Closing Party at Awesomeness Fest Phuket 2014

* Photos by the amazing team of John Russell and Paulius Staniunas *

Ahmygad. There are so many pictures, that i took ages just picking some to resize and there are still hundreds more i’m just not gonna post up.
It’s already been two weeks since Awesomeness Fest East took place and so much has been happening i’m just getting to blog about it now! And of course… i happened to have some of the party pix from my cam edited already so i decided to post about the closing party first :p Work my way back? Heh.

If you have no idea what Afest is, you can read my blogpost about *the first one i attended in Bali last year*

I wrote this on my Facebook upon returning from Afest this year:

“The past few days have been one of the most beautiful in my life. I honestly didn’t think i would reap too much more from Awesomeness Fest cos i went before, and this time it blew me away that i was given greater lessons than i ever imagined or thought possible.
I met so many amazing people who touched my hearts, and those who said i touched theirs.
Put that with partying on 6 catamarans with a sunset view, and being transported via speedboat to a private island decked out just for 260 of us to party… it was fucking insane. FUCKING INSANE.”

Here are pix from the closing party on the private island off Phuket!
It’s called the closing party cos there were major parties 5 nights in a row for Afest… #marathonmuch
I was completely PARTIED out after.


afest-day-4-79-private-beach-party afest-day-4-80-private-beach-party





Melissa’s 40th Birthday @ Cove 55, Santubong

I was just thinking whether i’m becoming a really terrible blogger cos i’m so engrossed in living my life that i can barely keep up with all the pictures and posts… BUT I’M TRYING MY BEST! Just that… i’ve been traveling a LOT lately, and i’m scheduled to travel more in the coming weeks so… XD Also, i have a meeting in 20 minutes and i have a feeling i’m gonna be late. Here are some pictures till i post fully tomorrow!

+ + + + +

Ok i finally have some time to quickly update this post! A bunch of us flew to Kuching, Sarawak for Melissa’s birthday at Cove 55 - an exclusive resort in Santubong, less than an hour away from Kuching city.


That’s Clem in the middle :)


I brought the balls Dhanya bought me all the way to Kuching. Clem and i had more than enough luggage space for a 2-night stay so i took it as a very good reason to bring along more party props.


Upstairs are all individual rooms for guests, while the common area/lounge, dining area and kitchen are downstairs.


Taken from inside the kitchen



I love Italy!!!

Ok i’m back in London for a week and barely had ANY TIME to message poor Clem, let alone blog!
Here are two pix taken by the club photographers when Mario and Bea took me partying on the coast in Italy.
I had SUCH a great stay there, and it’s mostly thanks to the wonderful hospitality Beatrice, Mario and the rest of the Italians have shown us. Italy is memang one of my favourite countries to travel to in the world!


Michelle, Mario, me, Beatrice and Camilla at Indie Pop Fashion Club
My black and white dress is from Monki, (a Swedish brand and the same company that does H&M) who will be opening their stores in KL VERY SOON!


Taken at Deap Club



Partying is like a full time job.

I have so many party pictures from the past week – the Harper’s BAZAAR black and white do, Clem’s company annual dinner, Fai’s birthday, and the Foals concert by UPFRONT Arena!

Harper’s BAZAAR threw a party in a penthouse on Jalan Bukit Bintang last week, and everyone came dressed according to theme in black and white. It was quite admirable really, and i for one try to stick to a party’s dress code – it’s just outta respect! (Unless it’s something quite difficult and you’re coming from somewhere which requires one too many outfit changes :p Then again, there was a day last week i changed clothes NINE TIMES in one day!)

aa harpers-bazaar-bnw-1

Serena; and Sonny of Eclipse.


Designers Alia Bastamam and Silas Liew; me + Chelle of Fat Spoon + Claudia of Tongue in Chic


Wei Ling of Wei Ling Gallery; the whole Harper’s BAZAAR team with queen bee Natasha. Claudia sibuk on the side.



Who wants to order LED hula hoops with me!?

I REALLY want to order LED hula hoops in time for Future Music Festival so i can play with it there!
Who wants to order one too so we can save on shipping together!?

To view more details + prices + youtube vids of hoops in action, click on Mood Hoops’ shop link *here*

Interested email me at!
I’m thinking of putting the order in this Monday!

Screen Shot 2014-02-25 at 10.52.14 AM Screen Shot 2014-02-25 at 10.52.22 AM

The Roof @ First Avenue, Bandar Utama

It’s been a long time coming that PJ should finally have its own glamourous party joint!
The Roof is SO SICK, i keep on thinking WHAT PARTY i wanna throw there, it’s just begging for one!

I went for the soft launch / media launch on Saturday (26th Oct) and The Roof is SO NEW, only 2 out of its 5 rooms were ready at the time. (All areas are fully operational now.)
The most awesome one for me right now its Stratosphere – Asia’s first and only luxury bar and a grassy helipad lounge with a 360° panoramic view.

As if playing (i.e. drinking, dancing, chatting) in Stratosphere isn’t enough, there are gonna be 4 other spaces under one roof (hur hur) that will make it the one and only premium integrated sky lounge in the city to house 5 distinct dining and entertainment outlets.


The Roof is created by The Group (F&B) Sdn. Bhd. – who also brought you familiar establishments like The Hill, and The Pool ;) Adding to The Group directors’ accomplishments are Attica and Lenoir (Singapore), Attica Too (Shanghai), Pochi (USA), and a hotel/villa project in Bali.

