You know of SOS. But have you heard of SWS?

I’m just about getting over SWS (Ship Withdrawal Symptoms). I don’t even think the team is over it yet. This morning they were all still talking about stuff that happened on the ship and after 30 minutes, i piped up, “OK ENOUGH! I’m gonna separate you all if you don’t stop talking, i can’t do my work!”

After that, silence.
And i felt like the mean schoolteacher.  -_-

OK fine, the ship was really awesome. Some ppl asked whether it was as awesome as the pix depicted.
And i was like, “Yezzzzz”

The vibe on the boat was so awesome cos everyone basically had to be a community for 5 days. Everything was within walking (or stumbling) distance – restaurants, pool, clubs, bars, rooms, sports amenities, casino. Because getting on the ship costs a certain amount of money, i felt that it got a crowd that was slightly better behaved. I only met two people that made me feel negative, out of hundreds of amazing beings i made friends and hung out with. Everyone was smiley, saying hi in the corridors, it was easy to go up to anyone and strike a conversation (cos we’re all in the same boat har har). When i got off the ship and continued smiling at strangers on land, i realised i was back to ‘reality’ when noone returned my smiles. #sad

Everyone on the ship was just in such a good mood cos it was a holiday!

Signs of SWS:

1. You eat a lot.

I’ve been eating like a horse during and after the ship. On the day we disembarked; i had breakfast at 6am, a huge lunch in Singapore at 1pm, char siew pau at 4pm, and two dinners in one sitting at 7pm. For the first time in my fanship at Fat Spoon, i ordered two main dishes and walloped both by myself after coming straight from the airport cos i couldn’t take it. I felt like passing out from hunger.

2. You surf #itstheship on IG constantly.

The first night i got back, i couldn’t help checking out IG to see all the pictures and get links of people i’d met on board. After a few hours, i decided i HAD TO STOP.

3. You’re messaging people you met on the ship, when you’re home.

I’ve been messaging and voice-noting all these people i met during those 5 days. It’s like we can’t get enough of each other. It even applies to old friends. Aaron asked to meet up tomorrow, and i was like, “Seriously?? We just saw each other for FIVE days on the ship! Not enough issit?” Deep asked me to come out to 42 today; i was at a pre-wedding dinner so noooo.

4. You have to get used to reality around you.

Like the smiling i mentioned earlier on in this post, i had to get used to the fact that not everyone smiles. It felt so weird to be back on land, not have food of all types at your disposal at any given hour, people around to play with, laughing and running around all day, talking to people and having fun, dancing, drinking. Aaron said he was in starbucks getting a coffee on the way to work and imagined the guy next to him was shirtless and holding a beer. Said guy was actually wearing a shirt and tie.

5. Bodily dysfunctions.

I lost my voice on the 3rd day at the ship. By the 5th day i was barely comprehensible if i didn’t try hard enough. I wasn’t the only one. EVERYONE in our group of 12 lost their voices, except Danny and Deep. Something about their genes. And then there are the bruises and urm allergies. My allergies came back with a vengeance cos i drank too much (aughhhh).

6. You’re still not unpacked.

Packing to check out of the ship constituted chucking all my belongings hilly billy into my white rimowa. I usually separate my accessories, chargers and bikinis by packing them in separate pouches; but that didn’t happen this time. Because it’s such a royal mess, i just about got over getting the tangle of stuff out of my bag, and haven’t finished placing all items back in its proper place yet.


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I can’t even explain THE MAGNITUDE OF THE PARTY that is about to take place at sea on one of the biggest cruise liners in the world!

The Ship.
4 nights of an epic experience partying on a cruise.
21-25 November.
Singapore to Langkawi and back.
International acts including Lil Jon, Dash Berlin, Basement Jaxx, Chvrches, Aeroplane, Crookers, and MANY MORE.

Damn just watch the videos already.
I think this might be Asia’s best party YET.

The floating music festival which takes place from the 21st – 25th of November 2014 will set sail from Singapore to the tropical island of Langkawi, Malaysia before embarking on a journey back towards Singapore. Guests will be spending 5 days and 4 nights on board one of the largest and most luxurious cruise liners in the world, Royal Caribbean International’s “Voyager of The Seas”. At Langkawi, the ship will dock for 12 hours where a beach party of epic proportions will be hosted by Lil Jon for 3,800 guests.

