office! Haha

+ + + + +

I started working out with a personal trainer at Celebrity Fitness and it’s so evil cos i keep on stopping by nearby stores to pick up ONE thing and end up buying more crap.

Wanted to buy more stickers to pretty up my car (cos she’s been acting up) and ended up with these new gloss stamp things that looked so intriguing. You know what, i can’t even tell you what it’s like to use cos i still haven’t opened it! And i got some sparkly silver Mod Podge to do up a pair of shorts. Haven’t done that either. -_-


And today, i went to buy a new Apple cable, and ended up with a dress and leggings -_-

This has go to stop.

Moving on, i HAVE been doing SOME form of art!
I had no idea what to give Rahul for his birthday so i decided to draw him on canvas.


It’s been AGES since i bothered to do any art, and i really enjoyed myself that Friday night.
Dancing, drinking, and playing with my hula hoop in between bouts of drawing and painting!

I really wanted to see his reaction when he opened it but i got so drunk at his birthday party i don’t remember what it was -_-

+ + + +

Been trying to love myself MORE, and realised i have totally been neglecting my FACE.
I haven’t had a facial since early 2013.
I make time for massages, but not facials.
Thought enough is enough, and went for this Triple X facial at Energy Spa (where i go for my massages)


It took 90 minutes, and i just lay there and kinda passed out cos i was so tired.
Could also have been the massages the therapist did intermittently while waiting for segments of the facial to complete.

My skin looked and FELT so different after that i was almost embarrassed.
I asked what exactly they did kononnya it’s all these steps of exfoliating and removing of dead outer layers of rough skin to reveal younger skin underneath. Luckily i didn’t get any allergies, so despite sounding like a powerful facial, it was sensitive enough for my allergies to handle.

I’m supposed to do this once every 3 months, which i WILL henceforth.
(Seeing i don’t suppose i have time for a monthly facial anyway)

+ + + + +

After working on Rahul’s present till 3am on Friday night, i woke up to go for some photo shoots and interviews for people we’re featuring for our Levi’s project – from 11am till 6:30pm. And then i went for Rahul’s birthday party till 5:30am. I was utterly SPENT on Saturday!


I met Khairena of Eat Clean KL and totally got excited with her over her new spirulizer.


Baby (Studio Verve’s manager) and i obviously doing lots of hard work.
Teeheehee. Taken at LAIN Furniture


I love Baby cos she lends me her long hair to pretend i have a ponytail XD

This Levi’s project has been sweeeeet cos i’ve met so many interesting new people!

Ok i really gotta run.
It’s 8:40pm, i’m still in the office and i want to have dinner.



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