First weekend of 2013

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It guilts me slightly that i post about last weekend before New Year’s eve itself but i figure nobody will die least of all me. Kenny invited a couple of couples for Korean dinner to celebrate Cammy’s 29th birthday ^.^ It has been months too long since i’ve had Korean, perhaps because it always ends with a shoju hangover the next day.

Cammy asked why i had a pony in my clutch. Well. IN CASE i need it. You never know when the pony could have missed out on some fun and i’d feel bad for not bringing them out to play.

Birthday girl and pony and fairy and shot of shoju.

Bulgogi. God we ate so much i had to stand up after.


I spotted a cicak on the glass window next to us and commented how much Aps would freak out if she was there. Since she wasn’t i helpfully took a picture and instagramed it to her.

Pony washing up after being held by Korean-food-stained fingers and chopsticks.

Someone spilled cake on their own sofa. Luckily it wasn’t me!

On Sunday, i went to Palate Palette for Gustav & Hannes Album Launch X Fundraiser.

With the star of the day – Hansi!

Thanks Josh & Chelsia who came and donated!

After the event a bunch of us moved on to a beer bar whose name i forget called Taps to have lots of different types of beer.

Clouds, Kevin, me and Aida – who sells the COOLEST stationary/wrapping paper/books at her Whenever Shop. I have spent an alarming amount of money on her things which i shan’t disclose here.

See what i mean about having the pony around? She would have MISSED OUT on all that fun if she’d stayed home…



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  1. sweetee says:

    nice bar!!!!! would love to know the name!!!!!!!!!!

  2. JoyceTheFairy says:

    sweetee: ok i found out – it’s called Taps

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