It’s time for a REVOLUTION.

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CHANGE is something we all strive for.
Without change, we don’t grow, we don’t evolve, we don’t become better.

Some people are afraid of change.
They’re afraid of the things they have to do in order to make change, whether it’s a big or small step.
But change cannot come without effort or time.
And one’s spirit must not be squelched by the fear of change.
If there was no change, there wouldn’t be an opportunity for growth.
There wouldn’t be an opportunity for the future and Fate to change its motion and direction.


WHAT IF that little step you took changed your future or your spirit?

It’s two little words that plague some of us the most:
What if i moved out of the country when i was younger?
What if i was a nicer person to the one that got away?
What if i had chased after that thief in the nanosecond i was given to decide?


What if What if What if


I like the idea of changing those two words to ‘WHY NOT’.

Want to take a trip to the end of the world? WHY NOT.
Shall we go skinny-dipping in the ocean? WHY NOT.
Maybe you could think of ways to give back to the community? WHY NOT. 

If there were LESS WHAT IFS and MORE WHY NOTS, more individuals would be actively changing their own direction in life towards a greater purpose. (Small purposes are not to be taken lightly too, each and every one contributes to molding one LIFE to an AMAZING one.)


It could be a revolution for complete equality.

It could be a revolution for a better education system.

It could be a revolution for inner happiness and peace.

It could be a revolution for compulsory pro-environmental efforts amongst everyone.

It could be a revolution for increasing creativity.

It could be a revolution for… ICE CREAM.



For the first time ever, Baskin-Robbins is giving the people of Malaysia a chance to create their own change in the ice cream industry.

The very first Baskin-Robbins Flavor Election in the country is taking place from now till November 23rd, where 5 of the nation’s top bloggers will each be representing a Baskin-Robbins flavor.


I’ll be representing Jamoca® Almond Fudge!

I LOVE the TASTE OF COFFEE so i think this is perfect for me.

Introduced in 1959, Jamoca® Almond Fudge is made by brewing Baskin-Robbins’ own unique blend of coffee, enticing coffee lovers to scoop it up for over 40 years!

A rich swirl of chocolate fudge ribbon and roasted almonds is added to the delicious Jamoca® ice cream to create one of Southeast Asia’s favourite flavors!

If Jamoca® Almond Fudge wins the Baskin-Robbins Flavor Election and i emerge as the official ice cream fairy of Malaysia (WOOHOO!!), a new policy will be set across all Baskin-Robbins outlets throughout the country!

This Mini Waffle Sundae aka a LITTLE CUP OF HEAVEN can be purchased at RM9.90+ for an entire year. I had the Big Waffle Sundae just last week and i could barely pay attention to what the other person was saying cos i was so INTO it! But what makes the Mini Waffle Sundae extra special is cos a small person like me can find the Big Waffle Sundae a little bit too much… especially if noone wants to share it with me – so the Mini Waffle Sundae is PERFECT for those occasions i want to scoff it all by myself without feeling too guilty.

Plus, it’s got everything you’d want with an ice cream – waffle, wet topping, dry topping, whipped cream and cherry. Totally all-in-one for less than RM10, think about it!

You’ve never had the Mini Waffle Sundae before, because it’s a totally new product available exclusively during the campaign period from 17th October to 23rd November! If everything goes according to plan – it will be a permanent item on the menu for a year! The Victory Party for the winner will take place on 23rd November at Publika!

To vote for this all to come true, just click *HERE* and vote for KinkyBlueFairy / Jamoca® Almond Fudge!

There is also a “Candidate Support Kit” which you can download off the FB app to help support me further!

To further reward all voters, i will be giving away prizes EVERY WEEK for FIVE WEEKS… and what else would it be than Baskin-Robbins ice cream? LOTS OF IT.

EVERY WEEK i’ll be giving away:

1st Prize x2 – Twin-packed Quart Ice Cream (worth RM88 each)
2nd Prize x4 – Twin-packed Pint Ice Cream (worth RM48 each)
3rd Prize x6 – Hand-packed Quart Ice Cream (worth RM46 each)
4th Prize x8 – Hand-packed Pint Ice Cream (worth RM25.50 each)
5th Prize x10 – Two-Scoop Junior Ice Cream Sundae (worth RM14 each)

That means i’ll be giving away RM1000 WORTH OF BASKIN-ROBBINS WEEKLY!

TO ENTER (Weeks 1-3)

1. LIKE the Baskin-Robbins Facebook Page

2. Vote for KinkyBlueFairy / Jamoca® Almond Fudge on the Baskin-Robbins app *HERE*

3. Tweet/FB/blog that you voted for me and link to *THIS* post.

4. Send the URL and printscreen of the update to [email protected] with the title “Baskin-Robbins Election Vote” Don’t forget to include your full name.

Week 1 Deadline: 26th Oct
Week 2 Deadline: 2nd Nov
Week 3 Deadline: 9th Nov

TO ENTER (Weeks 4-5)

1. LIKE the Baskin-Robbins Facebook Page

2. Vote for KinkyBlueFairy / Jamoca® Almond Fudge on the Baskin-Robbins app *HERE*

3. Take a picture of you at a Baskin-Robbins outlet  / with a Baskin-Robbins ice cream (any flavour). It can be cute/creative/funny, completely up to you!

4(a). Post the picture on your Twitter/Instagram/Facebook with the sentence “Vote KinkyBlueFairy for the #BaskinRobbins Flavor Election!” and link it to the election page app:
4(b). Post the picture on your blog with the title “Vote KinkyBlueFairy for the #BaskinRobbins Flavor Election!” In the blogpost, mention how you’re entering this contest and link it back to *THIS* post.

5(a) For Twitter/Instagram/FB submissions: Save the URL and printscreen (cos i can’t personally view private FB and Twitter accounts)
5(b) For blog submissions: Just the URL

6. Email it to [email protected] with the title “Baskin-Robbins Contest”. Don’t forget to include your full name.

Week 4 Deadline: 16th Nov
Week 5 Deadline: 23rd Nov


At the end of every week, i’ll choose the winners for the prizes who will be notified via email. Winning pictures for the 1st and 2nd prize winners for Weeks 4-5 will be posted on my blog at the end of November!

GOOD LUCK and happy entering!


On another note, i’ll be making an appearance at Baskin-Robbins Bangsar Telawi on Saturday 27th October at 12 noon to 2pm! If you come and take a picture with me and follow step 4(a) above, i’ll give you a voucher for a Single Regular Scoop Ice Cream worth RM7.50 on the spot! (i have almost 100 vouchers to give away!)


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