Golden Island Cottages @ Inle Lake, Myanmar

I think if i make myself blog in sequence about all my trips i may not finish it… so i’m taking a different approach by posting about my favourite places so at least the best ones go up! I changed the header of my blog recently to the one you see now, which was taken at Inle Lake – one of the most beautiful places i’ve been to in the world. I really can’t NOT blog about it cos it’s one of Clem’s and my favourite places we’ve been to…

We chose Golden Island Cottages after reading about it in the Lonely Planet, and it sounded a lot nicer than a normal guesthouse. Plus it was USD60/night – not at all expensive! To get there is a really long journey though. Then again, i think getting to a really special place requires more determination… if it were so easy then everyone would be going there!

If you were to get there from KL, you’d have to take a flight from KL-Yangon. Then you have to take a flight from Yangon-Heho. From Heho airport, you need to take an hour plus car ride to reach the side of the lake, then an hour plus boat ride further down the lake. It was all worth it. Completely. The pictures will show you why later!

On the way to the lakeside, we stopped at a wooden monastery to have a visit.

We were allowed to take pictures of the child monks praying as long as we didn’t make any noise.





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