Urbanscapes 2011 @ Padang Astaka

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Waking up on Urbanscapes Day is like waking up on Christmas Day.
Excited, HAPPY, hungry, and ready to walk and talk all day long!


Thanks to all the readers who tried winning Urbanscapes tix from my blog!
There were over 45 entries and your anticipation for Urbanscapes was contagious!
Was so hard to pick 5x winners…   :xbummed:
Wish i had more to give out!! (Next year okay Adrian? TAKE NOTE OKAY  :xlaughing: )

One of the winners was Amir, who came all the way down from Ipoh!
Word of the day = Dedication.


Thanks for saying such nice things about me :xshy:   :xshy:   :xshy:
And sorry for being late  :xwhatevah:   :xwhatevah:   :xwhatevah:


Lots of tents were set up all over Padang Astaka for performances throughout the day


First place Aps and i headed to was the bar.
We got our priorities right :p
We were both slightly hungover from the night before,
and what better to combat it than what started it in the first place.
Kilkenney beer was a reasonable RM12 per cup.
Only bad thing is we weren’t allowed to walk around the festival with our cups of beer,
had to drink it in designated areas. Boo @ stringent Msian law.


Kevin & Clouds
They were getting their priorities striaght too.


I wanted to take a pic of Clouds’ unicorn earring she bought there.
She said she was trying to ‘make her ear smile’.
Only Clouds…


At the Style Snaps booth
In a cartoon world
Where i was always meant to be.

Saw a store called Beautiful Disaster with lots of colourful stuff and veered towards it
Ended up buying happy colourful items!
Scarf, pink pants, striped top, beige clutch.
Seeing this was the first store i walked into,
i got a bit scared wondering whether i was going to shop like this all day.  :xsurprised:


Celine of Beautiful Disaster
Thanks for selling such awesome stuff!

It’s such a nice colourful picture!
I’m wearing a dress from Leftblock.



Also got this unique coral + blue polka dot dress from the Tongue in Chic Store.
Was deciding on it for awhile cos it cost RM90,
slightly higher than what i’d usually pay for a dress from a flea market.
But decided i couldn’t let go of the colour and BLUE DOTS.
Had to have it.


Rushed Aps to the Junk Stage for Liyana Fizi’s performace


Noone wanted to step in the mud but i braved the move forward for a better picture.
Was prepared by wearing plimsolls i’d previously soaked in mud from last year’s festivals in UK.


Liyana is a care bear in my head


Then i bumped into Az!
Az Samad okay!
If you don’t own his album,

Around 5:30 pm, Aps and i headed to the X-Fusion zone,
because it was the only air-conditioned place in the festival
where everyone’s allowed to smoke and drink!



Terence C!


Aps, and Johan from my school


Kevin Yeohhhhhhhhhhh


Some performers who were pretty funky
but i’m such a bad blogger i don’t know their names sorry :p



With Melly Ling! She was writing for Tongue in Chic when i was working there.
I love how the wind is blowing her balloons and my dress heehee *vain*


Spotted Sarah chilling in a food area.
I was quite tipsy by then and got a stern, “Don’t GET DRUNK BEFORE OUR SET!”
cos she and i were spinning as SalahWrong from 9-11pm


Pic i didn’t even see while shooting cos sun was in my eye.
But look at Claudia hahahaha


I thought the SNACKS at Urbanscapes were awfully good –
keropok lekor, Karipop curry puffs filled with mash potato and chicken,
The Last Polka guinness ice cream, Chef Tony’s popcorn…

But the savoury food cannot make it la.
Everything else i bought was s0-so and kinda oily,
maybe cos it had to be out in the heat all day…
Felt i didn’t eat enough yesterday!



Bumped into Chelsia, Josh, and their massive umbrella.
I was like, “God Chelsia, such a princess that Josh has to shade you!”
But then i thought, owh, that’s so sweet really….
and asked Clem today whether he’d do that for me.
He said, “But i wasn’t with you then,”
Me: Yeah but if you were with me?
Him: In the rain?
Me: No, in the sun. *knows it’s a no-go cos Clem, like all kwailo ppl, LOVES WALKING IN THE HOT SUN*
Him: Are you kidding me or what?

See, no-go.
It’s okay la, i’m just mengada-ing,
i actually like walking in the sun and getting a tan   :xsilly:


Went back to TiC Turf, but didn’t end up buying anything else.
Maybe it was the heat, maybe cos i just ate so much,
maybe it was the alcohol AND the heat,
but i felt like i was slowly melting.


Rudy spinning as Deer Society

Aps and i bumped into Eddy, Alet and gang,
and followed them to their car to drink more   :xshy:
At first i could hear SARAH’S VOICE in my head not to drink anymore.
Then my louder naughty voice came in and said, “Well, Sarah’s not here to seeeee heee heeeeeeee”

We just chilled around the car drinking like samsengs.


