Behind-the-scene shots @ Jump Street Asia

This week has been challenging in the sense that i’ve barely even had time to feed myself properly (which is bad) but it’s okay cos i rarely do this.

Monday: i had lunch at 2pm, dinner at 10pm then worked till 2am
Tuesday: i had lunch at 3:30pm (i felt so faint i made a beeline to food and nothing else), dinner at 8:30pm, then slept at 3am (my fault for going out till late)
Wednesday: i had half a noodle soup at a 10am meeting, then snacked on slices from half a zucchini at 1:30pm while driving to a shoot. Quite sad right. I just really didn’t have the time to eat!!! Luckily Adam was so nice to get a group of us food from the Bangsar Ramadhan market for dinner which i dug into like an animal at 8pm.

I am so tired that i was in bed by 10pm! But i’m still awake… blogging this post cos i know tomorrow is another jam-packed day, so i better do this now before it adds on to my ever-growing To-Blog List.

Today was by far the most tiring but FUNNEST SHOOT EVAAAAAA!!!
Photographer Vincent Paul Yong was to shoot me for a Levi’s campaign,
and i picked Jump Street Asia as the location cos i thought mid-air shots would be so cool.
Plus just BEING on a trampoline is so much fun… the last time i was on one was 4 years ago in Surrey with Yishyene!

Jump Street Asia is the first trampoline park in Malaysia, and is right behind the Robert Bosch building down the road from Jaya One in PJ. It’s in a massive warehouse and has lots of different trampoline activity areas like Dodgeball, Basketball, Free Jumping Areas, The Foam Pit, The Cage, and The Wall. Find out more on

Thanks so much to Duncan for granting us permission to shoot,
giving us a personal lesson and providing his staff to take real good care of us!!!


Laine Wong did my make up. Check out her new tattoo done last week by Julian Oh.
Incidentally Adam got one from Julian yesterday too so i saw two new works of his in one day!

aa-7-jumpstreet-vpyp-joyce-wong live in levis

I’m wearing a pair of shorts from Levi’s newest collection!
It’s really soft and was super comfy the entire time i was jumping.


Starting off with some still shots… Click to see the rest of the pix!



Melissa’s 40th Birthday @ Cove 55, Santubong

I was just thinking whether i’m becoming a really terrible blogger cos i’m so engrossed in living my life that i can barely keep up with all the pictures and posts… BUT I’M TRYING MY BEST! Just that… i’ve been traveling a LOT lately, and i’m scheduled to travel more in the coming weeks so… XD Also, i have a meeting in 20 minutes and i have a feeling i’m gonna be late. Here are some pictures till i post fully tomorrow!

+ + + + +

Ok i finally have some time to quickly update this post! A bunch of us flew to Kuching, Sarawak for Melissa’s birthday at Cove 55 - an exclusive resort in Santubong, less than an hour away from Kuching city.


That’s Clem in the middle :)


I brought the balls Dhanya bought me all the way to Kuching. Clem and i had more than enough luggage space for a 2-night stay so i took it as a very good reason to bring along more party props.


Upstairs are all individual rooms for guests, while the common area/lounge, dining area and kitchen are downstairs.


Taken from inside the kitchen



Bev C: Apparel / Seamstress / Workspace / Cafe

I wanted to give some love to my favourite fashionista in Johor – Beverly! She took me to some of her favourite places in JB the last time i was there, and thanks to her i’m super pro-JB! JB rocks!

Beverly has had her TGND (The Girl Next Door) boutique + hair salon for awhile now, and has recently opened up a new space called Bev C!

If you aren’t in Johor to experience it yourself, visit their FB page to buy online! >







Cammy’s 30th Birthday @ The Dusun

Sorry i haven’t been blogging much! Ever since we got back from France, it was immediately jet lag-battling, back-to-work drowning, Life Errands-sorting stuff in 4 days; before six of us darted off to the Dusun for a weekend getaway.

Kenny organised it for Cammy’s 30th birthday, and we all divided groceries for meals between couples across our 2-night stay. As usual, we brought too much food… but better to be over prepared than craving.

All in all; we ate raclette, saucisson, tarama, foie de morue, salads, ham + egg sandwiches, Chinese herbal chicken drumstick noodles, steak tenderloins, breakfast of bacon and eggs, and i think that’s it… Drank champagne, Shiraz, tequila, rum, single malt whiskey, gin, and beer.

Clem and i brought the Dusun family some saucisson and gave Hansi a Mr. Potato Head. He seemed more enamoured with my camera i held out to him tho.

Helen’s eyes widened slightly and i quickly said, “Oh it’s okay, it’s water-proof and shock-proof!”
She said, “But is it child-proof?”
Me: “Well, that’s why Clem got it for me…”


For little hands holding a small camera, Hansi took a pretty decent shot of me!


