Spain: Granada > Alicante

This morning i woke up with remnants of a superb dream!

First of all, i was having a meeting with Victoria Beckham cos she came to *me* for some advice   :xpleased:
Then i was swimming alone in really deep sea and accidentally got cut.
When i surfaced, someone asked me to listen closely to the gash on my arm for voices.
Putting my ear close to my left forearm, i heard squeaky voices going, “MJ! MJ! Hee hee! MJ!”
Was so excited, i ran to the next room to let Michael Jackson hear it,
(cos he was so totally my friend) and he laughed at how funny it was.

Then i woke up.

Damn! Talk about a whacky dream!

I know eating burgers before sleeping give you nightmares (i had a bad experience once and woke up thinking i should listen to Jughead more)
but had smoked salmon just before passing out last night,
so that might be the magic trick to crazy dreams.

Will try it agan tonight   :xsilly:

Anyway, woke up in Granada this morning.


Spent a long tour at the magnificent Alhambra palace

granada alhambra palace

Below was taken in the women’s palace at Alhambra,
where the King kept his 4 wives and hundreds of concubines.
Must’ve been hell alotta catfights in that vicinity.
Check out the detailing… it’s all carved out of marble.

One story i remember from today’s tour:
The King knew his Queen kept a lover,
and he had 36 suspects.
Because nobody owned up,
he summoned all 36 of them,
and had them slaughtered in the courtyard where some say their blood is still stained in certain places till today.

granada alhambra palace

granada view from alhambra palace



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