Saturday August 18, 2007

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I Got The Industrial

I have been very good and refrained from getting anymore piercings or tattoos for three years.
Especially tattoos, cos i don’t want my body to be like an overdone canvas.
Not banging EddyTheCanvas okay! I love all his tattoos.
Just that i can’t think of anything else i want (except fairies) and POB said a fairy playground is overkill.

After removing the piercings on my upper ear years back (cos an exboyfriend hated metal so much) i finally got the industrial i wanted done for so long.

Couldn’t get it earlier cos PiercedWalter isn’t based in KL anymore and he’s the only one i’d let pierce me, especially after this woman almost killed me when she fucked up my navel piercing.
He finally came back to KL for a bit and i ran off to get it done.

As i was lying on my back in Borneo Inks, i actually felt… well, nervous.
I couldn’t believe it.
I have high threshold of pain!
Why the sudden trepidation?!

“I think… i haven’t done anything for so long that i’m nervous wei!”

He told me that the lower one would hurt less then the upper one.
I begged to differ. Maybe ‘cos i haven’t anticipated it for so long that i wasn’t used to it anymore.
For a second, i lay down there thinking, What am i doing? I think i’m too old for this.

“Okay, now i’m going to pierce the upper one okay. Take a deep breath.”
I breathed in and went, “Lalala… think about fairies… yup… fairies flying… fairies flying in the forest… happy fairies flying in the forest…!!”

PiercedWalter just layaned my babbling. He’s prollie used to my rubbish by now.

Anyway it was done in ten minutes and i shot off for a food review.

Earrings from stevensunny

It’s going to be quite mah fan to take care of it… i feel so anyway.
Can’t sleep on that side of my head, have to put a few drops of some liquid before i shower, have to dab it with dry cotton buds after i shower, can’t use mobile phone on that side (which is the ONLY side i use to talk on. I don’t know. My right ear is unfriendly with the phone.), have to make sure noone accidentally thwacks it drunkardly (else i’ll box them right back. Or. Make them buy me a drink to lessen the pain.), have to make sure *i* don’t kenakan it myself.

“Yeah, you can’t sleep on that side for 6 months.”
“SIX MONTHS?! Six months is freaking long wei!!!” i shrieked like gila babi.


Oh. And no airkissing on that side too please.

13 Responses to Saturday August 18, 2007

  1. Anonymous says:

    do u know what keloid is? :)

    better go check out in the net yah.. it occurs most frequently over the ears..

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi,Joyce.Congratulations on getting the Industrial done! Brave move.I have had mine about a year now,and trust me when I say the healing process is worse than any other piercing…One good way to take care of it though is to use is Caflon,a UK-based cream for Ear Care Solution.I have a lot more and I don’t mind passing it on to you if you want.Have fun with the piercing,and rmember not to touch it with your fingers toooo often! Hahaha take care! xoxoxoxoxo-Zevarekai

  3. Anonymous says:

    woah looks painful.

  4. Anonymous says:

    six months is actually quite fast. my cartilage piercings normally takes a year to heal completely.
    i wanted to get a conch orbital 2 years ago, but after walter pierced the first conch, i chicken out already. hahahaha

    yeah, i agree with you about getting a good piercing artist. a woman fucked up my tragus a few years back. i’ll quote walter on this, she literally BUTCHERED my ear. and sadly, the scar is still there :(

  5. Anonymous says:

    ooh. le sexy. i like. goddammit, i damned tempted to get piercings now T_T

  6. Anonymous says:

    hahaha. you followed me and aishah wei!!!!

    mine healed d. dont know how many years d i pierced. i’m thinking of getting another one on the other side of my ear… but yeah. quite mah fan to take care man…

  7. Anonymous says:

    i’d only get pierced by walter too. he did my belly piercing about 2 years back, and did an excellent job :)

  8. Anonymous says:

    guywithasmile: yes lar… i know :)

    zevarekai: heh i think that’s what he gave me to put. thanks :)

    kim: t’was okay *brave fairy* haha!

    lynn: oh yes, you with the many infamous piercings! You know what, i saw a jade bunny rabbit and thought of you AGAIN. life will never be the same after your wabbit thing. everytime i see rabbit = lynnzter

    lainie: i’ll hold your hand if you’re scared hee hee

    fizah: omg yeah. i haven’t seen you two for so long i tak ingat already that you both have!

    mellissa: he’s the best kan!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Somebody said you pierced your labia too!!!!! Is true?!!!! Pix! Pix! ha ha ha

  10. Anonymous says:

    Nice! btw, i love your blue earings! lol.

  11. Anonymous says:

    first time commenting so i feel abit weird considering i dunno you personally.

    anyway just want to add that taking vitamin c speeds up the healing process quite abit for me. i took as much redoxon as i possibly could after my tragus and conch piercings and they healed in 2 weeks flat i.e. can talk on phone/sleep on that side and all.

    take care of the industrial! especially when you’re washing your hair. i accidentally whacked my ear on the day i got my conch done and blacked out in the shower, came out face all pucat. so yes be careful!

    also can i ask how much walter charges for orbitals?

  12. Anonymous says:

    ouch: and someone said you’re a moron. oh wow, i guess everything everyone says/hears it true huh?

    mele_k: thanks, din know boutthe vit c :) ooh i don’t know… you gt call him!

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