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Mount Gay Rum media luncheon @ Joloko, KL

Comments (0) Alcohol, Food, Food, Drinks & Desserts

Despite having drank many-a number of Mount Gay cocktails, i recently learnt that the handcrafted rum is the world’s oldest rum producer..! Proven by a legal deed dated from 1703 confirming the existence on their sugar cane estate in Barbados, Mount Gay rum is still made using only the finest sugar cane molasses and pure water filtered through the coral heart of the island.

“Perpetuating a long-standing Barbadian tradition for more than 310 years, Mount Gay rums are handcrafted from a blend of single column and double copper pot distillates and matured in toasted oak barrels, delivering aromatic, flavorful taste, body and refined character.”

If you’re wondering why it’s called Mount Gay rum, its name honours the dude who perfected it back in the day, dear Sir John Gay.


I walked into Joloko to be greeted to select a cocktail. Managed to sample both that afternoon :)

The Woulinewa had Mount Gay Eclipse, roasted coconut water, creme de cacao white, and fino sherry.

The Mondo Bongo had a funky name alongside ingredients of Mount Gay Eclipse, saffron & mint liqueur, passionfruit, pineapple and lime.


Mount Gay International Brand Ambassador, Miguel Smith, was present at the luncheon to take us through the brand story.

Born in Barbados and based in London, Miguel amassed over 15 years of experience in the drinks industry in Barbados and the UK (including time at Brompton Brands’ Mahiki, which i went to in 2010!, and Brompton Club); before joining the Mount Gay team to run marketing initiatives for for Europe, Asia and Pacific regions.


“Being born and bred in Barbados, I have a personal passion for this award-winning rum. […] what makes Mount Gay so unique and special: our unparalleled history, our British heritage, our Caribbean roots, our artisanal production and of course our complex flavours.

By understanding that rum has a real history and over 300 years of refinement into the quality spirit that it is today, people can appreciate rum as a fine drink for all occasions.”


The Mount Gay portfolio in Malaysia includes Black Barrel, XO, and Eclipse.


Mount Gay Eclipse is matured between 2-7 years in American whiskey casks. Its intensity hits you at first sip, before your tastebuds adjust – allowing a smooth disposition to follow. So if you’re doing a tasting and tempted to reach for water, don’t! Let your body do its thing.


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FECA & my 3x bathrooms + kitchen

Comments (2) Art, Architecture & Culture, Featured Post

I blogged a little about my dining area when my apartment was featured in Haven mag a month back, so here’s a follow-up blogpost with some notes from my renovation and decorating process, including new accessories from Feca i recently added. Hope you learn a few tips so you don’t make the same mistakes i did!

Friends are typically fascinated when they enter my apartment for the first time, mostly because of all the trinkets i place around. If one’s home is a reflection of the inner workings of one’s mind, then mine is undoubtedly colourful, quirky and a little whack.

I love product design (used to be obsessed with chairs?!) and spaces; and fulfil this hobby of mine by subscribing to ID mags, and picked up some ID books from Chelsea (where all the fabric and furniture stores are in London) which i hand-carried back to KL cos i was overweight with check-in luggage :p

I try to decorate each corner or space via colour and theme, so if i have something that has a slightly illustrative or lighter tone in colour, they subsequently go into said corner, and some get elected out. I have a hoarder issue… and sometimes just close my eyes and donate things which i feel contribute to clutter.


I recycle pretty alcohol bottles to place leaves in (which i buy from Dianthus’ floral store at BIG in Publika). Leaves can last MONTHS in some water, so it’s a budget way to have more greenery at home. Really should have bought new ones for the pic but didn’t think about it. Other natural deco are dried flowers, stones, pinecones and feathers. See, hoarder issue.

My lipsticks are kept by the dining area (cos i like to decide which lipcolour to wear just before dashing out based on what i’m going to eat and drink that day) atop a mirrored tray i got from Peter Hoe’s store @ The Row.


Triangle mirror from Publika, glass pyramid from Lourdes, paper girl with silver triangle from SweetEe, wooden Madu Cosmetics box from Hunny, wooden DBR pendant from Burning Man, that furry thing is a horsehair necklace from Jimmy Lim, and riding trophy not won by me… It was given to me by a super sweet family friend Nick Motmans who won it when i was in Belgium for my 18th birthday. He sadly passed away in a riding accident a few years ago.


This metal shelf was initially bought for my main balcony, but the crazy strong storm winds made me decide otherwise. It now holds memorabilia like a teapot that belonged to my late babysitter from Penang, and prints from Matisse, Warhol, Thomas Ruff, Joseph Albers, Alexander Calder, and Victor Vasarely. When i want to bring prints home but don’t think i can fit posters into my luggage, i pacify myself with postcards from museums in Tokyo, London and Paris. I have wayyyy more but the ones here made the cut!


