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When i was first asked to blog about Sacoor Brothers, i wasn’t sure it’d be my thing cos the brand looked really serious and a lot more understated than what i’d usually don. This was how i felt after surfing their website, by the way.

After i visited the store, was a different emotion altogether. I felt an affinity with the brand, and ended up buying other items (atop the sponsored clothes they gave me -.-) so i’m a member now too!

You’d be forgiven for not hearing about Sacoor Brothers before, as the Portuguese lifestyle brand has only recently ventured into Asia Pacific with its second store in Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. (Its first foray is in Raffles City, Singapore.) Outside our region, Sacoor Brothers already has over sixty boutiques across the globe in Portugal, Spain, UK, Belgium, United Arab Emirates, and Kuwait.

SB has some very notable celebrities fronting their campaigns such as William Baldwin, Chris O’Donnell, Rob Lowe, as well as actors from CSI: Miami and Grey’s Anatomy (!). Aside from dressing multiple celebrities from the global fashion, cinema and television industries; Sacoor Brothers is also the official suit supplier for the FC Barcelona football team.

Since opening their first store in Lisbon, Portugal, in 1989; Sacoor Brothers has focused on exquisite European style and produced collections that epitomize elegance of refinement, attention to detail, and the comfort of personalized fit. I had no idea that all pieces were made to measure till i visited their store, and it’s undeniable that clothes purposefully made to fit you well, elevates your sense of self and style to another level altogether.

Sacoor Brothers’ clothes are not meant to be trendy. They’re classic yet contemporary pieces you keep for life. The brand is internationally renowned for its beautiful aesthetics, relentless attention to detail and timeless distinction. Think style purveyors, sartorially dressed urban city dwellers and international jet-setters!

The collection features a premium range of beautiful and timeless men’s and women’s clothing and accessories that focus on natural fabrics and sharp tailoring. Despite keeping to classic silhouettes, the pieces do have a modern and on-trend twist to them. You’ll notice they come mostly in a palette of neutrals, white on white and pastels with some injections of rich golds, maroons and royal blues.

Hyper-culture is explored within the collection’s casual range – with the mixing of colours and decoration through embroidery, badges and elbow patches in contrasting fabrics and embellished linings. You can expect some brighter colours and patterns in their weekend wear that come in the form of bright blue and red in ginghams, tartans, stripes and spots.

Clothes aside, accessories include women’s canvas carry-all bags, soft quilted suede baguettes, and snakeskin totes. There are also leather belts for both men and women (in coloured canvas and distressed leather).

I felt right at home in the store cos there are plush sofas (great for partners who have to wait for you), exceptional customer service, and Nespresso to quench one’s shopping thirst (tho i feel no such dilemma when indulging in my vice).

One of the first pieces that caught my eye – a smart powder blue shirt with a giant bow (RM300). 

The only pair of black pants i wear is one in a harem silhouette, and i’ve just been waiting to find THAT perfect pair of black pants. You know you won’t buy one till the right pair comes along lest you’re just wasting money. Well. I finally found THE pair of black pants! What got me cooing in the lush changing room is how smooth and comfortable the material is as well. Makes all the difference when you pay more for better clothes. Trust. (Pants, RM540; silk shirt, RM400)

Every customer receives complimentary personalized contouring services, meaning you’ll be measured for every piece you try so you can see how it’ll fit you upon complete alteration. Every Sacoor Brothers employee is trained in the company’s styling workshops and can expertly alter the clothing. An interesting piece of info is how they work according to the Japanese Kaizen philosophy – striving for continuous improvement.

A dress i tried and they pinned expertly. I was bracing myself in case i got pricked (a little phobia of mine which is absurd considering how many tattoos i have) but they were careful!

THAT shirt i like so much. I got it in the end.

Rosa shortened the sleeves (phew! This is why i rarely buy shirts cos they’re always too big for my puny arms!), took in some material at the sides under my arm, and even the width of the sleeves itself were minimized.

I also picked out this GREAT CLASSIC JACKET OMG I JUST WANT TO GO TO EUROPE NOW NOW NOW. As you can see, the sleeves were also way too long for me but everything was altered to fit fairy-sized me 😀

I just picked the jacket up last week. This jacket will be with me FOREVER. What shall i name it! It’s too gorgeous not to name!

Detail on the back of the jacket is love. The store also carries lamb’s wool cardigans and light ponchos so you can check it out if you’re hunting for warmer wear that will last you ages.

Can’t do a post about Sacoor Brothers without mentioning their menswear! Expect crisply tailored shirts, razor sharp suits, tweeds and tartan blazers, cashmere sweaters, and a range of 100% Italian silk neck ties in a rainbow of colours.

Oh, i love the ties in there… they’re RM199 each and my second visit to the shop saw most of them sold out! The colours and patterns are fit for a modern man who knows how to dress up!

Sacoor Brothers is located at Pavilion Lot 2.01.11, Level 2, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


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