Impress in 15 seconds

When you first meet someone, it’s human nature that they’d be forming an opinion of you, and you of them.
Some say it takes the first 15 seconds, others say 7 seconds… i even heard 0.5 seconds before. Tough!

There’s the possibility of getting nervous when you meet people for the first time,
and it’s the worst when it’s for your first job interview. In your life. Ever.
First of all, you’ve never had a job before, so how would you know how a real job interview would be like?!

I remember i would get all these tips from my parents and older friends when i had to get a job after college.
“You need to buy office clothes!”
“Ask questions about the company!”
“Make sure you don’t go out the night before!”

Five years after that i ended up having to interview people myself,
and i would notice all these little things that you’d think aren’t important,
yet are so noticeable to the person interviewing you.

The most important thing is your HANDSHAKE.
It creates so much rapport cos you’re physically touching the person.
Remove the notion that it’s acceptable to give a limp-fish-shake, that’s the worst!
On the other hand, don’t squeeze so hard either!
It’s rare but when someone does squeeze my hand too hard,
inside, i’m all, “Ow…. #youhurtme #sad”

One thing that moves me when i first meet someone is when they look me straight in the eye and i look back. This is made even more powerful when done during the handshake.
And best when done with two smiles.

Posture is also of importance. Someone standing upright oozes confidence and capability to me, whereas a person who slouches makes me think you’re timid and needs space to grow.

These are just a mere sprinkle of what one needs to know before acing that job interview.

I was having a look thru a new section on Shine On and there were all these tips on what to do and vice versa. Called Hello Confidence, it’s an online platform that works out challenges and exercises for people who are about to go thru their first interview.

There are lots of suggestions on how to boost your confidence, improve those grooming skills, and what best to say. Each activity is crafted to prepare someone completely clueless.

That’s how in-depth i think the site is!

I read a page called Icebreakers (under Own The Conversation) which listed 10 questions you could ask your interviewer, to show interest in the company you might potentially be working for.

There were some really good ones like:
“What are some challenges the person filing this position face?” or
“What are the most valued talents in your company?”

I thought, “Huh, i better read this in case there’s a question i least expect to be asked!”
(After going through them, i was reassured that i already have all the answers in my heart and head XD)

Besides all this information that’s readily available, girls can comment on each others’ posts to get a conversation going. Essentially, Hello Confidence is an interactive platform that allows a community of girls to come together to share their methods and tips, while inspiring others at the same time.

What makes it so special is that it’s real girls sharing their real stories in real time with each other.

One of the more interesting pages on the site i found is called Pitch Yourself, where you’re asked to think about your best attributes and how you can keep your pitch to just under 15 seconds. (You just have to read the page yourself to know the rest.) Then there’s even an accompanying page for you to upload your “practice” pitch in video or written format, so that you can get feedback on it from people who are not gonna end up being your real boss.


I was like, “Man. They didn’t have sites like this ten years ago! You guys are so lucky!”
All i did was skim the surface of what i should have thought about before barging in. :p

There’s another one i like called the Idea Cube (under Pitch Your Idea). Everyone contributes random words to the Idea Cube, and it jumbles them all together to distribute to you a bunch of words. I didn’t know i was gonna get words from other people and was totally unprepared for it. You’re supposed to use all the random words to MAKE UP a pitch even if it the product is imaginary. I wrote some rubbish cos i just wanted to go on to the next page which is called the Idea Bank, and when i saw what other girls my junior wrote, i was kinda impressed (then embarrassed by my half-assed attempt and wondered whether it would show up in public).


Enough chatter from me, if you’re about to go through a job interview, check out Hello Confidence for yourself and go pick up a thing or ten ;)

Kudos to Libresse for thinking of putting together a platform like this for young women to support and inspire each other!

To visit Hello Confidence, click *HERE*


Balance baby balance

This month has been absolutely CRAZY but like i’ve learnt recently, whatever we want, is drawn into our space and it’s up to us on whether we resist it or not. I’m not gonna resist work that’s coming my way! I was taking up all the projects i could, till this week i’ve just started saying no no no to people cos i just don’t have the manpower to handle anymore.

Which is great. It’s NOT a bad thing.

