My hula hoop is famous!!!

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Thanks to photographer Wan, Juice mag and Heineken for such a great shot of me 😀

My hula hoop is a present from Yishyene, and my dress was self-designed (sorry i only made one).

This is in a spread for Heineken as they’re throwing a series of parties called Heineken Festive, each celebrating a different party city – Ibiza, Tokyo, Amsterdam, Rio de Janeiro and New York City. Well, i already went to the Rio de Janeiro one but there are still three more parties you can go for! Click *here* for locations and dates.


Also in the same issue of Juice, are some crazy-old pictures of some of us in KL…

Cris looks like a little boy! And look how innocent Ara looks! Hahaaaa
Can you spot Mizz Nina? And Ah Xu… at least looks less blur in pictures today XD

All i can say is… at least we all look better today. And now i’m reminded… how Juice has picture archives of all us which definitely include some very drunk and awful ones. (Thanks for not printing those :/)


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