Bev C: Apparel / Seamstress / Workspace / Cafe

I wanted to give some love to my favourite fashionista in Johor – Beverly! She took me to some of her favourite places in JB the last time i was there, and thanks to her i’m super pro-JB! JB rocks!

Beverly has had her TGND (The Girl Next Door) boutique + hair salon for awhile now, and has recently opened up a new space called Bev C!

If you aren’t in Johor to experience it yourself, visit their FB page to buy online! >







LEGOLAND® Malaysia!!!

This is a REALLY long post with almost 100 pictures cos there are SO many things to see in LEGOLAND®! The first LEGOLAND® in Asia has finally opened, and in Malaysia no less! It’s the 6th LEGOLAND® in the world (the first five situated in Denmark, UK, Germany, California and Florida), and what makes the Malaysian one special is that it’s tailored to the local environment from food to landscaping.

Seeing the launch was taking place on Saturday 15th Sept 2012, Tianna and i took a bus down on Friday, the day before. We were advised to pack sunblock and brollies cos it can get really hot in the park. Look at the massive umbrella Tianna brought -_-

It looks like a magical umbrella what with the sparkly effect filter my Olympus camera has.

In the bus, each couple was given a box of LEGO® so that we could participate in some challenges and hype ourselves up for LEGOLAND®. At first Ti and i were like, yeah sure, we’ll make some things cos we’re not unsporting. But after winning the first challenge of making a bee, we got really into making stuff and included a walrus and tree to our portfolio.

COME ON. You have to admit that’s a great-looking walrus! He even has a tiny tail.

Our tree. We even made a bird to sit on it. Talk about dedication.

The next morning i woke up really early to catch the LEGOLAND® launch.

With the very talented Sue Anna Joe, whose work i used to follow since my college days!

Special opening activities went on for an hour before doors were open to public; so there were clowns, dancers, stilt-walkers, Legoman, some dinosaur and other characters running, dancing, waving, and jumping all over the place.

The Billund Marching Band, which performs at the LEGOLAND® Park in Denmark, were specially flown down for the launch.

That’s Sigfried Boerst, the General Manager for LEGOLAND® Malaysia. He was part of the pioneer team that opened the first LEGOLAND® in Denmark!



Johor: The Girl Next Door TGND // Roost // My Little Corner salon + restaurant

I really wanted to share these awesome places in Johor with you all… if you are ever in JB, you MUST drop by them cos they’re too super fabulous to miss. When Tianna and i arrived on a Friday evening, we were pretty pooped and rested awhile i.e. played with our iPhone/iPad before making our way out to:
1) get a massage
2) visit TGND boutique
3) have dinner at hawker stalls on Jalan Meldrum

Only one out of the three things happened. But it’s okay, cos we visited new places that totally made our night!

First place we dropped by was TGND boutique. AKA The Girl Next Door, i first visited it when i was last in Johor 3 years back and totally fell in love with the owner, Beverly. So i really wanted to see her again and visit her shop and buy some pieces.

Ti and i asked the hotel concierge for some basic directions even tho i had my Google maps on my phone. Just to make sure we walked down the shorter road y’know. He told us it’s better to take a cab cos it’s ‘jauh’ (far). I was like, “Jauh? My phone says lima minit saja untuk jalan… (only 5 mins to walk)” He cocked his head at us and basically said if he walked, it’d take 5 minutes and if *we* walked, it’d take us 15 minutes  -.-

Us girls were feeling rather indignant after that, “WE can walk!” “Hmph, what an insult!” “What, they think girls don’t walk!?” We’re the walking kinda girls okay. We were in Europe for months and over there, you have no choice BUT to walk! Most days i’d walk for 6-8 hours a day! 15 minutes… pah!

So we left him scratching his head at why we didn’t just take a taxi, and we proceeded to walk to TGND on Jalan Dhoby. On the way we got distracted by a Hindi DVD shop and ended up spending some time in there choosing some movies and A.R. Rahman MP3s (ok that was me) to buy. So perhaps we took longer than 15 minutes, but that’s cos girls always manage to find good deals along the way.