I have been envisioning KinkyBlueFairy to be a creative boutique company that does whatever tickles our fancy, and all these unexpected projects have been dropping on our doorstep.

Right now we’re working on three big projects simultaneously not counting smaller social media ones on the side.

We’re launching our e-commerce website soon (finally!) and it’s already in beta phase but Sweet Ee refuses to allow me to blog about it yet.
We’re starting to work on the PR for a big fashion event coming up in October so that’s gonna take up time in Sept.
We’re pitching on event installation ideas to be had from end of this year and looking forward to next year.
I have already started to look thru the calendar on events we can take part in to promote KBF’s products and oh don’t even start about Christmas yet…

We’ve also been collaborating with photographer Vincent Paul Yong of Verve Studio for a Levi’s project.

Here’s a teaser vid for now that Levi’s just launched on YouTube:

This is all work, not counting personal stuff i have to do on the side, like spending time being best buddies with my lawyer, banker and agents in my efforts to sell off my first property so i can breathe easy on the second one i plan to renovate and move into this Jan, or maybe Dec if possible. I haven’t even confirmed the ID for it yet. Feck.

And then of course… i absolutely MUST have some personal time or else i’ll just go crazy.
I’ve started meditating every morning now. Just so i am CALM and in CONTROL.
It helps a lot.
If you want to read more, check out The Stillness Project.
It’s run by my friend Tom, whose goal is to get 1 billion people in the world to meditate.

So here are some quick pix cos tomorrow, i’m taking my parents for a one-week holiday to Bali.
We were supposed to go in April but my dad broke his back in March so he couldn’t fly and i delayed their tix and so we’re going tomorrow!
I will definitely be working while i’m on holiday with them :p
I don’t have a choice. My Levi’s deadline is looming and i’m trying not to freak out.

+ + + + + + + +


I haven’t had lunch alone in the longest time and just RAN AWAY to do so one day last week.
It was glorious. Eating my favourite Jap set meal of sashimi and tempura at leisure while going through my thoughts and work notes.

Work perks include packages sent to our office from brands who love fairies :D


Thank you Sephora! My current faves are the Stila and Marc Jacobs ink eyeliners.

We also got a huge bag of Sailor Jerry goodies, this Caribbean Rum that’s making its debut in Malaysia this weekend at MTV Asia World Stage.


All i can say is we got more excited about the rum and cookies :p
We tried the rum almost immediately (in our defense, it was already evening) and it’s really smooth!
“Sailor Jerry is blended with 100% natural spices and flavours, and is inspired by the American tattoo legend Norman ‘Sailor Jerry’ Collins.”

Alcohol is always welcome in our office! Haha

+ + + + +

I started working out with a personal trainer at Celebrity Fitness and it’s so evil cos i keep on stopping by nearby stores to pick up ONE thing and end up buying more crap.

Wanted to buy more stickers to pretty up my car (cos she’s been acting up) and ended up with these new gloss stamp things that looked so intriguing. You know what, i can’t even tell you what it’s like to use cos i still haven’t opened it! And i got some sparkly silver Mod Podge to do up a pair of shorts. Haven’t done that either. -_-


And today, i went to buy a new Apple cable, and ended up with a dress and leggings -_-

This has go to stop.

Moving on, i HAVE been doing SOME form of art!
I had no idea what to give Rahul for his birthday so i decided to draw him on canvas.


It’s been AGES since i bothered to do any art, and i really enjoyed myself that Friday night.
Dancing, drinking, and playing with my hula hoop in between bouts of drawing and painting!

I really wanted to see his reaction when he opened it but i got so drunk at his birthday party i don’t remember what it was -_-

+ + + +

Been trying to love myself MORE, and realised i have totally been neglecting my FACE.
I haven’t had a facial since early 2013.
I make time for massages, but not facials.
Thought enough is enough, and went for this Triple X facial at Energy Spa (where i go for my massages)


It took 90 minutes, and i just lay there and kinda passed out cos i was so tired.
Could also have been the massages the therapist did intermittently while waiting for segments of the facial to complete.

My skin looked and FELT so different after that i was almost embarrassed.
I asked what exactly they did kononnya it’s all these steps of exfoliating and removing of dead outer layers of rough skin to reveal younger skin underneath. Luckily i didn’t get any allergies, so despite sounding like a powerful facial, it was sensitive enough for my allergies to handle.

