Lactacyd for life.

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Some women are shy to talk about their vajayjays but i ain’t one of them.

I remember being interviewed years ago by an 8TV team who asked me to name three things i’d bring with me if i was trapped on an island. ‘Tampon’ was one of my quick responses before they cut the take. Apparently, ‘tampon’ is not an appropriate answer for national television.

Why not!?

I used to tell people tampons were one of the best inventions in the world! (And then they’d stare at me like i lost it. Honey, i lost it when i was BORN.)

When i was in my mid-20s, girl friends would ask me to recommend which gynae i go to. When i asked which one they were currently seeing, they’d say none. And i’d be all worked up saying things like, “You never got a PAP smear in your life?!” before registering myself to: “Oh well, at least you’re starting to see one now!”

There are many parts of a woman that she strives her best to take care of – hair, face, skin, teeth, nails, feet – but her intimate area is really one of the most important of all. [Guys, if you feel shy to continue reading, you may stop. Tho i think it’s ultimately very informative for you to know these things too. Who knows, you could impress your woman with your unabashed knowledge.]

A couple of my friends got UTI when we were in college, and i discovered that a few of the many causes for this painful infection is as simple as:
1) not drinking enough water daily;
2) holding your pee (if your body tells you it needs to pee, that’s because you SHOULD!); and
3) not washing oneself before/after sex, and not peeing after sex.

I (thankfully) never contracted UTI but it’s so easy cos statistics state that one in every five women will get it at least once in their lives.

What i *have* got before were a couple of bacterial infections when i was younger. It’s not like i’m dirty! Clem has even mocked me as having OCD so you can imagine how i’m bothered by even a little dust on the sink!

A bacterial infection can come from something as minuscule as the wrong underwear. They say cotton underwear is the healthiest for us in our tropical weather, as other synthetic fabrics can increase heat and moisture down there – resulting in *boom* bacteria overgrowth and infections.

Another major reason for infections is how we cause our pH value in our intimate area to go haywire. Just when you think your everyday body wash is sufficient for washing your privates, i’ll tell you right now – it ISN’T!

Our vajayjays have a much lower and more acidic pH level in comparison to our body skin, which is around 3.8 to 4.5. Body washes typically range in pH levels of 5.5 to 7, meaning we are increasing the pH level in our intimate area’s environment by succumbing to body wash, and therefore putting ourself at higher risk for infections.

Which is why i was quite pleased to be asked to write about Lactacyd® – the No.1 Feminine Hygiene wash brand in Malaysia and worldwide. (I’m all for spreading the word for us to take better care of ourselves!) It is highly prescribed by doctors and trusted by women worldwide for over 25 years, having undergone strict clinical trials and been proven to not only be safe but effective.

Lactacyd® is made from natural mild milk-based ingredients like Lactic Acid and Lactoserum (which exist naturally in the female intimate area).
Lactic Acid: keeps the pH level balanced and contributes to the growth of GOOD bacteria Lactobacilli.
Lactoserum: provides extra moisturizing for the skin and enhances the effectiveness of Lactic Acid.

Lactacyd® offers a comprehensive range of products suitable for women at every stage of life.

The ones above are:
pH3.5 – normalises pH with lactic acid and natural milk extract
Lasting Freshness – with Lactic Acid and natural refreshing babydoll scent
Nourish – extra moisturizing with 10% more milk extract

However, the brand has just launched two new variants which i think you’d find quite appealing!

Lactacyd®‘s new Revitalize is enriched with Vitamin E, collagen, and moisturizers to help keep the skin around the intimate area supple, firm, and youthful. Think of it as an anti-ageing product for you down there 😉

In a product test conducted on 120 Asian women,
– 98% witnessed moisturizing effect in 4 weeks
– Nearly 50% witnessed firming effect in 4 weeks

The other new Lactacyd® product, is White Intimate – a feminine wash that keeps you healthy, and lightens the darkening of skin caused by sweat and friction from tight clothing.

White Intimate contains –
Algowhite: Marine-based whitening agent, lightens by reducing melanin synthesis, exfoliates by activating the cells thereby reducing darkness, protects by inhibiting free radicals.
Actipone-B: Marine-based whitening agent, lightens the skin by inhibiting the production of melanin, a pigment found in skin which is the origin of skin darkness.

In a product test conducted on 100 Asian women,
– 90% witnessed visible lightening in 12 weeks
– 67% witnessed visible lightening in 4 weeks

I tried both Revitalize and White Intimate, and can’t decide which i like better so i keep them in two bathrooms in my house. The consistency of the wash is more slick and easier to wash than body wash (seriously girls! You have to stop using that for your poon!) and i love that the scents are really fresh and not overpowering.

Besides the feminine washes, Lactacyd® also has Daily Feminine Wipes which benefits one better instead of using any other wet wipes, cos just like the feminine washes, it’s dedicated to be gentle with the right pH balance for your intimates.

This is a festival staple, let me tell you that. Or if you have a schedule that requires you to be out and running around all day.

I think many women are unaware of the care they should undertake for a body part so precious and sensitive, and Lactacyd® is something that every lady should own! Don’t stinge when it comes to loving your body part that gives you pleasure and babies!

Lactacyd® is dermatologically-tested safe and suitable for sensitive skin.
You can
LIKE their FB Page for regular tips on beauty, lifestyle and product promotions and contests.

Lactacyd® is available at all major pharmacies.
White Intimate/Revitalize: 250ml – RM25.90, 60ml – RM9.90
Nourish/Lasting Freshness/pH3.6: 250ml – RM24.70, 60ml – RM9.30
Feminine wipes 10s – RM4.90


7 Responses to Lactacyd for life.

  1. sIm says:

    Joyce, really informative.. thanks for sharing :) Happy CNY in advanced

  2. Tam Tam says:

    thank you Joyce! very detailed and it helped me a lot! 😀 Happy CNY in advanced too ^^

  3. Mii says:

    I had uti a few times during uni days..discovered that lactacyd didn’t help much even combined with antibiotics. Tried esui (found at watsons) and uti never happened again. it is now 5 years since. Just my honest experience. :) hope u don’t mind.

  4. JoyceTheFairy says:

    Mii: i don’t mind at all! thanks for commenting! I think everyone’s body can be a bit different and it’s good for us all to have options :)

  5. Elison says:

    Hi, Joyce! Thanks for the uber useful post. It cam at just the right time for me cause I haven’t been using any feminine wash *guilty!* but was just considering getting one last weekend. Am gonna give your recommendation a try!

    Mii, thanks for your info, too! It’s good to know that there are good options out there :)

    Happy CNY and Gong Xi Gong Xi, girls! 😀

  6. rachel says:

    your pichas just crack me up – as the little ponies do pair well with Lactacyd® hahaha

  7. JoyceTheFairy says:

    rachel: i was SO proud i had ponies which matched the colours! hahahhahah

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