Pushing it

Damn. My blog just can’t keep up with my life anymore.
I realised a couple of days ago that i’ve been in 5 cities in the past 7 days.

Wednesday i woke up in London.
Thursday i woke up in Paris.
Sunday i was in KL.
Monday i was in Tokyo.
And today, Tuesday (thinking… yes it’s Tuesday!) i’m in Osaka.

How crazy is that!
One of immigration officers casually asked,  ”Where are you flying to?” and i totally stoned cos i  momentarily forgot where i was off to next.

What a marvelous problem to have.
To not remember where i’m gonna fly to next…
I would never have thought i’d have this kind of life!
I mean… i would dream and imagine i would, but to think it’s all actually happening so regularly… how AMAZING life is!

Been meeting the most inspirational and creative folks across the world,
all with massive hearts and minds.
I am a lucky girl. Can’t wait till i’m back home so i can settle back in and tell all my stories.

It’s late here in Osaka, i need to wake up at 6am to get some emails done.

For now, here’s my current favourite song that i’ve playing every single morning to give myself a semblance of calm and joy when i get ready FOR A NEW DAY.

Give every day your fucking best and the world will return you so much more.



KinkyBlueFairy is looking for fun sales ppl on board The Ship!


You get on for FREE if you work for KinkyBlueFairy on The Ship!


KinkyBlueFairy is looking for a team of FUN & PASSIONATE people to work with us on It’s The Ship!

Boarding and all meals (worth min. USD1200) will be provided (excl. tax and gratuities which come up to RM800). Not bad considering you get to be on Asia’s largest festival at sea for 5D/4N with all meals and non-alcoholic drinks included. Each person will have to work 2x 4-hour shifts per day.

Interested please email team@kinkybluefairy.com.
Hurry cos we have 10 spots available!!

+ + + + + +

I can’t even explain THE MAGNITUDE OF THE PARTY that is about to take place at sea on one of the biggest cruise liners in the world!

The Ship.
4 nights of an epic experience partying on a cruise.
21-25 November.
Singapore to Langkawi and back.
International acts including Lil Jon, Dash Berlin, Basement Jaxx, Chvrches, Aeroplane, Crookers, and MANY MORE.

Damn just watch the videos already.
I think this might be Asia’s best party YET.

The floating music festival which takes place from the 21st – 25th of November 2014 will set sail from Singapore to the tropical island of Langkawi, Malaysia before embarking on a journey back towards Singapore. Guests will be spending 5 days and 4 nights on board one of the largest and most luxurious cruise liners in the world, Royal Caribbean International’s “Voyager of The Seas”. At Langkawi, the ship will dock for 12 hours where a beach party of epic proportions will be hosted by Lil Jon for 3,800 guests.

Onboard, get ready to be pampered by Royal Caribbean’s famed 5-star service and wide ranging facilities including a state-of-the-art fitness centre and spa, a 9,000 sq. ft. casino, 10 swimming pools and whirlpools, 13 bars and clubs, a duty free shopping promenade, and many more. Then, there’s the music festival. Four massive stages specially designed to take place on board the cruise liner which will feature some of the world’s biggest names in music such as, Dash Berlin, Basement Jaxx, Chvrches, Aly & Fila, SBCR (The Bloody Beetroots), Sasha Grey and over 30 other international and regional acts. More information on the acts and cruise liner can be found at www.itstheship.com

Scroll down www.itstheship.com for more info

+ + + +

KBF followers will ALSO have a unique promo code to book cabins for The Ship at 15% discount.
Unique code is: KBFAIRY.
Limited to the first 50 cabins booked only!

+ + + +

//// Contest over ////

KinkyBlueFairy is giving away a 1x FREE CABIN on board The Ship! 
(taxes and gratuities to be borne by passenger). Sleeps 2 to 4 pax. Worth over USD2,000!

Just repost the picture above on your IG and/or FB and hashtag ‪#‎kbfgiveaway‬‪ #‎itstheship‬ ‪#‎its2014‬
Contest deadline: 12pm Wed 12th Nov 2014.
Winner will be chosen at random.

Fisherman’s Cove Night Market @ Starhill Gallery

*Written by Joe Kwan*

It finally happened. It only made sense. First it was homeware, then fashion, and now… FOOD!