I’m supposed to do this once every 3 months, which i WILL henceforth.
(Seeing i don’t suppose i have time for a monthly facial anyway)

+ + + + +

After working on Rahul’s present till 3am on Friday night, i woke up to go for some photo shoots and interviews for people we’re featuring for our Levi’s project – from 11am till 6:30pm. And then i went for Rahul’s birthday party till 5:30am. I was utterly SPENT on Saturday!


I met Khairena of Eat Clean KL and totally got excited with her over her new spirulizer.


Baby (Studio Verve’s manager) and i obviously doing lots of hard work.
Teeheehee. Taken at LAIN Furniture


I love Baby cos she lends me her long hair to pretend i have a ponytail XD

This Levi’s project has been sweeeeet cos i’ve met so many interesting new people!

Ok i really gotta run.
It’s 8:40pm, i’m still in the office and i want to have dinner.


Good Vibes Fest /// Murfest /// Liquido contest /// By Invite Only workshop

Good Vibes Festival!

My calendar was marked since ages ago.
I had SO much fun dressed up with a giant sunflower on my head last year, and the vibe was super chill and relaxing with people going there to enjoy the music + sunshine + dance + friends.

Line up next Saturday includes Ellie Goulding, Empire of the Sun, Banks, !!! (Chk Chk Chk), Froya, Paperplane Pursuit, Bittersweet, Lapsap, and many more. Check out full artist line up *here*

For more info, check out
Ticketing info *here*

+ + + + + + + + + +


I think it’s quite exciting that KL is playing host to events like MURFEST! I’m so excited cos some of the most extraordinary people i met at Awesomeness Fest will be there, which is how i found out about it on FB cos i was stalking checking out their pages to see what they were up to :p

Jocelyn Gordon will be coming, and it’s thanks to her that i feel i harnessed even more power in meditation when she facilitated sessions at Afest this year! She’s the creator of Bhakti Boogie® Yoga (dance yoga) and HoopYogini™ (combining hula hoop with yoga) and i definitely want to see her again! Check out other line ups for dance *here*.

Rodolfo Young will be there too, and i met him at last year’s Afest as “the guy who went on silent meditation for a year”. I’ll never forget how looking into his eyes was like falling into the Universe. He’s part of the Healers & Speakers line up.


“For the first time ever being held in this country, with over 40 different classes to choose from every day and with over 60 global facilitators in their own field, MURFEST aims at bringing a world class Festival right here in Asia.

Held for 3 days in Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside and Marina Putrajaya , MURFEST is not only a workshop series for Yoga, Music & Dance enthusiast, but also has a huge Wellness and Healing Vendor Village with over 100 vendors that will showcase health and wellbeing products, organic and vegetarian food and a beautiful 2-night mini concert series showcasing world music called Urbanite.

MURFEST 2014 is aimed at awakening the spirit within each of us as we explore yoga, music, dance, healing therapies and other health and wellness options available in todays trendsetting era where people are more and more conscious on living a well-balanced life. While embodying the heart of wellness, the event strives to provide a space for self-discovery, self-mastery and knowledge through wellness practices.”

Read more about it and buy your tickets!!


+ + + + + + + + + +

Liquido Contest

From the fashion district of Sao Paulo, Brazil comes Liquido, inspired by the swimming and fitness culture in Brazil. What started as one store, has now multiplied to approximately 80 stores around the globe.

Making a statement with Liquido fitness wear is a norm with its range of colourful, printed capris and leggings. Liquido leggings sets itself apart as it is lightweight, highly stretchable (made from Lycra fabric) durable and even protects you from the sun at SPF50!

Ranked Top 5 By ESPN, Liquido Fitness Wear has been reviewed as being “A Brazillian Company known for its funky patterns Each print is limited. Their leggings and capris are durable, comfortable, supportive and stylish.”

The leggings can be used for a variety of sports such as dance, Pilates, rock climbing, kickboxing, cardio training and even weight lifting. It can also be used for swimming, as it is lightweight, stretchable and most of all, sun proof!

