FREE Tix To Watch Chelsea FC LIVE in KL

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I thought i’d put a prime example of an entry i received for the contest below to inspire you all:

Heineken Chelsea

Heineken Chelsea

Heineken Chelsea

Heineken Chelsea

Heineken Chelsea

Heineken Chelsea Heineken Chelsea


Exciting news (for those of you who don’t already know), Chelsea FC is scheduled to play in KL LIVE. The football team aka The Blues have been coming in at second in the last two seasons of the Premier League.

The only incident i can conjure in my mind regarding Chelsea this year is when someone practically scared me out of my skin by yelling during a match.
He flailed his arms in the air.
He yelled.
He jumped around.
He went down on his knees in the living room.

I gave him a raised-eyebrow look. Siao ar?

Anyway, i’m sure there are more die-hard fans like him out there and KinkyBlueFairy is proud to give away 5 tickets for free!


With each ticket is an exclusive invitation to the Heineken House where only invited guests may patronize. The hospitality tent provides drinks (Heineken beer included  :xlaughing: ), canapes, good music and like-minded people for you to mix and mingle with!

In answer to all the important questions in your head:

– Shah Alam Stadium

Tuesday 29th July 2008
– 6:30pm, for pre-match party at the Heineken House
– 8:45pm, match starts

– Aha, here’s the clincher. I’m sure you’ve seen the contests being run on other blogs like KennySia, SixthSeal, Cheeserland and Timothy Tiah’s; i’m prollie one of the last to post this contest so all the more reason for you to join and give it that last shot in trying for the tix.

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you and i both know – i’m not a soccer fan.
I know jack about soccer.
So i won’t be biting off more than i can chew by running a contest whereby i have to quote something about soccer. Instead i’ll implement Heineken, which is Chelsea FC’s official lager, into the contest.

I may not know my soccer.

But damn, i know my beer.

Also, i don’t want the contest to take up so much of your time. Because i look at myself and wish i could enter contests more often than not, but i just don’t have the time to!
So we’ll make this simple for you. But not without creativity involved!

Simply fill in the speech bubbles below with whatever you deem suitable.
It can be funny, weird, nothing to do with football, everything to do with football, it’s up to you!

Picture 1 –

Heineken Chelsea

Picture 2 –
Heineken Chelsea
Picture 3 –
Heineken Chelsea

Picture 4 –
Heineken Chelsea
Picture 5 –
Heineken Chelsea

After a few minutes, girl returns.
Picture 6 –

Heineken Chelsea
Picture 7 –
Heineken Chelsea

Girl grabs beer and disappears.

Picture 8 –

Heineken Chelsea

All you have to do is:
– post this on your blog
– fill in the speech bubbles (either photoshop on the pic itself or fill in as text below picture)
– link back to Kinkybluefairy and Heineken
– email me at [email protected] to let me know your blogpost url
– closing date is 11:37pm Wednesday 23rd July (don’t ask me why 11:37pm. Since it’s my contest i get to set whatever strange time i want ha ha!)

– if you don’t have a blog, you can simply email me your answers

Best two entries win tickets to watch Chelsea FC LIVE on the 29th!

Best entry – 3x tickets to watch Chelsea FC LIVE
First runner up – 2x tickets to watch Chelsea FC LIVE

Guy: JollyMooky of One Buck Short *hoorah!*
Photos: AshleyTheAquarianMonkey *psycho, run!*
Venue: Somo bar @ Mont Kiara

Heineken Chelsea

This post is brought to you by: Heineken


3 Responses to FREE Tix To Watch Chelsea FC LIVE in KL

  1. oLiVia says:

    hahah some good acting there

  2. reza says:

    only u can pull of a caption contest n get away with it :-p

  3. simpleU says:

    heheh.. Very good acting indeed! This contest only for football and beer lovers. How bout the gurls? Maybe cash voucher for this Malaysia Mega sales:P

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