YAAASSS! Thank you Joyce! T_T <3

Joyce had asked me to cover the media preview for Fisherman’s Cove Night Market at Starhill Gallery last Thursday, due to her being completely occupied with preparations for her impending (now ongoing) Europe trip + preparations for Seek & Keep. I was reticent about attending (despite the fact that I excel at eating) because I have never been overly enthused about seafood. Still, i didn’t want to pass up what might be an experience i’d wish i’d gone for!



It had been a little over 4 years since my last visit to Fisherman’s Cove, but nothing has changed. The familiar dim setting of a rustic boathouse remains the same, with large fishtanks greeting guests at the entrance.


Two long tables were set out in the corner of the restaurant for the event, very cosy and intimate but much smaller than I had expected. No complaints there.


Bread was served as the other guests started streaming in slowly. This has got to be the best bread bowl I’ve had in a very long time! Fluffy, warm, and herb-speckled to perfection. I noticed that the lighting was pretty good so I whipped out my iPhone to practice taking food pics, feeling rather smug at the thought of being a proper “foodie”, when I looked to my left and noticed…


Gulp! Food bloggers really don’t mess around. Everyone had their equipment set up, each sporting individual lighting gear and cameras in various sizes! With that, my short-lived foodie pride ended abruptly.

We were informed that the main point of the event was to introduce the Fisherman’s Cove Night Market, a new seafood dining experience held at Fisherman’s Cove every Friday night from 6pm onwards, starting in November. Dubbed as the “talking menu”, patrons of the Night Market will have the liberty to choose the amount of seafood they wish to consume, from the wide range of fresh seafood laid out beautifully on ice at the glass display.

If thats not fresh enough for you, there are also live varieties in the large fish tanks to choose from, ensuring the best in quality and freshness. Pricing of each dish will be based on the quantity selected, with assistance readily available to weigh everything immediately. Since it is a “talking menu”, there will be staff at hand to make recommendations on the best cooking methods that complement your selection to ensure the best dining experience. Standard cooking methods such as grill, steamed, oven baked and pan fried are available; as well as Japanese-style hot pot syabu-syabu, featuring three different choices of soup: spicy tom yum, herbal and Japanese miso.

When everyone finally arrived, we were invited to view the spread and select whatever we wanted to eat, and all I can say is… wowza. Marine-life enthusiasts, avert your eyes!


Interviews with Australia’s top Fashion Bloggers

When i went to Sydney in mid-Oct to attend the launch of new TV show Fashion Bloggers, i got to interview the five prominent Australian bloggers whose lives are featured: Zanita Whittington of Zanita; Kate Waterhouse of KateWaterhouse.com; Sara Donaldson of Harper & Harley; Amanda Shadforth of Oracle Fox; and Margaret Zhang of  Shine By Three.

Click on the blogpost title to read all the interviews with them :)

Fashion Bloggers is a docu-show by The Style Network in Australia.
In Malaysia, Fashion Bloggers airs at 10pm every Wednesday on Channel E! (Ch712 on Astro).

+ + + + + +

Amanda Shadforth of Oracle Fox 

Website: oraclefox.com
IG: @oraclefoxblog


Oracle Fox is a renowned trend forecasting style destination conceptualised by Amanda Shadforth. In just four years since the creation of Oracle Fox, Amanda has become one of the world’s most respected trend forecasters and an iconic industry influencer. Working closely with some of the world’s most luxurious brands, Oracle Fox has accumulated a loyal social media following of over 560,000 readers.

What was it like filming Fashion Bloggers? 

It’s been so interesting. Obviously you all will notice that I’ve never really been one to show my face. And the reason for that is that because when I was an artist, I was used to my work speaking for me rather than me speaking about my work. When I started my blog it was really integral and important to me that people would have that message first. But over time I know my readers’ appreciation for what I do now is strong enough for me to actually go out and I’m happy talk about what I do. Working on a television show has pushed me and I love to be pushed. I read a quote by Karl Lagerfeld  yesterday about how life can be very boring without challenges. And I felt as though it was time to do something really outside of my comfort zone and time to share with people who were always curious as to what really goes on behind Oracle Fox.

Who are your inspirations for the production and your aesthetic?

