It’s Good To Be Home.

It really is.
Feels great to be back in familiarity and know where everything is and how much to pay for what without getting conned!

First thing i had to deal with was all the work emails.


And i’m getting back into the flow of things to sort out, new places opening, new opportunities and suddenly by being away, KL’s all exciting again!

I miss the boys in Saigon though.

Saigon, Vietnam
Eduard, Jonathan (mm tho we didn’t really hang with him leh), Tommy, Milcah, moi

Saigon, Vietnam

Saigon, Vietnam
Eduard + moi. We be after-partying it.

Saigon, Vietnam
Tommy playing DJ.

Okay gotta run off for Chap Goh Meh dinner now, then see QueenKanch!

The Baby-Gobbler.

We went to Bounce again last night till it closed (early, i must say, at 12:30 am) before another club (i forgot its name -_-).
Hard core progressive and we were rocking it till we figured we should bounce before getting too drunk.

Tommy had to layan some dude about business so we drank at his table full of men.
It was only later when i realised the other men were all his bodyguards, including this scary-looking motherfucker – short, bald, fierce face.
“That dude looks like he eats babies, man!” commented Alan.
“No shit..!”

I wish i took a quick shot of him so you could see what i mean.
But then he might take a bite out of me


We went home and i played music from my iPod connected to the speakers and danced till i passed out on the bed next to me.
We all woke up in different rooms this morning -_-


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