Sulwhasoo Charity Quilt Project 2013

* written by SweetEe *

I’m always amazed by the perfect porcelain skin Koreans have. It just gets me every time, wondering whether it’s their food, living environment, or efficient skin care…  Perhaps it’s due to Korea’s No. 1 holistic luxury skin care brand, Sulwhasoo. Having a long-standing tradition of painstakingly selecting medicinal herbs, Sulwhasoo aims to regulate the skin from inside out. Read more about the brand’s history and philosophy on a past blogpost *here*.

Believing in giving back to society, Sulwhasoo started the Charity Quilt Project, inspired by the hand-sewn patchwork quilt traditionally pieced together from old clothing and rags as a gesture of blessing and well wishes.

sulwhasoo charity kit

A limited edition skin care kit is introduced by Sulwhasoo to help raise funds for World Vision Malaysia, part of the global Charity Quilt Project. All donations collected will be channeled to the Children Development Fund (children’s rights protection, education, mental and emotional development, nutrition and health care; locally and internationally).

There will only be 500 Sulwhasoo Charity Kits available in Malaysia. Priced at RMR129, each kit comes with a complete set including two of the brand’s signature products – the Concentrated Ginseng Cream (5ml) and First Care Activating Serum (8ml). Also included are the Essential Balancing Emulsion (30ml), Essential Balancing Water (30ml), Gentle Cleansing Foam (50ml), and Overnight Vitalizing Mask (30ml/tube); all presented in a quilt-inspired pouch.

The Sulwhasoo Charity Kit is available at counters in Parkson Pavillion, Kuala Lumpur and Parkson Gurney Plaza, Penang.


NARS is finally in Malaysia!

* written by SweetEe *

If you’re a fan of cult make up brand NARS, you’d be delighted to know that the brand is finally opening its first store in Pavilion in November! No more having to pay loads for shipping fees, stocking up when traveling overseas, or begging friends to bring some back for you!


Did you know that NARS first started off by selling 12 lipsticks?

Founder Francois Nars was exposed to the world of beauty and fashion since an early age thanks to his own mother’s love for fashion. He became a famous make up artist, designer and photographer; earning recognition for his extraordinary make up skills and creativity from personalities like Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista, Marc Jacob; and magazines Vogue Italia, American Vogue and Elle.

Frustrated by the limited choices of make up products, Francois Nars begin to develop his own make up line with 12 lipsticks, and they sold out in Barneys, New York. Since then, the brand continues to develop and has became one of the most sought-after beauty brands in the world.


Today, Francois Nars remains artistic director, in-house photographer, and copywriter of his own brand. Every single ad campaign for NARS is directed by him.

To celebrate its launch in Malaysia, there will be some NARS products that will be named after KL and will be introduced when the store launches. This includes an eyeshadow duo called Kuala Lumpur, and the Multiple that will be called Malaysia.


NARS’ skin care line will also be introduced in the Malaysian market.

Brought in by Shiseido Malaysia, the official launch of NARS took place at Troika Sky Dining >


Shiseido Ibuki Launch @ White Box Publika

I emceed the launch of Shiseido‘s latest skincare range end of June but could only blog about it now cos it’s available from September! Called Ibuki, the range is targeted at cosmopolitan women whose skin suffer the effects of living in the city i.e. stress, polluted air, UV rays, lack of sleep, etc.


The launch event was beautifully set up! Artists Adrien and Hsu Lynn were commissioned to illustrate various rooms in a house which i brought the media guests through on a ‘tour’. I’d start off by greeting them in the living room where they’d also watch a video presentation on Ibuki on the TV there, then i’d lead them off to the bathroom where they’d try the products, and lastly on to the kitchen where they’d snack on canapés and desserts!


Adrien and Hsu Lynn in the living room


Me in the kitchen!


Trying to clamber into the bathtub in between event #1 and #2


Launch of Peony & Blush Suede by Jo Malone London

My first Jo Malone purchase was succumbed to in an airport as i sauntered past stores on my way to my departure gate. As it probably does with most women (which is how the Jo Malone brand has achieved to be what it is today), i was entranced by the elegance of the store and the simplicity of its perfumes.

Jo Malone is known to focus its fragrances on a few main notes, in comparison with the cacophony of beginning, middle and end notes other perfumes push unto us.

More interestingly i found, is the story behind Jo Malone herself (the founder), who started off her career by performing facials on customers, and sending them home-made bath oils as gifts. The bath oils were such a hit that they evolved into a fragrance business, which was eventually bought by Estee Lauder many years later.

