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Dedicated to those experiencing pain:

Let it out darling
Don’t keep it in
You feel it wanting to rush out
Stagnant, strong and still in you


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Seafood Galore @ Gold Coast, Australia

Comments (1) Australia, Explore, Travel & Stay, Gold Coast, Travel

All these pix have been edited by our intern from weeks ago… so it’s about time i post them all rather hurriedly seeing more and more travel pix are accumulating on my to-blog list.

Earlier this year, i flew to Gold Coast from Melbourne, primarily because Jun’s father who’s a pilot was doing his last flight before retirement. After flying for many decades (being one of the first batches for MAS back in the day), it was a big deal. His mum was relieved, as she’d no longer have to worry every time he went off to work. We were to spend a week at Jun’s sister’s family home in Gold Coast (where both her husband and her are doctors), before Jun’s mum + Jun + i accompanied his dad for his last flight home to KL.


Jun excitedly setting fish traps behind his sister’s home. They’ve got a dream home with a beautiful back garden facing the river.


Fishing in another spot.



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Photo Diary: Jun’s Birthday @ Penang

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Jun’s birthday is in June (to which i always joke is why his parents named him so) and he had all these last-minute grand plans to throw a dinner party + after-party + champagne brunch in the span of 24 hours. I said it seemed highly unrealistic seeing how some friends are parents; and Steph commented that we’re not 21 anymore. Poor guy. Also, he decided on this 1-2 days before he wanted it to happen *looks in sky*


So instead he pretend-camped…

… and pretend-surfed…


While i entertained myself with the simple act of observing the setting sun through my lenses


Bikini from Malibu Beachwear  😆


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Dreamcatchers & drugs

Comments (0) La la la, Musings & Personal

It seems like such a long day cos so many THINGS have happened
in the most menial way to some
but eventful to me!


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The sunset today was exceptional.
Always take time to praise a bit of nature errday. Even if for 5 seconds (sometimes i admire trees i’m driving past and miss my turning) or even better, a good 10 minutes.


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