Cammy’s Ferrari baby shower

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Fifteen of us threw Cammy a surprise baby shower last Sunday! She’s gonna pop in mid-April (maybe Cameron will be born on my birthday if i’m lucky) and she knew she’d have a baby shower… just not WHEN and WHERE. When Jean, Mabel, Steph and i met up to discuss when we’d throw it, Jean mentioned she’d be away first half of March, so we’d have to do it either before or after.

“March 16th is Future Music Fest… so definitely NOT that weekend,” i piped up, flipping my moleskine pages to end Feb. The other girls laughed and Mabel said she liked my priorities. Sorry Cammy, but i’m not the one who’s pregnant so i’d like to layan the baby shower AND festival!

We were going to have it in Jan’s house at first, but then she too got pregnant (baby fever is going around man…) so it would be too much for her. Then Steph had a great idea to have it in Cammy’s mom’s house so she’d be involved in the entire shindig too!

Tina tying the notes to the balloons. She and Elicia did an impressive job with the streamers… i was going to be a deco nazi and do it myself but i had other stuff to do, so i let them handle it. I’m glad i’m trying not to be such a control freak and trust people cos it was nicer than what i’d have done!

Cammy loves the F1 driver Alonso, so we thought it’d be different to have a Ferrari-themed baby shower instead of the typical baby blue ladida. Fondant Ferrari cake with baby is by Liez Cakes.

My old college friend Aishah of That Last Slice single-handedly prepared the entire dessert table of fruit tarts, eclairs, creme brûlées, tiramisus, cupcakes and traffic light biscuits. She outsourced someone else to customize the racing car theme deco that went on the fondant cake and her desserts, she picked them up, came over to the house and set everything up for the party! She does weddings too if you’re interested in hiring her (you have to book weeks in advance ya).

I got the chicken curry puffs from Australian Confectionary in Seapark (thanks for the contact Chris! I first ate them at her shopping parties and thought them the BEST curry puffs eva.)

Racing track coasters are from Kwerkee, and the toys are obviously mine… which i took back after, haha. Cammy was allowed to keep the racing track for her own zoo at home.

The first few waiting for preggers to arrive. The plan was for Kenny to pretend they’re visiting her mom, and then SURPRISE we’re all here!

I knew they’d arrived when i heard Kenny’s voice from outside going “Hello! Hello?!” Then, “Why no one give a shit wan.”

-_- Just cos we’re not like STANDING ready at the door!

Cammy: “Oh no… i’m gonna cry!!!”

She was asking everyone to stop taking pictures of her crying but like as if we listened.

Still crying. Haha. We’d HOPED she’d cry… but then again, it’s SO EASY to make pregnant women cry… 0_o

Besides all the desserts and curry puffs, Aunty Frances cooked her famous lamb pasta, quiche, fluffy potatoes and a roast chicken. I honestly panicked a bit, thinking we had too much food and HOW we were gonna finish it all. In the end, almost everything (save for a few eclairs and cupcakes) were finished. Lesson: Never underestimate 15 girls’ appetites.

Steph was Aunty Frances’ kitchen helper


Liza wore a Ferrari shirt she borrowed from her bro Aaron

The beagle was getting too excited with so much company so they exercised him on the treadmill.

We had two bottles of champagne to toast to Cammy & Cameron. This is Cammy’s disgruntled face cos she can’t drink.

HAHA i want to print this out

Cammy made a toast, then Cammy’s mum asked me to do one too… and i wasn’t expecting it and didn’t know what to say so i chirped, “To partying after Cameron is born!” And everyone cheered and Cammy huffed, “How come everyone cheered louder than mine!?”

Ah don’t lie, i know you’re looking forward to partying again once he’s out 😀

Present time! She had soooo many presents! What a lucky baby Cameron is!!!

Jan & Heloise. Jan’s having twins this year! Double whammy. She’s a bit scared but i think it’s nice to have twins… they’ll always have someone to play with! And you get pregnant once and pop out two!