Onboard, get ready to be pampered by Royal Caribbean’s famed 5-star service and wide ranging facilities including a state-of-the-art fitness centre and spa, a 9,000 sq. ft. casino, 10 swimming pools and whirlpools, 13 bars and clubs, a duty free shopping promenade, and many more. Then, there’s the music festival. Four massive stages specially designed to take place on board the cruise liner which will feature some of the world’s biggest names in music such as, Dash Berlin, Basement Jaxx, Chvrches, Aly & Fila, SBCR (The Bloody Beetroots), Sasha Grey and over 30 other international and regional acts. More information on the acts and cruise liner can be found at www.itstheship.com

Scroll down www.itstheship.com for more info

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Good Vibes Festival 2014

Clem and i are super hungover from Good Vibes.
It was pouring like crazy when we arrived, and he got so annoyed his shoes got soaked, “I’m gonna lose my feeeht.”
I, on the other hand, am glad i intuitively wore my old Topshop jelly sandals that i haven’t worn for over a year.


With crazy girl Siew Wai. If you need someone to run a fashion show, she’s your woman.
*Thanks Atif for the pic!*


Me trying to manoeuvre my Kipling and RM10 raincoat


With Sarch and Mira while we watched Banks.
She’s got such a whispery sweet talking voice in contrast to her strong singing voice.
And her songs made me cry. So emo!
Luckily it was raining so i figured i could just pretend it’s rain on my face.
Padahal other people admitted after the show that they were crying too.


New friend Suzy! She’s so cute!


With some of my best girls.
Didi, Sarch, Lynda, Mira, me, Susu 


Closing Party at Awesomeness Fest Phuket 2014

* Photos by the amazing team of John Russell and Paulius Staniunas *

Ahmygad. There are so many pictures, that i took ages just picking some to resize and there are still hundreds more i’m just not gonna post up.
It’s already been two weeks since Awesomeness Fest East took place and so much has been happening i’m just getting to blog about it now! And of course… i happened to have some of the party pix from my cam edited already so i decided to post about the closing party first :p Work my way back? Heh.

If you have no idea what Afest is, you can read my blogpost about *the first one i attended in Bali last year*

I wrote this on my Facebook upon returning from Afest this year:

“The past few days have been one of the most beautiful in my life. I honestly didn’t think i would reap too much more from Awesomeness Fest cos i went before, and this time it blew me away that i was given greater lessons than i ever imagined or thought possible.
I met so many amazing people who touched my hearts, and those who said i touched theirs.
Put that with partying on 6 catamarans with a sunset view, and being transported via speedboat to a private island decked out just for 260 of us to party… it was fucking insane. FUCKING INSANE.”

Here are pix from the closing party on the private island off Phuket!
It’s called the closing party cos there were major parties 5 nights in a row for Afest… #marathonmuch
I was completely PARTIED out after.


afest-day-4-79-private-beach-party afest-day-4-80-private-beach-party





Melissa’s 40th Birthday @ Cove 55, Santubong

I was just thinking whether i’m becoming a really terrible blogger cos i’m so engrossed in living my life that i can barely keep up with all the pictures and posts… BUT I’M TRYING MY BEST! Just that… i’ve been traveling a LOT lately, and i’m scheduled to travel more in the coming weeks so… XD Also, i have a meeting in 20 minutes and i have a feeling i’m gonna be late. Here are some pictures till i post fully tomorrow!

+ + + + +

Ok i finally have some time to quickly update this post! A bunch of us flew to Kuching, Sarawak for Melissa’s birthday at Cove 55 - an exclusive resort in Santubong, less than an hour away from Kuching city.


That’s Clem in the middle :)


I brought the balls Dhanya bought me all the way to Kuching. Clem and i had more than enough luggage space for a 2-night stay so i took it as a very good reason to bring along more party props.


Upstairs are all individual rooms for guests, while the common area/lounge, dining area and kitchen are downstairs.


Taken from inside the kitchen



I love Italy!!!

Ok i’m back in London for a week and barely had ANY TIME to message poor Clem, let alone blog!
Here are two pix taken by the club photographers when Mario and Bea took me partying on the coast in Italy.
I had SUCH a great stay there, and it’s mostly thanks to the wonderful hospitality Beatrice, Mario and the rest of the Italians have shown us. Italy is memang one of my favourite countries to travel to in the world!


Michelle, Mario, me, Beatrice and Camilla at Indie Pop Fashion Club
My black and white dress is from Monki, (a Swedish brand and the same company that does H&M) who will be opening their stores in KL VERY SOON!


Taken at Deap Club




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