Forget that trend about stealing clothes from your bf’s wardrobe,
it’s time for the guys to steal from the girls now   :xwinky:


Eddy, Master of Alcohol, is also lead singer for the Rollin’ Sixers.


Sharing is caring and loving and drinking and everything


Aps had a bit too much sharing




Manly accessories

Ran back into the festival after that,
cos Clem had arrived and i didn’t even meet him at the entrance cos i was wayyy on the other side… drinking.
But it was okay cos he was excitedly watching Reza Salleh.
Even messaged me that he’s watching Reza and to faster join him.
Later on that day, he complained he tried to buy Reza’s CD,
but noone could tell him where to go.
So he’s damn disappointed.
Reza, if you’re reading this, i hereby am placing an order for your CD okay,
Clem’s gonna nag me.


Xu + Lim
Aiyo Lim… we gotta work on your poses man.


Sarah Chan and me!!!


Sarah and Mira
Sarah was probably shouting at me, as usual.

After that i didn’t take pictures for awhile cos i got REALLY SLEEPY AND TIRED!
I think it’s cos i followed Sarah’s advice and tried to slow down on the drinking.
As i recall, at previous Urbanscapes i managed to be on the go go go all day by drinking continously. Should have followed my instincts.


I wasn’t the only one who got tired… hi Steph.


Myra and i



I made myself WAKE UP before our SalahWrong set by eating ice cream,
and restarting to drink beer again.

Had an enjoyable set, we forgot to take ANY pictures of ourselves, really salah man,
but did have a plethora of media and ppl taking pictures of us in the first 20 minutes.
Sarah whispered to me, “Umf, i feel so weird…”
Think she’s not used to so many ppl taking pictures..!
I was just dancing and grinning and embracing it haha.

After our set, all of us went to layan Arabyrd in the X-Fusion section:


Li Mei, Kevin, April


Half of two makes one drink anyway. All is good.


Ming noticed me taking a picture the EXACT MOMENT my brain was telling my finger to push down on the button.
He managed to strike a pose in 0.02 seconds.


Blur picture of Arabyrd cos she be dancing too fast for my non-flash mode


Clem and i ready to go home


Yummiest popcorn i’ve ever had in my life!
I left it till the last picture cos I WANT TO KNOW WHERE I CAN BUY MORE?!
Clem and i are fighting over this one tub i bought…

Anyway, thanks and kudos to the Freeform team for putting together Urbanscapes again!
It felt so nice that i didn’t have to work this time tee hee.
I didn’t take pictures of soooo many things going on yesterday,
like Ion’s cool interactive sound & water thingy,
and the Moonshine set up (argh),
just wanted to enjoy myself instead of report it heh.

10 Responses to Urbanscapes 2011 @ Padang Astaka

  1. I really wanted to meet you! :( Glad you had a great time.

  2. The way I see some photos are so off-focus kan, just tells how much you were having fun hahaha

  3. Memer says:

    I had a blast yesterday! Urbanscapes is indeed an abso-bloody-lutely awesome event everyone should go! The best part was definitely of course to finally meet you face to face! Thanks for the tickets and the little mention here! Hugs xo :)

  4. Adrina says:

    I couldn’t meet you even though I was there :( Grrr maybe I left too early :( Wish to meet you at Urbanscapes next year :D!!!

  5. Sarchan says:

    Hahaha so seditious of u, I only joked about the drinking thing once!

  6. reza says:

    lol consider your order placed =)

  7. Chef Tony says:

    Voila! Link for Chef Tony’s Popcorn: https://www.facebook.com/cheftonys.popcorn.malaysia

  8. limei says:

    ooh! digging all your pics, so colourful… And then we’re all blue like Avatars in xfusion -_-.

  9. JoyceTheFairy says:

    rathika: hopefully next time :)

    michelle chan: yeah, couldn’t be bothered to take so many hahahahah

    memer: you should come again next year!

    adrina: i’ll carry a flag ok so easier to spot heh

    sarchan: your words have a big impact on my conscious :p

    reza: woo hoo! thankees!

    chef tony: but whereeee on your website does it say i can get?!

    limei: yar, happy colourful sunshiney pix! but none of me being an avatar

  10. Belle says:

    Hi! :)

    Have been reading your blog for the past week and backtracking :)

    Anyways, I THINK I saw a Chef Tony’s outlet opening up (as in i think it’s still work in progress currently). HOWEVER, the problem is I can’t remember if I saw it in KLCC or Subang Parade. But these were the two malls i went to last Monday and I remember seeing the sign ‘Chef Tony’s Popcorn.’

    I’m so sorry if this info isn’t much of a help or is wrong but i honestly saw it and wondered why would someone open an outlet JUST to sell popcorn (:o oopss silly me) . I hope it won’t be a wild goose chase for you. prolly you could check it out IF you are in that area. Hope you manage to find it :)

    Have an AWESOME day :)

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