A new Deeksha Giver

So many changes have been happening in my life
Including this desire to know more about how to connect with God/Divine

I’ve known about the Oneness Awakening Course for a few months but never really felt like it was the right time for me to take it except when it seemed like the BEST time available to (they only hold it once a month) was this weekend. I was to spend 3 full days, but ended up only needing 2 days cos i had a one-on-one session with Lai Meng.

We go through some life lessons, meditation and healing (to clear my old charges so i can fully appreciate the present). I know it’s pretty out there. Even i have to admit that for a few split-seconds, i’d feel lame, and even frustrated and annoyed! It was so turbulent. But in the end, i knew that i wanted to be there and just… learn something.

I ended up getting a cert for being a Deeksha Giver.


That was really unexpected.
I didn’t even know i was gonna learn this (okay i admit i was bad, i skimmed through the course outline emailed to me :p).

So maybe now… i’m gonna be a real live fairy showering blessings unto everyone around me.

I tried just now during dinner.
I just imagine sparkly yellow sunshine enveloping the waitress that was so sweet to me.
Sometimes i imagine giant sparkly rainbows but another voice says it could be a bit too much.


“Too much” is just a concept humans came up with anyway.
Is the sea too much? I mean, there’s a fucking lot of water.
Is love “too much”? It probably is, cos everyone makes such a big deal out of it.

And it SHOULD be a big deal, cos we all ARE love.
That’s why it’s a challenge, it’s the very substance that pulls us to evolve.
Evolution cannot come without effort, so… we just gotta stop bitchin and make the best of it as we can.



The Maison Versace Exhibition @ Pavilion KL

I’ve been a bigger fan of Versace after listening to Donatella speak at Vogue Festival last year, so with all the event invites and work colliding, i decided that this was the only event i was gonna attend this week.

I just don’t have the time to keep on attending events..!
Well if you pay me i’ll make sure my ass is there XD

It takes a lot of effort and time to make up, dress up, and drive to KL okay :p
Thank god this time i had some help so i just had to sit there and let the experts do the work!


Thanks May at Shu Uemura for doing my superhot make up!
I was trying to memorize her strokes while she applied it so i can try emulating it at home.

My new haircut and colour is done by Alex at The Met @ Parkroyal.
Told him to do whatever he wanted.
Secretly i was hoping he might go crazy and make me blonde (i haven’t gone light for ages) but i trust that he’s in the know of whatever colour and cut is coming up right now. So many people have complimented me on this… even in the lift!


No touchy, Shah! I see youuuu
Shah is the new Fashion Editor at ELLE and he just came over to my house to shoot my wardrobe last week.
Make sure you pick up its October issue to have a peek into my closet!

We were all peering closely at the gowns,
commenting how the dresses have traveled the world
and admiring the stunning detailing.

The exhibition is held till this Sunday 7th September at the Centre Court of Pavilion. Catch it if you can as it’s the first time it’s held in Malaysia, and showcases a complete iconic range of Versace products!


me, Alia B, Mama G


with Paulius, Tania, Clouds; and Yun

Paulius taught me how they say cheers in Lithuania = “I sveikate” which sounds nothing like how it looks to our pronunciation of the alphabet. I write it down as “Eesrakata” for my own referral.


With make up artist Emmy AgungAishah, and Sazzy


CH Carolina Herrera Fall Winter 2014 @ KLCC

* Text by Joe Kwan and pics by SweetEe *

Last Wednesday, SweetEe and myself got dressed to the nines and headed on to KLCC for the CH Carolina Herrera Fall Winter 2014 Collection presentation. I’m familiar enough with the brand, from endless issues of Vogue over the years, but had yet to actually see any of their products in the flesh so I wasn’t sure what to expect.

It was an incredibly intimate affair, with a steady stream of guests coming and going, which was a pleasant surprise because that meant we were able to peruse unperturbed. The boutique felt dauntingly grown up and exuded luxe, something I can’t say I’m awfully familiar with. Slightly thrown off by this decidedly rich environment, we navigated ourselves to the back portion where the clothes were on display.

We were thrilled after we learnt more about the iconic designer. Born in Venezuelan, Carolina Herrera was introduced to the high fashion world by her socialite grandmother, attending shows by Balenciaga and buying outfits at Lanvin and Dior. She once said: “My eye was accustomed to see pretty things”.