The first time i visited TGND was a different shop lot and B has since moved her shop.

This is Beverly Bee. I say she’s got a superhero name and is absolutely adorable.

And THIS. Is what i call a downright proper shoe wall. I WANT this in my house! Hello Clem? Take note… :D

B has awesome crazy taste. Right down my fashion alley.

If *i* had a boutique, i’d SO put barbie shoes next to real ones just to make customers do a double take too!

I wouldn’t have thought of this tho… Lamp made of spectacles



Juice x Heineken Progressive Tour @ Lost Malaya, Johor

I saw Mira tweet about going to Johor so i DMed her asking whether she’s covering Legoland too. She said, no, and that they were all going down for the Heineken x Juice party and asked me to come. So i went la.

After waking up at 6:30am and walking around Legoland till 5pm, i was seriously grimy and tired. I skipped dinner with the rest of the media group so i could rest…. and party at night! Priorities priorities. My body may not be able to take running around for so many hours, but give me a disco nap and i’ll party all night.

That night i wore a deer top from Old Blossom Box Store; and sheer polka dot top from Azorias.

Tianna and i ordered some room service at 10pm, then got ready to go out. By the time we reached at 11pm, the party was going at it already. It was packed, people were drinking and dancing. I was like, hey man, time to catch up!

Ah Xu and Mira

Xu, Ethan, and Beverly

I haven’t seen Ethan for so long..! He was the one who first invited Sarch and down to play as SalahWrong in Johor a few years back. *i found the post here!* Which is when i met some of the Johor peeps, and i met up with them again this trip! I forgot how awesome Johor is… WHY DID I NOT GO BACK FOR SO LONG?!

Joey and Melvin.

Johor people know how to party. Look. I even took a video cos i wanted to show the KL peeps back home.



Bass Agents & Proteus @ Recharge, JB

A few weeks back, AhHoong asked whether anyone was free to teman him down to JB for the Recharge gig.
Seeing i’m free, i said OK!   :xlaughing:

We left on Friday afternoon, right after an interview Jezmine, Eka and i had with NST

Oh before i go into my post bout Johor,
there was this incident when journalist Syida was asking us about fashion faux pas.
One that i mentioned was Crocs.
She asked why, and i launched into:
- how i think it’s one of the ugliest shoes ever made
- it’s form over function when it comes to crocs
- how it doesn’t flatter any body type in any form whatsoever
- i’d rather eat babies than wear crocs

Ok i didn’t say the last line but you know what i mean la.
Eka joined me on our vehement dislike for Crocs…
at which at the end of it, Syida said, “I have 3 pairs of Crocs.”

*cricket silence*

I turned to Eka and muttered, “We’re going to have the worst write up ever!”


Eep >.<

Anyway, after interview + shoot, i rushed thru Friday prayer traffic,
packed in 7 minutes, and jumped into AhHoong’s Harrier.
ConHan decided to join last minute too.

bass agents jb

AhHoong was wearing these pair of shoes called ALIFE
“What’s Alife? Never heard of it before… but it must be cool if you’re wearing them   :xwhatevah:
“Can’t get from here,” he said matter-of-factly

Street label whore   :xsilly:

bass agents jb

bass agents jb

We crashed AhHoong‘s room at Mutiara
and i unbashedly admit that i was excited about having train tracks as our room view
“Okay, now we KNOW we’re in Johor!”

bass agents jb

bass agents jb

ConHan + AhHoong, dinner time

Recharge was at a club which name i just cannot remember
But i do remember the name was so jeng it made me laugh :p
I was quite impressed with the crowd tho…
some people were wearing Bass Agents caps and jackets and stuff.