Before I had my website I was a visual artist and inspiration plays a really big role for me in curating my collection and what I was going to be painting in my new body of work. The photo realist Hilo Chen who paints these beautiful realistic oil paintings of girls on the beach with infinite detail was my first inspiration, as his work was about finding beauty in every day and making sure that you emulate all of the infinite details, the details that make up the end result.

But these days I’m more into photography so the inspiration for not only the things that I like to post but the content I like to create comes from mostly photographers. Currently one of my favourite photographers is Camilla Akrans. There’s something really magical about her eye and the way she shoots because she seeks beauty in everything she does. But for me it doesn’t necessarily mean someone that looks beautiful, it’s about finding a subject matter and putting them in the right light and shooting them in a way that makes everything work together as one. Overall at the moment most of my inspiration visually (and) also outside of the fashion industry comes from nature. I think you can only take so much inspiration from other creatives; you need to go outside, you need to draw from the world around you and the universe and the nature you’re surrounded by.

What made you choose the name Oracle Fox? What does it mean? 

Firstly when it comes to naming a blog, it’s really important and to some degree I’m really lucky I have the name Oracle Fox because when it comes to search engine optimisation, there’s no other site in the world that comes anywhere close to having those two words together so it’s very easy to find. And for the name, well I have a little Pomeranian and she looks like fox. She used to lie on the couch beside me while I was coming up with ideas for my blog and she would look very wise and half asleep with her eyes. I used to think she looked like a little oracle, so the name Oracle Fox came from her. But I also knew I wanted to incorporate the word oracle because an oracle in dictionary terms is an entity and it’s about looking into the future and predicting things and having an insight into things no one else does. So oracle is an appropriate word for what I like to do on my site as far as looking into things and looking out for trends and looking for ways to inspire people. So I think it fitted in really well.

Who are some of your favourite fashion icons?

Recently I’ve been reading some literature on Coco Chanel and I know it sounds like a cliché to mention such an obvious incredibly talented woman in fashion but she was an appreciator of the arts. She collected art and she educated herself on artists and what inspired them, which in turn helped her when she was designing her collection. She had things like icons and monograms and things where everything has meaning to it. So in a sense, people like Coco Chanel inspire me with style based on that creative side of things.

When it comes to visually, obviously I’m probably a bit of a Jane Birkin girl. I’m a little bit edgier, and I’m a bit of a tomboy. I like my skinny jeans and my leather jacket and I don’t really wear a lot of makeup but if I do I wear a lot of black eyeliner. And that low maintenance kind of girl really appeals to me. For modern times I find that French women. Often when I’m in Paris it doesn’t take much to look around and see that there are so many stylish women there without even trying. It’s integrated into the way that they live about being yourself but without trying too hard so it could just be throwing on a beautiful coat that’s tailored very well and that could be the finishing piece in an outfit.

+ + + + + + +

Margaret Zhang of ShineByThree

Website: shinebythree.com
IG: @margaret__zhang


Best known by her popular blog Shine By Three, Chinese-Australian Margaret Zhang is a savvy young creative talent who is fast becoming a global style icon. Studying a Bachelor of Law & Commerce at the University of Sydney, her spare moments are filled working around the globe as a stylist, photographer, model, presenter, blogger, creative director, consultant and writer. Margaret is passionate not only about fashion but about culture, food and traveling, always seeking to capture and share the experiences and beauty she romantically involves herself with.

So talk about the show that you’ve just been shooting for Fashion Bloggers. How’s it been?

I mean, I’ve never shot a reality before. It’s really interesting because as a video editor myself because I do a lot of video content, you always wonder when you watch reality shows like how the editing process works. And it’s been such a great learning curve for me just even from a production point of view. Just to see how they operate and see the time frame and the schedules and like the approval. TV is a very different world to digital. It seems like it’s a similar medium but it’s very traditional compared to online. So yeah, it’s been really fun. Very different and it’s been difficult to juggle with my uni commitments.