Beneath all that entrepreneurship, a more human part of Malone is revealed in past interviews, like her severe dyslexia and battle with cancer. All of which makes me admire her and her brand all the more.

Recently, Jo Malone introduced a new fragrance called Peony & Blush Suede.


[Article below written by Louise Carmen]


Inspired by the big ball gowns and cotillions of the mid 20th century, this new fragrance brings us back to the romantic era where the charm of couture in an English ballroom is captured.

Peonies are featured in this scent as they are such delicate flowers with a romantic appeal. According to Christine Nagel, the master perfumer, peonies’ subtle fragrance also blends well with textures of fabric and leather. Suede was the choice of texture as it brings sensuality and warmth.


Menard Embellir

written by SweetEe *

To be honest, I wasn’t quite familiar with the brand Menard until I did a little research on them. So far they’ve only been sold in beauty salons, and just recently launched their own Menard Facial Salon at Plaza Damas. (The brand has actually been around since 1959, and in Malaysia for more than 15 years.)

Menard is introducing the first skin care range in the world using Red reishi and Black reishi extract: Menard Embellir.

The word Embellir is French for “make someone or something more attractive”. Therefore the Embellir product range aims to prevent aging of skin cells and tregain youthful appearances with the main ingredient – Reishi mushrooms.


Reishi mushrooms are really common in Chinese culture and is called LingZhi. It has been considered by Chinese to be a high quality herbal medicine that can improve one’s constitution, increase body’s healing ability, maintain a healthy body and have a long life.

After intensive research on these mushrooms, Menard developed the Embellir skin care range utilizing both black reishi and red reishi. The reishi extract helps to rejuvenate the skin, serves as the active division of cells, is anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant with great moisturizing effects.


Sulwhasoo: Korea’s No. 1 Holistic Luxury Skincare

I was invited for a facial spa session by Sulwhasoo, a brand i’ve never heard of before but am glad i now know!

Sulwhasoo is Korea’s bestselling luxury skincare brand which has just been brought to Malaysia, and combines traditional medicinal herbs (especially Ginseng) with the latest advances in dermatological technology. They’ve got some beautiful brand philosophies and practices which i’ll go into detail further on in this post, and i think the brand will be of much interest to those who seek a holistic approach to skin health and beauty.

They held their sessions at the Spa at the Saujana Club:


The word “Sulwhasoo” is the Korean word for “snowflower”, which is known to bloom even under the most severe weather conditions.

Hailing from Korea, Sulwahsoo was founded 80 years ago by the late Mr. Suh Sung-hwan who was inspired by his mother’s handmade beauty concoctions made of ginseng and other quality medicinal herbs.

Mr Suh spent 41 years studying and perfecting the use of medicinal herbs for dermatological and cosmetic use, selecting only the most precious from over 3,000 medicinal herbs. He ended up developing extraction methods for premium Korean Ginseng, patented it, and created the first Korean ‘ginseng cream’ back in 1966.


This is my favourite part of the brand – Sulwhasoo is based on the Korean ancient wisdom of Sang-Seng.

The Sang-Seng philosophy believes that all things exist in relation to one another, and that optimal vitality is achieved when these objects exist in harmony and balance.

Hence Sulwhasoo formulas foster harmony between body and mind by promoting
balance through scents, textures and tactile application;
harmony between wisdom and research by combining traditional techniques and breakthrough discoveries;
and finally harmony between human and nature through harvesting beneficial, balancing herbal ingredients from nature.

“According to theories of Korean herbal medicine, when the Yin and Yang (contrary) energies in the body are balanced, true Sang-Seng is achieved and skin glows from deep inside to exude a kind of harmonious beauty. The theories also tell us that the body’s energies change at intervals of seven years.

As vital energies diminish, the skin becomes prone to dryness and dehydration and significantly more vulnerable to the aging process. Sulwhasoo draws from the ancient wisdom of Sang-Seng to restore balance and strengthen the energies that are crucial to younger looking skin.”


One of the main ingredients in Sulwhasoo’s formulas is Korean ginseng, which is not to be mistaken for ginseng grown in the U.S. or China. Korean ginseng is more superior because the country has the best geographical conditions for growing ginseng up to 180 days, whereas it only thrives for 120-130 days elsewhere.

- Ginseng’s saponin promotes the growth of new skin cells to improve resilience and exfoliate dead skin cells for smoothness.
- Melasma and wrinkles caused by reduced metabolism of skin will become a fundamental concern as we age. Ginseng’s panagin acid hydrates skin to prevent dryness and maintain suppleness.
- Ginseng also promotes blood circulation through the capillary vessels in your face for a healthier and youthful radiance.



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