The prints and patterns used by Liquido are unique and produced in limited quantities. Once sold out, the prints will not be repeated again. The range of Liquido Beach & Fitness wear can be purchased online at: from RM175-RM260.

Liquido also has a showroom within the Yogaonethatiwant Studios, located at Damansara Perdana should customers want to try on the items for sizing before purchasing. Wholesale discount are also available for interested resellers.


There’s a contest on Instagram, where the winner will stand a chance to win:
  • USD 500
  • 2 pairs of Liquido leggings
  • 1 photoshoot from Brian Crawford (outdoors – active)

Contest ends 20th September!
For more info on the contest, visit

+ + + + + + + + + +

By Invite Only™ Trunk Sale & Workshop Special

After a successful run in Singapore, By Invite Only™ is excited to announce that they are taking their 5th Anniversary Celebration trunk sale to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


The Trunk Sale will feature new designs, some that are not available online, and the rest of the signature Nature//Nurture collection. The full range of jewellery can be experienced at Bazarro in Bangsar on August 30th from 1 pm to 6 pm. Each piece looks contemporary yet organic, and is painstakingly handmade by the designer and her team of crafters. Customers will also enjoy an exclusive 20% discount on the day.

In addition to the trunk sale, an intimate workshop will be held on August 29th and 30th. Participants will learn the fundamental skills of jewellery-making from the brand owner and jewellery designer herself, Trixie Khong, to create their own handcrafted statement jewellery to take home. The 1.5 hour workshop costs RM168 and includes primary jewellery care tips and care set

For more information about the trunk sale, workshop and interviews,
do contact or call +65 84 888 907.


Apartment unit for sale @ Royal Regent Putramas 3

I booked my first apartment two years ago while it was still in developer stage, and now that it’s ready, i’ve changed my mind about its location off Jalan Kuching and want to continue being based in PJ (cos my office is nearby and i hate traffic)!

I’ve already found another apartment i love in PJ and wanna sell off this Royal Regent 3 one (cos i basically can’t afford to hold on to two).

The corner unit i have is 1590 sq. ft on the 21st floor and i’m selling it for RM830,000.
It’s a 3+1 with high ceilings, semi-furnished, 2 bathrooms (one with bathtub), big balcony, separate wet and dry kitchens, kitchen-top hood and hub, fully air-conditioned system and water heater.

“Sri Putramas III (also known as Sri Putramas 3 or Royal Regent) is an upmarket condominium nestled adjacent to Jalan Kuching in Dutamas area. It is the successor to Sri Putramas II and Sri Putramas I, which are located next to each other. It is positioned right within the hub of the city centre on a 2.5-acre freehold land, which is inclusive of a 1.5 acre natural park.

The recreational facilities at Sri Putramas III are located on the 5th floor, which include Jacuzzis, BBQ pit, gazebos, swimming pool, pool deck and children’s playground. There are also indoor facilities – AV room, reading room, gymnasium, sauna, squash courts, games room, multi-purpose hall, lounge, nursery and mini market.

There are several ingress and egress to access this modern condominium. Sri Putramas III can be easily accessible via Jalan Kuching and Jalan Dutamas 2. These 2 roads are directly connected to Jalan Segambut, Jalan Duta, Sentul Link, Jalan Sultan Ismail and Jalan Kinabalu. In addition, it is just about 5 minutes (4.2km) away from Putra KTM Komuter Station, PWTC RapidKL LRT Station and Hentian Putra.”

If you’re interested in viewing the unit, please get in touch with my agent Troy - 014 3604 132.

a-royal-regent-3-putramas-3-1590-1 a-royal-regent-3-putramas-3-1590-2 a-royal-regent-3-putramas-3-1590-3 a-royal-regent-3-putramas-3-1590-4




Heineken Cities of the World launch

Heineken threw a big party last week in the middle of the factory area in PJ. They were being a bit secretive about some set up so i was curious enough to go really early at 8pm sharp. (Also, i was trying to do a champion act of running to catch Rudy perform stand up comedy in Zouk at 9:25pm, and then head back to Heineken party :p)


Cities of the World invites urban dwellers to further explore their own city, and Heineken introduced a few establishments in KL to us by constructing models of their spaces at the event. We had to walk through doors and blacked out corridors to get ourselves from one room to another, like a little maze.