Me: Wahhh… I osowan to make Kinkybluefairy merchandise!

bass agents jb
Harri aka Proteus taking to the decks after the Bass Agents

bass agents jb

me, Kylie=Trouble emceed the event, AhHoong/DozyDidjital

Have met Kylie=Trouble thru NurMeiLing before,
and must say that after spending the whole night yapping to her,
i easily came up with the name Kylie=Trouble for her.
Cos the woman is trouble. In a good way   :xwinky:
(Disclaimer: depends what you see as good)

bass agents jb
Kylie=Trouble + Ken

It’s been damn long since i’ve had to layan hard dance…
and although had heaps fun at the event,
must admit that at end of the night i told the boys i couldn’t take it,
and i had to play my happy music back in the hotel room.

Which i did.
Played Submarines, Florence & The Machine, Ting Tings, Temptations,
Amina, Temper Trap and whole bunch of others.

So now you know, after the Bass Agents spin their hard dance,
they kena forced to listen to fairy music HAHA

Next day, i took the guys to Roost Cafe which i’d been to before.
Yay for Google Maps on the Berry.
We’d never have been able to find it that fast otherwise.

bass agents jb

bass agents jb
During lunch, they asked Harri about all sorts of topics in Finland
Wedding la (cos he’s getting married)
Underground dance scene

AhHoong to me: You stopped going to church? What happened?
“Barcode happened,” i joked.

bass agents jb

bass agents jb

bass agents jb

+ + + + +

I went to the Blue Cube outlet @ The Curve the other day to activate my xpax line.

blue cube outlet

So hard to miss, it’s right next to MPH on the 1st floor

blue cube outlet

Very friendly and efficient Ben who helped me sort everything out.
I can be such a dunce at these things, so i just passed the phone to him and let him do everything.

All i had to do was decide which prepaid package i wanted to go for.
Instead of the RM1 a day package, i opted for RM2.50 a day,
so i can get my push mail as well (which is highly important for me!).

So after some simple calculation, it comes up to roughly RM75 a month,
for unlimited data.


blue cube outlet

Get your own BlackBerry access at only RM998 when you reload RM50 at any Blue Cube outlets.
No hidden clauses or upfront payments. RM998 is all you need to pay when you reload RM50 to enjoy the offer.
(Promo valid till 15 November)

For more, check out



SalahWrong In Johore: Part II

In continuation of the last post:
If you’re wondering how come there are so few pictures of the straight men there that night,
none of the pictures are going up
cos they were all shamelessly gone -_-

So much for them taking care of the girls and almost-girl-boys
SalahWrong @ Johor
Supper of wan tan mee and soup

Random conversation i remember between PrettyAaron and i:
“Don’t waste food, think of the hungry children in the world.”
“It’s okay, my mother told me the kids in Somalia are having a rave.”

……… LOL

SalahWrong @ Johor

Breakfast at 3pm on Sunday

Ethan took us bundle shopping!
The moment i stepped in there i went HEE HEE HEE and couldn’t concentrate on anything Sarah was saying to me

SalahWrong @ Johor
But really have to hunt la that one
I got a belt, 8 tops and a dress for under RM30
SalahWrong @ Johor

PrettyAaron + Ethan in coffeebean
SalahWrong @ Johor

TigerJoe bought a drink from this place called CoolBlog
SalahWrong @ Johor

A boutique + salon called Birth
SalahWrong @ Johor

SalahWrong @ Johor

SalahWrong @ Johor

We went to another one called That’s Cafe
That also has a boutique + salon + cafe concept
SalahWrong @ Johor

SalahWrong @ Johor

SalahWrong @ Johor

SalahWrong @ Johor

SalahWrong @ Johor

SalahWrong @ Johor

SalahWrong @ Johor

We bought DVDs (RM4 for one!)
So i got Dirty Sexy Money and True Blood, along with 13 other movies
Can’t wait to start watching it while sipping on wine and nibbling smoked salmon

Went to some gudang garam place at night where ppl sold the most random things

SalahWrong @ Johor

SalahWrong @ Johor

SalahWrong @ Johor
We reached back in KL at 2:15 am

And died waking up for work on Monday



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