The bar which divides the kitchen and living area holds mostly drinks, Japanese homeware, and tiny toys. Oh and that #takhalal French rugby calendar which sits on a cookbook stand Didi + Nini gave me. I jokingly said i’ll stick all the posters on the front of the bar, and Val dissuaded me from it before adding, “This is my nightmare coming to life!”



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Comments (0) charity, Featured Post, Health, Spiritual, Health & Develop

After being away and not hitting my regular gym for 5 weeks (save for some hiking in California and cycling in Nevada), i decided it was time to really get back in to it cos i had lost whatever arm muscles i’d previously attempted to build up, and all the food + partying had just gone to my belly -_-

The first week back was ridiculous… i would curse and then laugh hysterically to myself during the sessions (blame the lack of oxygen flowing to my brain).


During this pic i laughed, “I shouldn’t have eaten nasi lemak for lunch!”

I had a 30-min window for lunch alone and ducked into the nearest restaurant (which happened to be Madam Kwan’s) before my next meeting.


Pictured above are new leggings (which i’ve worn for two workouts now) by Fit Rebel, made in collaboration with autistic artist, Yuri Azzari, and The National Autism Society of Malaysia (NASOM).

Mentored by Malaysian artist Raja Azhar, Yuri Azzari exhibited early signs of being an artist since the age of four – when he sketched a petrol station down to great detail, and Menara TM from six angles. With his parents’ guidance and encouragement, Yuri has sold more paintings than he can count, placing himself as an individual on the spectrum who’s able to be self-sufficient.


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Sushi Ryu + Bar Shake @ KL

Comments (0) Food, Food, Drinks & Desserts

I went for the launch of Sushi Ryu and Bar Shake, the new sushi and Japanese cocktail joint to emerge in KL city. Located on the first floor of Platinum Park KLCC, Sushi Ryu proffers Michelin-level sushi and sashimi prepared atop a chef’s counter constructed from hinoki wood.

The establishment is ensconced in a warm ambience, due to its calculated lighting (which i appreciate – too low and i can’t see jack. Too bright, and lights annoy me.) Tones of cedar and onyx are methodically spread throughout the room to best suit its aesthetics, their befitting positions showing off slight nuances created by highlights bouncing delicately off their various textured surfaces.

Sushi Ryu’s 11-seater sushi counter, banquette seat tables, and two private dining rooms (with their own separate entrances, no less); are connected to Bar Shake via an unobtrusive door. The latter space is a darker room of a heavier feel with its smooth leather lounges and bar with backlit metal grills; modeled after the likes of famous cocktail bars in Tokyo.

Patrons can order between two omakase selections from traditional Japanese binded hand-pressed menus; that include chopped otoro with caviar, white fish sashimi drizzled with truffle soyu, and soba with uni and caviar. Accompaniments in the form of hand-picked artisanal sake feature boutique breweries like Nabeshima, Kokuryu and Kid.



Owner Chef Kiichi Okabe did the honour of slicing up the tuna that was served that afternoon. Bringing more than two decades of experience which was spent mostly in the US and Dubai, Chef Okabe’s most recent stint was at two-star Michelin spot SHOUKOWA in Singapore.



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Browserie: eyebrow tattoo embroidery

Comments (0) Beauty, Fashion, Style & Beauty

There are pros and cons with being predisposed to having less hair as a woman. My ‘hairier’ girlfriends claim we don’t have to commit to as many waxing or IPL sessions, whereas women like me (less hairy, to the point i have nil on my arms) feel the need to get eyelash extensions or eyebrow embroidery to accentuate those almost-nonexistent features.

Once you try eyebrow embroidery, it’s hard not to return. I like keeping my time – to look presentable – to a minimum, and if it means saving one minute drawing my eyebrows (or more like, being able to roll out of bed for breakfast on a weekend without making an effort); then it’s a total WIN for me.

It has been just over two years since i had my first eyebrow embroidery session, and was absolutely due for a redo.

Brow Stylist Andrea Ong emailed me to offer her signature feathered microblading 6D service; and it was an opportune collaboration. My brows were starting to look sparse (again, hello Chinese brows) and i thanked the Universe for perfect timing.

She runs Browserie, a tattoo embroidery company based in Petaling Jaya that uses a technique that features soft, natural hair strokes that mimic real hair. This treatment offers long-term solutions for over-plucked eyebrows, thin / uneven eyebrows 🙋‍, old embroidery tattoo work that has grown a weird reddish tinge 🙋, or anyone who wants to add more volume and precision to their eyebrows. Besides eyebrows, Browserie also has tattoo embroidery for eyeliner and lips (all which last 1-2 years).


Her salon was a pleasant pink surprise filled with plants and crystals, which proved a soothing space!



My eyebrow shape and style was customized with Andrea’s expertise, based on the angles and shapes of my eyes. Every eyebrow shape is uniquely created to frame the windows to your soul and fit your face and bone structure the best.




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