The first room i entered resembled a classy tailor store.


I met Tommy, who’s the director of Bespoked Ian Chang, and he told me a bit about the bespoke suits they create, the fabrics they get from Italy, and i got excited going through the fabric sample book of silks for underlining jackets. Fabrics always get me excited!

The next room was one i recognised immediately having been to their outlet in Bangsar countless times – Replacement Boutique x Salon 

heineken-cities-launch-2-kuala-lumpur heineken-cities-launch-3-kuala-lumpur

The Replacement guys. Ricco and Takey in the middle.


The third room i went into had lots of couples salsa dancing energetically, in what was to be Paradox Art Cafe. The restaurant + cafe + sandwich shop located in Bandar Utama provides a place to “eat, drink, play and discover local art, photography, creative designs, creations, music, films and more.”




What makes Rimowa the BEST

I’ve come to realise that any simple travelling outfit can easily be dressed up with one crucial accessory: luggage.

I think luggage is something that is largely overlooked by most people, because we tend to favour utility and don’t really see the need for it to be particularly stylish because it is only a means to transport one’s belongings around. However I’ve discovered that with Rimowa, utility and style come hand-in-hand.

If you’re not familiar, Rimowa is a German luggage brand that was started in Cologne in 1898 and was the first company to introduce aluminium trunks to the market in 1937. In 1950, Rimowa introduced its aluminium suitcase with the characteristic grooves which have remained iconic until now. The high quality aluminium is made from bauxite which is a sustainable resource and can also be completely recycled.


The Topas collection, one of the oldest and most iconic of the aluminium range, comes in a variety of sizes and is one of the lightest and most durable suitcases IN THE WORLD.


The Topas collection also comes in titanium, for those who crave extra luxe.

In 2000, the current President and CEO of Rimowa, Dieter Morszeck was the first to introduce the recyclable material polycarbonate to luggage making and changed the industry forever. Rimowa’s polycarbonate cases are extremely lightweight, highly durable, and nearly break-resistant because they are elastic and yield under pressure. Once the pressure is eliminated, they automatically return to their original shape.


The polycarbonate cases come in the form of several collections; namely Salsa, Bolero, Bossa Nova, and Limbo; not to mention a variety of beautiful colours.

Rimowa stands out due to its integration of style and utility. Durability aside, Rimowa suitcases are also equipped with certain unique features that sets itself apart, such as its sturdy lever-action lock which is securely set in the frame to prevent any damage. It is also equipped with TSA locks, developed by the Travel Sentry Inc. which makes security checks much less of a hassle.

Another stunning feature would be the patented Multiwheel® system, which was adapted from office chairs, allowing even the heaviest suitcases to be moved effortlessly. The polycarbonate cases come with the YKK zipper which has a tensile strength of 110 kg per inch.

The new Salsa Deluxe Hybrid also comes with three practical front pockets made of durable Keprotec® –reinforced with Kevlar® brand fiber to ensure all your small belongings can be stored efficiently and safely.


My favourite feature has got to be the award winning two-compartment-system which allows for each section of the suitcase to be opened separately. The Flex-Divider system is also adjustable which keeps both compartments of the suitcase neat and organised.

Additionally, for the fifth time, Rimowa sent the German national football team to the World Cup this year with custom made suitcases from the Salsa Deluxe Hybrid range featuring an embroidered logo that reads “Die Nationalmannschaft” (National Team) together with the respective player’s number. These suitcases were made in a special shade of red called  Victory Red which also appears on the players’ football jerseys!


No wonder they won!

If this hasn’t convinced you enough, Rimowa is also widely used by some of the most famous celebrities!


Hollywood actor, Bradley Cooper (left) and Victoria’s Secret angel Alessandra Ambrosio (right).
Ugh, so sexy… And the people carrying the suitcases aren’t too bad either.


My favourite model, Cara Delevigne (left) and my fashion spirit animal, Diane Kruger (right).


And… these two. Moving on.

To see the suitcases in action, check out this cute little video that Rimowa put out!

If you’re ready to take the plunge, you can check out Rimowa in
- Pavilion, Level 2, Fashion Avenue
- The Gardens Mall, South Court, Ground Floor

For more on Rimowa, check out:



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