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Ever had a good idea and told all your friends about it, but because of lack of funds, you brush it off as one of the many genius moments you have, and nothing comes to fruition? We all do that. Heck, i do that all the time (but now i try to tell someone else about those ideas in case they’d like to use them).

An idea is worthless unless acted upon.

What i’m liking about this decade is how everyone seems to EMBRACE IDEAS more than before.

Ideas have been spurring our evolution for eons, but i feel that ever since the internet existed, everyone is a lot more confident and accepting of new ideas. Cool ones, crazy ones, even ones that don’t bring forth any gain except happiness.

Everyone has ideas, everyone is creative. It’s just a matter of discovering what type of creativity you fall into, and expanding that ability you have. The problem with part of our schooling system is that it doesn’t teach us to be creative with our lives. I had to learn that after i left, and am still getting the hang of it as i move into my 30s.

If i could shake each of you and look you in the eye and say, “YOU have a brilliant idea! Tell me it!”, i would and you would think i’m crazy. But i’m not. I truly believe that every person has at least one great idea at any moment. This is a question i love to ask people when i’m out socialising. Once you break down that wall and get them talking about their dreams, KAPOW! There’s a SPARK in their eye, they start talking really fast, and you’re grinning ear-to-ear from feeling their excitement.

Of course, you can’t just expect every idea you have to be awesome.
It takes practice, research, and having faith in yourself.

I love love love this campaign that DiGi is having for the next few months, cos it’s based on ideation.


The DiGi Challenge for Change (DiGiCFC) is getting anyone from the ages of 12 and above to submit their ideas for a great mobile app. 4 ideas from 4 categories will be chosen as winners, and each winner will receive RM5,000 cash!

You don’t even have to worry about building the app, cos that’s another competition on its own where 4 app developers will win RM25,000 each!

The main goal of the mobile app you dream up,
is that it has to be innovative and bring positive change to Malaysians :)

There are 4 categories you can submit your ideas under, which are:

1. Discovering Culture
2. Learning & Edutainment


3. Health & Wellness
4. Connected Citizens 


Well, *i* had a little idea so i thought i’d just submit it for fun XD



Watchu think? Ok right!? I like the name mostly – ONS! Haha…


The Ideation Challenge is until 18th January 2014, so everyone in Malaysia has until then to submit their ideas.
Check out some crazy entries some people have submitted so far *here*

During the Ideation Challenge phase, DiGi will hold ideation workshops at universities across the country and #IDEAJAM – a 2-day ‘idea hackathon’ where 20 shortlisted ideators will be chosen to discuss with industry experts to further refine their ideas.

After the 4 winning ideas are chosen,
the App Development Challenge kicks off from 26th January – 24th April 2014.

During this phase, Malaysian developers are invited to partake to build mobile apps based on the 4 winning ideas and participate in [email protected], a 36-hour non-stop mobile app hackathon weekend.

It’s a great opportunity for  developers, cos each app will be made available for download and review by the public, and if your app wins, you win RM25,000 and DiGi will promote it to their customer base which includes 6.8 million mobile internet subscribers! Imagine almost 7 million people being exposed to an app YOU created!

Some of the winning apps from last season’s challenge have progressed to becoming a fully established mobile app start-up, and attended the Digital Winners Conference in Oslo as part of their Telenor Group Award for developing the best mobile app.

+ + + +

Prizes for the DiGi Challenge for Change are more than RM200,000 in cash and experiential prizes including:

  • RM5,000 and a smartphone for each of the top 4 idea finalists
  • RM25,000 for each winning app in the respective categories
  • RM25,000 for the best overall idea winner of the DiGi Innovation Award
  • Telenor Group Award for the best developer / team
  • A host of promotions and go-to-market support from DiGi.

For more information on DiGi Challenge for Change and how to participate, visit:




DiGi Challenge for Change is supported by 1Malaysia for Youth (iM4U), the Economic Transformation Programme (ETP), Digital Malaysia, Google Malaysia, and Microsoft Malaysia.

It is already in its fifth edition and returns to invite Malaysians and local app developers to ideate and build innovative community-centric mobile apps that bring Malaysians together for positive change.

Christian Thrane, DiGi’s Chief Strategy and Corporate Affairs officer said that DiGi’s Challenge for Change programme has expanded in scope and reach in the past few years, and continues to leverage on the power of mobile internet to bring meaningful change. “Mobile internet and mobile apps remain a relevant and effective platform to inspire and bring about change, especially in the way we experience the internet. This is very much aligned to our business and mission of enabling Internet For All. Through Challenge for Change, we believe we have created a strong foundation on how we engage the public, the local mobile developer community, and industry colleagues to help build relevant local content.

“Mobile apps remain the central premise of the Challenge, built on the theme of ‘Bringing Malaysians Together, One App At A Time’. To take it further this year, we have strengthened the Challenge by putting added emphasis on generating ideas and apps that are of greater quality, depth, and relevance through new categories, focused development sessions, partnerships, and incentives for our local developers,” Thrane added.


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