Carolina Herrera started her own brand after she was encouraged by her friend Diana Vreeland (a notable editor of BAZAAR and Vogue) to design her own clothing line. In 2008, the brand launched RTW brand CH Carolina Herrera, which is what we see today at the CH Carolina Herrera flagship store in KLCC.


The clothes… Oh the clothes! Where do I begin?


Bloggers Cherriemun and Kittieyiyi, hard at work, posing in some of the styles.

We were informed that for this season, CH Carolina Herrera is featuring new silhouettes with the emphasis on versatility with easy to wear separates that are perfect for layering. Rich fabrics range from opulent brocade to delicate silk, and prints go from moody florals to striking monochrome. They’ve certainly covered their bases from day to evening and everything in between with this collection.


The iconic red that is quintessential Carolina Herrera, and a cooler serene colour palette. From everyday pieces, to fun cocktail dresses, and full on gowns; there is a texture and colour for every style.


We were also informed that the boutique is designed with a walk-in closet in mind, meant to give off a surge of intimate luxe.
… We should all be so lucky to have a closet that resembles this!


shu uemura brave beauty

* Photographs by Jane Lee *

Shu Uemura has been championing the concept of utilising cosmetics as a tool for personal expression since the 60s. This year, a new annual project called the vision of beauty collection debuts to express the brand’s new vision and endless pioneering spirit into the future!

Embracing the fact that beauty today is influenced by fashion, art, technology, science and design; a vision of beauty collection is conceived under two formats: a covetable all-encompassing range of beauty products, and a special collectible piece of art developed by shu uemura’s international artistic director, Uchiide.

I went for the launch of the collection at Mid Valley last week >


With Zoe from Tongue in Chic


Albi, Justin and moi


Me and Ringo.
We were taking selfies before most bloggers today hit puberty, and before there was even such a word.

Shu Uemura make up artists were putting on new eyelash designs and giving beauty tips to everyone!


Zoe smile la XD


Xandria testing out the new green palette from the latest collection


The chinky eyes in me always show (or rather, not,) when i smile


With Christyn from L’Oreal. She’s my honey bunny!


Cloyce in Penang

This was our last holiday together in Penang in July. I’d been meaning to go there with Clem for ages cos i wanted to show him where i grew up, plus, i myself rarely go back and haven’t been doing my birthplace justice. Another big reason was that i wanted to visit my former babysitters there, who took care of me when i was born till i went to Newcastle with my family when i was 6.

We wanted to leave at 10am on a Saturday morning but that didn’t happen cos we ended up partying till 5am the night before. Clem’s friend was in town, and the girls and i impulsively convinced them to go to Lust @ Changkat.


It ended up being an even more beautiful drive than if we had left at 10, cos the afternoon sunshine pronounced the landscape’s arresting shades of green and lime; and the sunset was glorious as we approached the island to cross Penang bridge.

I was being super layan and took so many vids thru my kaleidoscope like *this* and *this*


This post is gonna be a bunch of random pictures i took there, there’s so much to see and do and EAT in Penang!


Art on the street walls that take you by surprise, especially new ones that aren’t noted down on the walking routes yet.


Lots of well-designed cafes chock full with cakes, coffee and goodies. This was taken at ChinaHouse. 


Historical landmarks like clanhouse Khoo Kongsi built in the 1850s.


Clem and i chose to stay in a large room in Georgetown i found on Airbnb (Click *here* to receive free credit from me when you sign up for Airbnb!)

Our host’s name is Sapur and she’s a Malaysian Indian grandmother who grew up in Butterworth, married a Dane and lived in Denmark, before settling back down in Penang. Her home is tastefully filled with lots of books, art, and bits and bobs reminiscent of a well-traveled life.


The bedroom we stayed in, with adjoining bathroom that was equally spacious!


NUYOU Sept issue

Oh man i’m just having the craziest week
Barely had time to eat or sleep
Posting a quick one before i rush off right now

There’s a gorgeous spread of some Malaysian fashion bloggers
for L’Oréal Professionnel in the September issue of NUYOU mag:


I must be the oldest one there. BLESS that i’m still relevant hahahahah

My hair is done by Alex @ The Met Salon KL
Styling by veteran expert Wee Chee
Shot by Chintoo Studio

Thanks so much to the team!! (btw, it takes a massive team and HOURS to make us look that despicably good XD)


I look like an orange mermaid! <3


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