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Jun’s Pickles

Comments (5) Nature, People & Beings, People & Beings

One of the beautiful things i love most about Jun is his immense compassion for animals. When we first met in 2015, he sent me a picture of a dog he’d just saved – his 5th rescue named Poppy.

Jun’s first rescue, Pickles, was a scruffy-looking tricolour terrier with the sweetest face and intelligent piercing eyes.

He first found her in early 2011 when he was on the way to an important function where he was to cook lunch for a board of directors. The car in front of his accidentally hit a dog. Jun and the man in front got down from their cars to scrutinize the dog who couldn’t get back up. She screamed every time she tried to stand cos her hip had got hit. The man placed his hand on the dog’s head, said “I’m very sorry i hit you, dog”, got back into his car and drove off.

Jun couldn’t stand leaving her there with the knowledge that the 8:30am rush hour traffic directly behind him would drive over her bringing her to an end. He carried her to the roadside, and got help from two kindergarten teachers nearby who took over, leaving him free to hurry on to his work.

Throughout the day, he couldn’t stop thinking about this dog, and called every vet in Subang and Sunway to check if she had been brought in. With no news of her admission to be heard, Jun drove back to the kindergarten at 7:30pm and followed one of the teacher’s leads all the way to Puchong – where the dog had been taken in by a renegade hippie-like veterinarian who treats strays or animals who doesn’t necessarily have anyone to foot their bills (bless these hubeings!).


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Good Vibes Festival 2017

Comments (0) Events, Party & Festivals, Festival

I keep having this intention to blog one post a day but this stream of ADULTING just takes up so. much. time. There’s always an email that urgently needs to go out, something in the house to clean, some bill to pay, some friend to take care of, and after spending so much time on the laptop and phone, the last thing i want to do is spend MORE time staring at the screen to blog!

Well here i am now. READY! I took a break in between laptop time today by dancing crazily to Roxette’s The Look in the kitchen then having dinner. Then cleaning again. I don’t understand how despite having the cleaners over, there is always something to wipe / tidy / fold / water / scrub / wash. “That’s cos you’re OCD / anal” say Rudy and Jun. Well, you know what boys, at least i’m a lot tidier and cleaner than you two!

So about Good Vibes Fest! After The Color Run on Sunday morning, i got back at 11am, showered, stuffed food into my mouth, took a short nap, then forced myself to get up and get my face on for GV. Rahul had booked a party van to take a bunch of us up and down safely, but he and Nita couldn’t make it last min cos of a family emergency, as did a few others.

Then there were 6.

Alet said to meet in TTDI at 3pm.
I said let’s do 4pm to be more realistic cos Didi was still sleeping.
Alet compromised to 3:30pm.
I was at the meeting spot at 3:30pm, and noone was there -_- Why does this always happen to me.

Luckily i bumped into Ezra, and we excitedly discussed the art of getting rid of dust mites from our beds and pillows #conversationinyour30s

The rest arrived soon after with Alet nonchalantly strolling in.
Me: Didn’t i say 4pm was better, why don’t you just listen to me!
Alet: Ala chill la Joyce
Me: I could have stuck more sequins on my face!

We had kickoff drinks while the driver waited for our leisurely asses, and we finally left at 4:40pm.

In the van.
Alet: Eh, watching Okja makes me wanna eat pork man. They made it look so damn good! Okjaaaa! Okjaaaaa!
Didi (who’s transitioning into being a vegan): You’re so annoying
Me: Ok don’t fight don’t fight


Yudha, Didi, Raeesa, Alet, Kunal, me.



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The Color Run – the happiest 5k on the planet!

Comments (3) Health, Spiritual, Health & Develop

I never ever thought i’d get up at 4 am for a run.

I mean, if i think about it, i did go climb mountains all through the night before, so this is nothing?! With my hedonistic lifestyle for letting loose on weekends, waking up early on Sat or Sun just doesn’t happen. Except in my mind. Sometimes i imagine enthusiastically that i’ll wake up for a run on a weekend. Then day of, i end up sleeping at 4am the night prior. #oldhabitsdiehard #stilltrying #guessidontreallywantto #YET

The Color Run was admittedly a work thang. We coordinated the influencers who were promoting it, and Baby was away on her honeymoon (cos her Polish artist bf flew to this side of the world) so i went to represent.

Call time was at 6 am.
Cars were already lined up along Padang Merbok (near Jalan Parlimen) and my Grab had probs dropping me off cos the cops had closed many roads due to 3 runs going on that morning! I’m kinda glad to see how healthy the ppl of KL are!

