Giving myself a break.

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I was in Bangkok for a whole week, partially to stock up for my new store, and Friday onwards was when my girls joined me for a girlie weekend (will blog about it later). Since i got back, i’ve been trying not to think about work. Trying not to set myself all these personal deadlines that i always do and end up stressing myself out about. I’ve been trying to take it slow… ever since my bad bout with allergies for a few weeks (will blog about that later too!). I’ve been eating healthier, and i feel quite awesome about it. I feel the difference in my body. Clem is terrified i’ll become a vegetarian (no… i’m not gonna be so hardcore yet!) but more importantly, i am learning on how to put aside time to LOVE MYSELF. Making more effort preparing healthy food for myself, taking time to plan my upcoming workouts, taking time to just CHILL and not ALWAYS be on my emails and plotting this and that.

Today i had an hour to kill before a meeting in Centrio to sign my insurance claims (cos i had to go to the hospital for my allergies). What could i do for an hour? I stared at my nails and felt i badly needed a manicure. But the only reason i would need one is cos i have a shoot tomorrow morning. Besides that, i have no other reason to do my nails and honestly, i don’t feel like sitting down somewhere and having toxins being spread on my fingernails (ok i’m just having an extreme phase with toxins) right now. So i thought i’d go for a massage cos my body still felt achy from the Bangkok trip, and went to Sifu.

I was telling the guy who was gonna massage me where i felt the most aches on my lower back, and he was so nice saying he’ll try his best to make my back better, that i asked his name.

He said, “Najib.”
I replied, “Cool. My name is Joyce.”
He went, “Joyce… Joyce Kirsten Wong??”
And i was like, “Yes…..?!” (eek?)
“You have a blog right?”
“You don’t remember me?”
“Er…”  (oh no, this happens to me a lot)
“It’s me! Willy’s friend…”

Then i’m like Ohhhhh! Of course i remember you! The blind guy who massaged me last time!
“You look different!” i said.
“Yeah i cut my hair… By the way, i want to say thank you for writing about me on your blog. One or two months ago, someone came in here saying they read your post and asked for me.”

I was like, “AWWWWW that’s awesome!”
I wrote that post in May 2011! *Here it is*

I felt so lucky that Najib massaged me today… i think it was meant to be cos i don’t go to Sifu as much anymore, and on a day i felt i needed some healing he was assigned to me 😀

And you know… two years on, he’s got even BETTER at massaging.
He just knew and felt all these painful points in my back that felt SO GREAT when he pressed it out slowly.

Now that i AM GOING TO REMEMBER HIS NAME, i’m gonna ask for him every time i visit Sifu… and you should too if you go okay! He’s so awfully nice and has hands of an angel. I swear on fairies.



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  1. Antares says:

    If kinky blue fairies can suffer from lower back issues, why not beardless wizards? Thanks for this really sweet anecdote, my dear. Miss you muchly!

  2. Michelle says:

    You make me want to run to SIFU and have a good back massage !

  3. Destiny says:

    I wish you best of luck in your new store! Be sure to update us on it and soon when I visit Malaysia I could pay a visit!! 😀

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