Warmest Halloween Ever

That was what the news was saying in London last night.
I landed on Friday morning, and pretty much have been working and battling jetlag since i got here!
Well, at least i’m working in a different city instead of KL (tho i wish i was in KL for the KBF stall we opened at Seek & Keep).
See what i mean about wanting to split myself in two!?
Or a teleport machine at least…

When i left KL the weather in London was said to be 11°C and rainy (no surprise there)
but when i arrived… it was 20°C and sunny all day! Weird!
And it’s sunny today too! I didn’t even bring a single pair out of my MANY sunglasses -_- cos i forgot and it wasn’t top of my priority list to remember…

Besides being cooped in working while it’s so wonderfully sunny out, i did accompany my Mama to Waitrose cos she wanted to cook us dinner and i wanted to spend some time learning the recipes from her. She’s 85 and walks with a 3-wheeler now, but she’s doing so much better than when i saw her last spring. I’m really happy to be here to see my family… this was the whole point i stopped by London seeing i’m ‘in the neighbourhood’ to go to Paris next week.

Workwise, I’ve been spending hours sorting out orders for party stock for The Ship, praying customs won’t give us problems, checking up on how sales are doing in Seek & Keep, sending emails for other jobs we’re securing for 2015… poor Sweet Ee and Weng Yee, i’ve been totally overworking them the past few days. Thank you for being so awesome, dinner on me when we’re all together again!!!

Ok i’ve been up since 8:30am working, and it’s time to go out and play with Yishyene! Yay!!!

KinkyBlueFairy will be at Seek & Keep this weekend!

*written by Weng Yee, pics by SweetEe*


It’s gonna be a AWESOME COLOURFUL weekend everyone!! You want to know why??

Because KinkyBlueFairy will once again be at Seek & Keep @ BSC!!

We’ve been busying ourselves sourcing for all the fun stuff we WISH we had! Had to go through many different channels but we did it! And the stocks have arrived just in time for us to pack up for this month’s Seek and Keep market, which starts tomorrow!


This time around, we are introducing lots of new products such as decorative garlands, KinkyBlueFairy diffraction glasses, party supplies, animal masks, colourful leis, etc. Our office looked like a crazy fairyland while we were sorting everything out :p

DSC_0094 DSC_0089


Our very own diffraction glasses that come in single, double, and glow-in-the-dark frames; in different colours and lenses. These diffraction glasses are perfect for raves, parties and generally any time you need a new outlook in life =D.


We brought them to Fat Spoon for lunch today! It looks even BETTER with lights, LED toys (we are selling those too!), or even under broad daylight.


This unicorn mask only comes in limited quantities and we’re already receiving orders! If you’d like to pre-order some, look for Sweet Ee and ask her! For last minute Halloween-shoppers, fret not about not having the perfect costume cos we just might have the best solution for you!


HUGE tulle hairband.


We are in love with this huge bow headband on the right.


Bored of the typical nurse, pirate, or witch costume? Try our full set Hawaiian costume this time for Halloween, or even pool party! Full set comes with a flower crown, 2 flower bracelets, a lei, flower bikini top and hula skirt (we didn’t have time to take a shot of us wearing the whole set.) If you’re looking for it to be a bit simpler, we sell individual leis in other colours too!

We’ve always wondered why there aren’t any cute tutu skirts for us grown-ups. So we decided to sell one ourselves. This muted hi-lo tutu skirt comes in limited quantities, so grab it before it’s out!



If you love hosting house parties, come check out our colourful bird picks, bird ceramic knives, colourful fruit spoons, and Imagine kaleidoscopes. Don’t bore your guests with the same old partyware!


There’s nothing better in life than having a beer while you’re in the pool. Grab our flamingo floaties to keep your beers floating right next to you so you can stay in the water without holding on to your beer (yes, our arms get tired sometimes).


We were so overwhelmed by all the positive feedback from our gymnast ribbons in the last Seek & Keep that we decided to bring more in this time! Expect nicer colours (cause lots of you wanted the rainbow ones), and child-sized gymnast ribbons.

Don’t feel left out craft junkies! We’re also bringing different varieties of DIY garlands and decorations. There are clouds, rainbows, and lots of colourful paper options!

Excited yet!? Come and check out our stall this weekend.
We’ll be on the concourse area from 10am-9pm from Friday till Sunday.
Just look out for the most colourful shop in the mall!

Seek & Keep market will be at Bangsar Shopping Centre
from 31st of Oct till 2nd of November, 10am to 9pm.

Come say hi and share some fairy love!


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