Liza, Tianna, Elicia, Tina, Min

One of the nicest biggest presents! From Aps i think.

We all shared to get her a diaper cake too… tho it’s not made of diapers. Toys, clothes, bathroom stuff, etc. We got it from Shene Diaper Cake.

A package that was put together for Cammy from Dhanya, since she’s not in the country. Everyone thought the blue bear that plays music looked scary and i was like, “It’s SO not! I had one when i was a kid! It’s so awesomely old school…”

Half the time Cammy was opening presents, quite a few of us had super ‘wtf’ faces cos we had no clue what the things were for. There’s this pillow called My Breast Friend (hahahaha) that’s for the baby to lie on while she breastfeeds him. There was also some sort of rubber(?) breast cups that new mothers wear then they’re out, so the breast milk doesn’t leak and stain clothes… (0_o). I remember Steph gave this cool plastic food packet thingy with a spout (see, i don’t even know what it’s called still) which squashes the food while inside, you can warm it up, and observe the thermometer installed so you know how hot the food is… Seriously there are SO many inventions people have come up with for new mothers!

Clem and i got Cameron a 2-way carrier from Mothercare and Sofie the Giraffe (this famous French teething toy that some of my friends’ say is their baby’s FAVOURITE toy). When Cammy saw the carrier, she was like, “Ohhh… Kenny really wanted this.” And i was like, “Basket. Damn smart Kenny.” We got it cos even tho it’s not an interesting present, it was on ‘the gift list’ that we prepared with Kenny so i thought CAMMY really wanted it -_- No wonder he asked for BLUE instead of RED like i thought Cammy would like! But it’s okay… at least he’ll be the one carrying the baby then.

Liza and Min got this Percussion Mat which was on the list… and again Cammy said, “KENNY REALLY WANTED THIS TOO! He was trying to show it to me in the shop and i walked away.” Doesn’t matter, i want to come over and play with it.

Tina got a cool bathtub and SO MANY bath toys that Cameron will be able to SWIM in toys alone. The entire tub was filled to the brim with toys!

Helo got them Bringing Up Bebe – a book on French parenting. Kenny & Cammy already have another title from the same author and Kenny’s quite sold on the concept… Inside the book, were chops from personalised stamps Helo and Lucas made for themselves! So sweet!

There were so many other presents but just er too many pictures of Cammy opening present after present so i’m lazy to post them all. So many toys too… hmm can i have a TOY SHOWER FOR MYSELF?! A fairy shower? Fairy toy shower???

Liza, Cammy & i

I was clapping my hands to myself and someone caught it

Everyone! Steph, Liza, Aps, Jean, Jan, Serena, Cammy, Aunty Frances, Mabel, Heloise, me, Jacie, Tianna, Elicia, Min and Tuna!

They discussed so long on whether to cut the fondant cake cos it looked so nice… but there was no way we could keep it. Even thought of pouring alcohol into the seat from the top but yeah, didn’t think it’d work.

“I’m sorry, cake!!!”

Of course SOMEONE had to go detach the baby from the cake

Looks like the car crashed after we had our pieces.

There must be some Chinese superstition about pregnant women brandishing knives like that.

The Lovelies sans Dhanya.

After people left and we cleaned up, we stuck polaroids taken that afternoon on to a huge frame for Cammy to keep.

She’s just pretending to cry here.

We started the shower at 3pm and it was 7:30 by the time we left..!

While Cammy was having her baby shower, Kenny decided to organise a beer shower with our boyfriends and husbands at The Bee, Publika cos TAG was playing there that day. (Okay, i convinced him it was the best place cos i wanted to go there after the shower too hehe.)

Lots of friends were already mabuk-ing there. The guys were the most mabuk of all… “So much for a beer shower,” Cammy said, “… more like a multiple-bottles-of-rum-and-tequila shower!”

The Lohs – Dom, Cammy and Nick

Clem & Kenny


Put a leftover baby shower cake and desserts in the midst of drunk people and this is what happens…



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