I took a picture of his painting from that afternoon.
Didn’t even notice the dolphin at my feet till going through the pictures.


Hansi took this picture too!

I brought a bunch of pink balloons (cos Cammy likes pink), pink streamers (she coincidentally brought some too!), and a balloon pump (cos there’s no way i’m gonna blow all those balloons up with my mouth. Where’s my butler…) to decorate the place. Matt and i hid upstairs and blew a few up to rain down on her as a surprise, but we got to six balloons and felt left out doing it by ourselves so we rained down what we had then continued the rest downstairs.

I tried to pump a balloon up till it burst and it got SO VERY BIG. Clem said i was scaring myself more than Matt or Kenny; whom i innocently stood next to, subtly pumping away on the balloon pointed at them, all the while talking to them.

It finally burst into hundreds of little pieces… (who knew?)…


… that Clem swept up.


This is the French way: The men cook and prep…



The Contemporary Malay Wedding: Bernard Chandran @ Museum Sultan Abu Bakar

* written by SweetEe *

Bernard Chandran recently launched an exhibition showcasing his most outstanding pieces in Museum Sultan Abu Bakar, Pekan – a small town in Pahang, roughly 4 hours from KL.

bernard chandran

The collections featured in this exhibition will be some of the proudest pieces Bernard Chandran has ever designed. What’s more exciting about this exhibition is that most of these Malay wedding gowns are specially made for Brunei’s royalty and some of our local celebrities.

Each of these gowns takes weeks to months of being carefully designed and hand made by the Bernard Chandran team.

museum sultan abu bakar

Museum Sultan Abu Bakar has just undergone a 4-year long renovation from being a Sultan’s palace into this contemporary museum we now see in front of our eyes.

During the interview, some attendees questioned what motivated Dato Chandran to partake in this project, what more held in a small town and not the capital of Kuala Lumpur, which would attract a bigger crowd.

According to Bernard; during his studies in Paris, one of his inspirations came from the museums there. As we all know, Parisian museums are well-known globally for its meticulous detail and amazing collection of art pieces. However, after his return to Malaysia, he was quite disappointed that his homeland doesn’t have museums of equal quality to aspire young artists just like himself.

Despite being approached by many a museum curator and owner, none of them could appease his desire to provide a different environment and atmosphere. Until, of course, he met the man in charge of Museum Sultan Abu Bakar, who spent many years convincing Bernard to join in for the project.

When asked why Pekan and not KL, Bernard said that although it is quite a distance from all major cities in Malaysia, if the public could take the effort to visit this museum, then not only it will it influence the whole town’s economy, but also inspire other museums in Malaysia to make a change.


Ipoh: Sekeping Kong Heng, Beer Frosties and Nasi Ganja

I had a weekend getaway to Ipoh with the Formerfree girls and their respective boyfriends/husband. Clem didn’t want to go cos he wanted ‘Clem Time’, meaning:
1) PS3 time without me taking over the TV
2) drinking with the boys
3) sleeping in without me jumping on the bed exclaiming i’m hungry
4) reading his book without me reading his pages aloud in various accents

Who went: me + Sarch + Fufu + Meesh + Clouds + Kevin + Myra + Fahmi + Jiawers (our local tour guide). Fahmi came later. Oh and Wallis. This be Wallis:

Everyone else was taking the train but Fuad and Sarah were gonna drive so i hopped into their car, along with Kevin and Wallis in the backseat. She was supposed to be sent to a pet home for the night, but… that didn’t happen. She’s a very good dog tho! Didn’t bark at all nor run around like crazy puppy. She’s like a cat dog to me.

After a two-hour drive with a bit of traffic on the highway, we went straight to Sekeping Kong Heng where we were staying the night. It’s designed by Seksan and related to other retreat guesthouses we know of like Sekeping Serendah and Sekeping Tenggiri.

The Kong Heng building is famous for its coffee shop downstairs, with many claiming it to serve some of the best hawker food in Ipoh in one place. Behind the coffee shop, the former theatre hostel has been rebuilt to be the charming guesthouse it is today.

I was so excited as i walked on the path into the guesthouse.
Peeling paint! I LOVE PEELING PAINT.
Exposed brick walls, raw wooden floorboards, steel staircases.
It’s the sort of architecture that appeals to many of us cos it combines clean lines with different surface textures.
(Tho i just had a thought that my grandma might say how come they don’t paint the walls and that they don’t have money issit.)

Six of us took up the family room on the 1st floor for RM800. Fufu and Sarch got the air con room for a couple, whilst the rest of us had the four beds outside.

The mattress was springy and comfortable tho the pillow was kinda hard (i like mine big and soft. Ok fine i like goose down pillows.) Luckily, i brought my own pillow from home for the car ride… XD

We went downstairs to have lunch at the coffee shop crowded with locals, and i had a marvelous chee cheong fun, and beef noodles with all the spare parts. The next day i had laksa.




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