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Looking to hire

Comments (0) Business, Tech & Gadgets, Work

I would have very much rather preferred to spend my whole day editing pictures and writing but… just… not… possible… with the amount of phone calls + emails. Looks like CNY is over (despite it NOT being till this Friday!)

Anyhow, I am looking for new digital + PR talent rather urgently to hire.

Requirements & Responsibilities:-


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Comments (3) Fairy Love, Musings & Personal

I have a new lover.


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Eleanor Make Up Launch in Malaysia

Comments (0) Beauty, Fashion, Style & Beauty, Featured Post, Sponsored Post

Last month, we did the PR for Eleanor – a new high-end cosmetics brand made in Japan, whose first flagship store is located in Leighton Centre at Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. Also available in Singapore, Eleanor is now within reach for Malaysians, as it is sold exclusively in selected SASA stores across the country.

Projecting the concept that “Beauty is Art”, Eleanor was designed to integrate make up with art aesthetics in the belief that every woman’s inner thirst for beauty breeds art.

Eleanor’s branding very much glides down a flawless grassy lane that gently curves through a gigantic lush garden filled with tiny colourful birds that carry magical keys to you with their beaks, to which they open up doors of a silver castle into room upon room filled with every imaginable treasure a princess could ever want.

I totally made that up by the way… judging from their website visuals and packaging.

The brand’s character is whimsical, feminine, romantic, and classy. If you’re looking for something to treat yourself (or your lady) to this Valentine’s Day, this could well be a viable option. Especially the Miracle Key collection- the products have the tiniest metal keys that come hanging off it, i don’t think i’ve seen anything like it! Talk about attention to detail.


The theme for the launch event was floral, to tie in with Eleanor’s branding, and the set up of imported floral arrangements paired with venue Botanica & Co’s secret garden interior was pretty on point.

We coordinated a mix of celebrities, bloggers, influencers, and beauty KOLs to attend the event. I feel that it’s difficult or unfair to label an individual as just one designation… cos many of them fall under two or more! For the client’s sake (and ours, for easier communication), we internally group them according to their deliverables. I didn’t get to meet and take pictures with every single one cos it was really crowded, and Baby/Faridah was handling them at registration. Apologies to those i didn’t get to note down here, we’ll try again at the next one!


To pique more interest surrounding its cosmetics, Eleanor selected actresses Emily Zying and Jasmine Suraya to host a make up demonstration on stage showing off their favourite day and night looks created using Eleanor. Thanks to the girls for being really accommodating and professional, i joked that Make Up Artist could be their back up careers.



Me, with actresses Emily Chan Zying, Tong Bing Yu, Jasmine Suraya, Jojo Goh, and emcee for the event Belinda Chee. I’ve known Bel since we were fresh faces out of college 😂 Credits to Love, Bonito for my dress! And check out my tan from Wonderfruit, i should just live in a festival forever.


With influencers Karen Kho, Jasmine Suraya, Chenelle Wen, Chanwon, and Grace Choong.


There were so many guests queueing to get their caricature done, or have their customized floral bouquets put together, that i gave up after 5 seconds and walked off #cantdoqueues


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Eyelash extensions @ Salon Blanc

Comments (0) Beauty, Fashion, Style & Beauty

After having my eyebrows successfully tattooed a year back, it was only a matter of time before i ended up getting eyelash extensions too. I knew it was a-coming. There are two types of girls when it comes to bodily beauty concerns – the ones who are genetically predisposed to having less hair, and the ones whom are blessed with more.

I’ve had the ‘pros & cons debate’ with one in the opposite category from me.
“But you have amayzing eyelashes and eyebrows! You NEVER have to draw your eyebrows in!”
“Yeah, but i’ve been waxing my entire body since i was in school. I’m sure i’ve spent more money on treatments than most people.”

So that conversation didn’t go very far.

I did wonder how necessary it was for me to get eyelash extensions. I’d given up wearing falsies after i was obsessed with all my shu uemura ones in my early 20s for 5 years. I just got over it, and moved on to a new beauty fad that excited me. At current, it’s eyelash extensions. I heard how your natural lashes would fall off (a few years ago) and figured i’d wait till everyone improved their techniques and technology. Now seems to be the right time.

The same week i was asking friends about eyelash salons, Salon Blanc @ Pavilion invited me to try their services, and i said yes rather quickly. Manifestation is awesome.

Finally! My Chinese eyes will have Indian eyelashes! i thought to myself excitedly.

Oh the girly things that give me pleasure, like the colour pink.
Just embrace it.



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Sleeping is boring

Comments (1) Nature, People & Beings, People & Beings

Last night, i had a sleepover to spend some time with Cammy and the kids while Kenny was away.
Almost-5yo Cameron joined us ladies for a night cap conversation before his bedtime, and i taught him how to breathe in and out slowly whilst using sweeping motions with my hand to exemplify what a long slow breath it should be.

“Do it before bedtime, cos when you slow down your heart rate, you’re preparing your body to sleep. I do it all the time!”
He looked pretty interested, and angelically followed suit.

After Cammy had put him to bed, she came back downstairs and told me how he was practicing it, so she offered to do it together with him. “Then i was yawning, and he was yawning, and i felt like going to sleep!” she said.

“Hahaha, at least it worked!” i crowed, “And maybe… this makes up for the ‘sleeping is boring’ thing…” :p

Just before Christmas, i was at their place and when Cameron had to go to bed, i piped up with whiskey in hand, “Sleeping is boring!”

Next thing you know, he parroted me, “Sleeping is boring!”
His mother mock-glared at me, “Joyce Wong!”
I just laughed.


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