6:30 am and i was the only one there waiting for everyone else to arrive…
As long as they turned up in time, i was happy HAHA.

The night before i’d gone to bed by 10 pm so i’d have ample rest for the run early next morn, and Good Vibes Fest the evening of the same day! I didn’t go to GVF on Sat cos i didn’t wanna tire myself out, plus the whole week was already crazy. I needed ONE DAY to rest!

Didi and Rengee went for GVF on Sat, slept at 2am Sat night, woke up at 5am on Sunday, went for TCR, then again for GVF the same day.

They are insane.


L: Didi, me, and Rengee
R: the KOLs we managed – Denise Chan, me, Jenn Chia, Zooey Oh

It was my first time meeting the 3 KOLs, and we’d only communicated on the phone/email so it was interesting for me to stand there and take in all their super excited 20-something year old energy. Wow we are really vibing on a diff frequency… i must have been like that in the past… but i’m not sure, i never was a morning person! Ever.


Pineapples do wake me up tho.


Thanks girls for being good sports!


Thanks Didi for this pic of me! What with all that powder glooped on our faces


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Pupa Sport Addicted sweat-proof make up

Comments (1) Beauty, Fashion, Style & Beauty, Featured Post



Leading Italian beauty brand Pupa was sharp enough to realise that as more women move towards an active lifestyle, there would be a need for make up designed especially for sport. Now we can look way more presentable despite the beads of sweat running down our faces whilst running / yoga / dance / etc. In fact, this collection could be your next coveted make up must-have to chat up that cute guy in the gym instead of running away with your face down post-workout.

Designed with research, technology, and quality in mind while staying innovative and fashionable; Pupa just launched their Sport Addicted make up range that has been specially formulated for use during sports activities. Sweat-proof, waterproof, and sport-proof – the range comprise of beauty enhancements for the face, eyes and lips that are comfortable and long-lasting.

Thanks to Jaslene at Sasa Malaysia for sending me some of it to try!


L-R: Sport Addicted Fixer, Sport Addicted Mascara, Sport Addicted Concealer, and Sport Addicted Balm.


I have this habit of opening my eyes wide when applying certain make up XD

The Sport Addicted Concealer is lightweight and easy to apply. I like the texture cos it blends easily and quickly without getting patchy. There’s a tinge of a radiant finish after, making me look more ‘awake’. Of course, it’s sweat-proof, to ensure it lasts throughout sport.


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Seminyak Village: Eat, drink, shop, yoga

Comments (2) Bali, Explore, Travel & Stay, Featured Post, Indonesia, Travel

Been going through my barrage of Bali photos wondering how i’m gonna split them out, and decided the best is to just start by topic and keep going!

I spent a fair amount of time in Seminyak Village, mostly cos Lexie and Kim (whom i crashed with half my time in Seminyak), is temporarily in Bali working for the brand. I’d hear them talk about work when they got home every evening, and ended up knowing bout the projects going on, and occasionally get pulled in to give my two cents.

Seminyak Village is a large spacious mall smack in the middle of bustling Seminyak filled with great restaurants and stores like MCM, Farah Khan, Rimowa, Ashley IshamPlay Clan & Friends, MC2 Saint Barth, Bamboo Blonde, and many more.

It was just a 10-min car ride from where we lived, so it was easy for me to pop over for lunch, drinkies, spa, yoga, etc. There’s more than meets the eye, just thinking about SV now actually makes me miss it a bit! I love the high ceilings with natural light and it’s so spacious.

There was one afternoon i went to have lunch with the gang at Tiger Palm, and thanks to Kim’s iPhone 7+ and his speedy photo skillz, we got great photos.


I’m wearing an embellished silk kaftan top from Camilla, available at multi-label store M Resort. Good luck with your credit card. It is impossible to not find something you’d love in there.


Yup, Kim got my wine face. Right there.



We felt like fish that day so ordered the fish curry and cod, with rice and… chardonnay.

Tiger Palm was opened by Chef Will Meyrick (also the creator of the dining concepts at Mamasan and Sarong) and “inspired by his travels, his in-depth research of South East Asian cuisine, and his close associations with some of the region’s top chefs.”

The diverse menu is influenced by Thai street food, Malaysian Nyonya kitchen, Chinese traders, the kitchen wallahs of Southern India; and features dishes like slow braised beef cheek in pomegranate; sun dried cuttlefish + green mango salad; Burmese lamb shoulder curry with mungbean; and grilled Sulawesi lamb shank with young jackfruit. View Tiger Palm’s menu *here*


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