I’m sure you recognise some of the names above, so it’ll be interesting to see how The Roof sets a new benchmark in the entertainment and F&B industry. With The Roof, The Group have exemplified immense volume of creativity and sophistication in design and decor to reinvent one’s dining and entertainment experience.


A group shot of the 5 personalities The Roof got to introduce the 5 different spaces to us, L-R:
English professional ice hockey player Carl Graham; Miss Universe Malaysia 2010 Nadine Ann Thomas; Miss Universe Malaysia 2011 Deborah Henry; model and host Cay Kuijpers; and model/actor/martial artist Peter Davis.

On the bottom row are The Group of directors themselves – Dik, Roen, Dax, and Manfred.


To get to Stratosphere, you can take one of two lifts, or the stairs.


Because PJ has few tall buildings, you feel so high up on the helipad!


Deep and i


Stratosphere is definitely The Roof’s star attraction… it is Asia’s first and only luxury open-air rooftop bar nestled on top of an infinity grassed helipad with a panoramic bird’s-eye view of the city and greater Klang Valley – a scenery which is breathtaking and spectacular.

a-The-Roof-BU-11 a-The-Roof-BU-12 a-The-Roof-BU-13

I was snapping as many pictures as i could before the sun went down!

a-The-Roof-BU-14 a-The-Roof-BU-15

Love love love the colourful balls they’ve placed around… they can also be set to flicker according to the beat of the music.


Sue Lynn aka Bangsar Babe. Her name is saved in my phone as “Sue Lynn Crazy Eater” XD


Who in the blogging community doesn’t know Kenny:)


Steph + Nick = Stick


Roen came around and started making us do 2-second shots from the bottle. Hi Clem. <3


OH! I ENJOYED THE FIREWORKS SO MUCH! It’s so different being up in the air AND watching fireworks burst right above you with no obstruction whatsoever! I took an Instavid of the fireworks! You can watch it *here*


I loveee how there’s so much space and grass up there! It’s not a great place to wear heels and i’m so glad i thought of wearing flats that night! Regardless, Steph and i kicked off our shoes so we could feel the grass between our toes and ran and danced like mad crazy people XD

+ + + + + + + + + +

So there you have it! The Roof takes up over 50,000 square feet of space for dining, entertainment and event space.

The five outlets under The Roof will cater to lots of different types of people and tastes, each promising to be unique and classy:

+ + + + + + + + + +


All the pix you saw of the helipad are of Stratosphere, of course.


“Stratosphere is a place where genuine attention to each aspect of service is centred on. For cosmopolites and trendsetters, this is the in place to be as they bask in the open air drinking in the serenity from Stratosphere.

Designed with an opulent rooftop bar offering a magnificent bird’s-eye view of the city and greater Klang Valley, it is a perfect option to indulge in exquisite drinks and mouth-watering canapés. It is an ideal setting for affluent, sophisticated trendsetters. Stratosphere is also a perfect backdrop for niche events and launches and is boasting for Asia’s first and only green helipad bar.”

+ + + + + + + + + +



“A unique sports bar that features major sporting events and live telecasts for sports enthusiasts. It is a home away from home where fun and relaxation are entwined in one.

Brimming with adrenaline, it is a place to score with pool competitions, dart tournaments and beer drinking contests are a regular feat at this outlet. A perfect retreat after work, Score offers attractive beer deals and delectable finger food for thirsty patrons.”


Dax (Director of The Group) gave us a short speech earlier in the night at Score: “We are always looking for avenues to reinvent the dining and entertainment experience for the young at heart – both for the international and local clientele. We want customers to have upscale service, excellent food and creative presentations.”


Yisan, me, Uncle Laitong and Aunty Marina (Dik’s family :D )

+ + + + + + + + + +



Nadine Ann Thomas will launch her hip hop night on Dec 3rd!


“With state-of-the-art staging, audio and visuals, Play is a designer super club which can accommodate up to 700 people. The highlight of the outlet is the regular appearance of top- notch local and international DJs as well as live acts.

As the only premium dance club in Petaling Jaya, Play is for patrons wanting to escape the everyday stress. Serving premium spirits with daily promotions, it is the place to chill and hang loose.”

+ + + + + + + + + +



“Signature is a trendy and premium gastro-lounge. Serving up award winning signature cocktails and stocked with a great selection of international premium beverages, as well as dishing out a plethora of Western, Asian and international fusion cuisine, it is a contemporary restaurant for the avant-garde.

The menu is unique where patrons can indulge in a gastronomic dining experience. It is also exclusive to visiting premium chefs. To spice things up, patrons can look forward to special treats like cooking classes, weekend brunches and themed parties. This serve as an ideal and classy experience of social gatherings.”


+ + + + + + + + + +



“Housing an extensive and the finest collection of quality malts and cigars from around the world, Malt & Leaf is a classy place for patrons who enjoy the finer things in life.

It is equipped with a walk-in glass cigar cabinet with a well curated selection of some of the finest cigars. Designed with a stylish ambience, this outlet offers those wanting to relish in a fine cigar and a delectable glass of whisky a private atmosphere to indulge in.

The Roof offers its esteemed clientele an ambience and setting that transcends all boundaries in premium lifestyle indulgence.”

+ + + + + + + + + +

1 First Avenue Bandar Utama
47 800 Petaling Jaya



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