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Blog Header-Andrew

Hey, it’s me again! The team always tells me that I hardly attend events. Yeah well, I’m kept real busy at KBF!  😂

“Before anyone did anything, EVISU did everything” Japanese denim purveyor EVISU’s tagline is a heads up into the subversive nature of the brand, founded by jeans connoisseur Hidehiko Yamane in 1991. Celebrating its 25th anniversary in November this year, EVISU has come a long way from the days of Yamana-san individually hand-painting the limited production of 14 jeans a day, but its fans has continued to lust over the denims that straddle the worlds between trendy and traditional, authentic and fun.

More recently, Evisu Eye was launched in KL at Glasshouse Seputeh.

At the start of the event, all guests were given a piece of EVISU jeans for us to paint the logo on.


I pinned my “masterpiece” up! They allowed us to bring our pieces home after the event.



Fairy/Joyce‘s turn to be an artist! 😉


Patricia K and the Fairy. They’re both wearing Evisu Eye


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The Nescafé Dolce Gusto machine!

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Blog Header-Rachel

The #KinkyBlueFairyTeam was invited to the Nestle Headquarters for a peek of their Nescafe Dolce Gusto machines. We were even given a 101 crash course on how the coffee machines work and how to create masterpieces in a cup from the comfort of our home or office. It felt like a 2-hour coffee buffet spread.

It was interesting to observe everyone’s coffee-drinking habits/preferences. For me, I’m a Latte girl, preferably with no sugar. A friend once told me that the personality traits of Latte drinkers are that of a comfort seeker and crowd pleaser. I wouldn’t know how true it is. I mean, it’s just a coffee preference.

We had a lot of fun tasting each and every cup of the coffee that their in-house barista made, and critiqued as though we were experts, haha.

Nescafe DG 23

Nescafe DG 10

Their in-house barista taught us a couple of recipes that we could try at home, like the Crunchy Mint Milo and Asian Fusion Latte.

Nescafe DG 4

Faridah/King being her usual gungho self, had a go at making her own cup of coffee when no one else wanted to.

Nescafe DG 6

She chose to make a tea latte.


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A week in Hong Kong & a day in Lantau

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Blog Header

Jun and i stayed in Hong Kong cos he was doing the Translantau 100, and Bon Iver the same week (whom we both adore). This was in March and he’s already running another race right now as i type this 😓

We flew in on a Tuesday and my airport outfit was an asymmetrical dress from KOZO x Justin Chew, necklace from Singaporean accessories label Vice & Vanity, shoes from H&M, scarf pressie from Nick & Sonia. My invisible accessory was my hangover, which makes me the grouchiest person to travel with. I never used to have hangovers till i hit 30. Getting old(er) sucks sometimes! 😩

We stayed in this 1-bedroom airbnb on Hollywood Road in Sheung Wan which was a little on the pricey side, but seeing we needed a second home where i wanted to work comfortably from as well, we just went for it. Anyway it’s Hong Kong. Gonna be pricey!

I never thought my favourite colour would be pink in my 30s. I started off with green during kindergarten, moved on to blue in primary school, then purple, white, red (for many years), orange, and now, pink. Now i love ALL the colours and it reflects in my clothes and everything i own. My favourite colour is rainbow!!! 🌈


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Gentle Monster Launches in KL

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Blog Header

I collect sunglasses.

I’ve lost count of the occasions i’ve picked up a pair (or two) at the airport/s, pacifying myself that it’s duty-free and totally okay to buy (despite probably already having spent a little too much money on whatever trip that was). High end, high street, brandless, vintage; I don’t mind them all.

Even if i don’t wear a particular design regularly, i just like it sitting there amongst my many other pairs. (Options are never a bad thing.) I also like the thought of them coming to life and having fiery discussions amongst themselves in the drawer.

A new shiny pair now sits in there with them, courtesy of Gentle Monster.

The cult Korean eyewear brand crafts classic and edgy designs suited for Asian faces and has taken off in global proportions (collaborated with Opening Ceremony, covered by Vogue, worn by Chanel Iman). Check out their art installation projects on their website, gives you a clearer vision of what the brand is about.

Gentle Monster Launch @ Glasshouse Seputeh-15

Tripsies! Bell, Lexie and i picked the same design but diff colour.

My lace top is from Love, Bonito;
necklace and earrings from Thomas Sabo;
shorts from Topshop;
shoes from Steve Madden;
lipstick from UD x Gwen Stefani.

Gentle Monster Launch @ Glasshouse Seputeh-11

Gentle Monster Launch @ Glasshouse Seputeh-12

A nice pic of Nina and i


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Fiercer by Fierce Curry House @ Publika

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Blog Header-Rachel

The Chief Fairy summoned us all for a team lunch a couple of days before I left for my month-long soul searching journey. Okay, she didn’t summon us… She gladly invited all of us to come along for lunch.

When I received the message about lunch at a curry house, I thought about the dishes I could possibly eat… because I don’t take well to spicy food. What more Indian curry? I have to admit I’m a disgrace as a Malaysian. All our lives we’re exposed to different spices because we were brought up in a diversified society.  I can’t say I didn’t get enough practice since I was a kid because my whole family loves putting extra chilli and spice in every meal. I think I’m an outcast within my own family (I tell this story to everyone).

Fiercer in Publika is a more swanky restaurant-bar setting compared to its sister restaurant, Fierce Curry House in Bangsar.

I can’t seem to navigate my way around Publika despite being there for the umpteenth time. How I would remember Fierce for my future visits; it’s located en route route to Black/White Box. (It’s at Block D1, on floor G3.)

Fiercer @ Publika-2

Fierce’s simple white exterior.

Fiercer @ Publika-3

Fiercer @ Publika-6

Herukh, the man behind Fiercer. Omg he was such a comical guy!! The whole team was roaring with laughter throughout lunch while he entertained us with stories from his week-long wedding. Well, only the bits and pieces that he could remember.

Fiercer @ Publika-20

Andrew had a strawberry lassi (RM12) while I had a mango (RM 10) one. It was sooooo refreshing for a scorching hot day!

Fiercer @ Publika-38

Fiercer @ Publika-9

Mixed Vegetable Pakora (RM12). This was my favourite! I think this would make such a healthy snack alternative when you feel like munching on something! Ugh, thinking about it makes me want to cry because it left me fond scrumptious memories while it lasted. :'(

Fiercer @ Publika-35

Butter Chicken (RM 25); chicken tikka in tomato, cream and butter gravy flavoured with dry and fenugreek leaves. This was Joyce’s favourite dish!

Fiercer @ Publika-23

Guess what was in the giant silver pot??

We all stood surrounding it with our phones ready to Snapchat. Gasps of approval could be heard as the unraveling of the King Lobster was revealed hiding in the sea of biryani. Does it sound dramatic? Because it was dramatic indeed. The only thing missing was a climatic theme song playing in the background while this happened.


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