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Uluwatu: Karang Saujana Estate | Omnia Day Club | El Kabron

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A month ago, i spent a week in Uluwatu with a group of friends to work, eat and play together. They were my family that week 💗

I thought i was going to miss my flight cos a few Grab drivers kept cancelling on me, making me cut it real close to missing check-in (luckily i always allow some buffer time else i’d be a goner). But someone else was worse, cos Murat had to go over to personally wake him up and get their asses to the airport. -_-

It felt soothing to land on Bali soil… i hope that the next time i fly there, i don’t buy a return ticket so i can stay there for as long as i want!

The first thing we did after landing was to get the driver to take us to eat bebek (duck) and sambal with rice. [< writing that just made me google for bebek in KL and salivating]

Next morning, i took a walk to the end of the garden…


This was our backyard view. Which was ridiculous.
I stood there admiring it and thinking it had to be one of the TOP backyard views i’ve ever had IN MY LIFE.


The five of us stayed in a 5-bedroom villa in Karang Saujana Estate, on the cliff side of Uluwatu. It was insanely spacious, with wide gardens enveloping the mansion, a massive infinity pool, a handful of outdoor lounge spaces (i didn’t even venture to the furthest one near the ocean -_-), and full staff to attend to us.



This was the lower level (spot side of pool on right), and the garden view where Rahul and my rooms faced, his was on the right.


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La Colline NATIVAGE Launch @ Tanzini, GTower

Comments (0) Beauty, Fashion, Style & Beauty, Featured Post

Our skin is subjected to an onslaught of outdoor and indoor pollution that threatens its natural balance, causing complexion to lose radiance, and age more quickly. Maybe it’s age, maybe it’s vices, whatever it is, i do feel my skin getting thinner and less plump than before #hellomid30s

Studies show links between pollutants, free radicals, inflammation and premature aging – all similar themes that have been coming up in books i’ve been reading.

Let’s be real, not many of us are going to drastically change our preferred lifestyles (i doubt i’ll ever give up that glass of red wine) but what we can do is take baby steps leading us to better well-being. That includes the movement we partake in, food we put into our bodies, the thoughts we think, and the products we allow to touch our skin.

My favourite skincare products come from a few main categories – organic, Swiss, or Japanese. That just seems to be a recurring pattern i’ve noticed of my selections in the past few years.

La Colline is a brand i’m very familiar with- having spotted a spa of theirs while traipsing around London, reviewed the products (with top marks) for the Harper’s BAZAAR Beauty Awards, then loved it so much i bought them as Christmas gifts, before doing some PR work for them in KL via Sasa Malaysia in 2016.

Last week, KBF did the PR + influencer engagement for La Colline again, this time for the launch of NativAge, the brand’s most recent anti-aging breakthrough that revives cellular tissue.

The event was hosted by La Colline and Sasa Malaysia at Tanzini, the swanky sky restaurant in GTower.


L: Isabelle Lee, Dior Yaw, and i (my Bali tan is still holding strong from a month back!)
R: I told Aida Sue that her hijab matched the flowers

Hello cute #KinkyBlueFairyTeam !

To right of picture is the new La Colline NativAge range being launched:- NativAge Le Sérum (RM2,199); NativAge La Crème (RM1,949); and NativAge La Crème Contour des Yeux (RM1,399).

Considering themselves a young brand at 20 years, La Colline has succeeded in providing the best Swiss premium skincare, thanks to their unique bio-technological active ingredients and the craftsmanship of complex formulations.

Derived in the land which celebrates well-being (mostly in the form of air quality, diversity, beautiful landscapes, health, and clean + secure environment); Switzerland is home to the La Colline PhD Fellowship at University Hospital of Zurich, whose sole commitment is to bring meaning to skincare by ensuring a significant progress in skincare breakthroughs.

Many years of research resulted in combining formulations like their Cell Impulse (a blend of Swiss extracts), Polluban Complex (high-performance active ingredients), CMAge® Complex (boost cellular metabolism), and Cell Life Extender. The two latter formulas are the main components that create the ultra-effective action called Eco-Regeneration, that is present in the latest NativAge range.

CMAge® Complex + Cell Life Extender = Cellular Eco-Regeneration

Their Cell Life Extender formula is an exceptional active ingredient that neutralizes free radicals (naughty molecules that are one of main causes of cutaneous aging) and transforms them into water and oxygen! Cell Life Extender has the capacity to regenerate itself, and as long as it’s present in the epidermis, continues its antioxidant function indefinitely. At the end of each transformation, it returns to its initial state, and starts a new cycle. It cannot be altered, broken down, even when exposed to UV; doesn’t interact with natural body substances; and only affects free radicals.

La Colline’s CMAge® Complex is product of the latest scientific discoveries on cellular metabolism, and the cornerstone of all La Colline formulas. It’s main characteristics are:
Oxygenation Activator:- bioactive complex is combined with micro-algae to increase oxygenation and stimulate the mitochondria and boost protein synthesis.
Moisturizing Agent:- hyaluronic acid bolsters and preserves cutaneous hydration.
Protective Factor:- complex of ceramides melt into natural lipid barrier of epidermis to repair and strengthen it.


Check out my personalized La Colline NativAge La Crème! 😍

I’ve been using it regularly since i received it, and love its luxurious texture with hints of citrusy mandarin and woody warmth. It comes encased in an elegant pink-tinged gold lacquered glass jar with a mirror-finish cap.


My starter of Tanzini’s Caeser Salad with sous-vide egg 🌿
Across me was Hannah Tan, check out her branded bling ✨



Belinda Chee was emcee, and went on stage to talk about the NativAge range with Sazzy Falak and Sarah Lian, who’d both got a sneak week to use the whole range pre-event. Lucky them!


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V Wellness Centre Kuala Lumpur

Comments (0) Featured Post, Health, Spiritual, Health & Develop

*Disclaimer*: I wasn’t paid to write this post, and was approached to try the procedures FOC. In fact, i dished out money for my blood screening test cos it’s outsourced. 😉


In my early 20s, i had the absolute “live fast, die young” mentality. Life ahead of me seemed really long and stretched out, with having to worry about dying in 50-70 years’ time too far away to consider pondering.

Cue mid-30s. Conversations with close friends sometimes touch on our medical check-ups, where we go, what kind of tests we undergo, cost, and new habits we undertake to be healthier. As you get older, the occurrence of friends suddenly passing away increase… and it hits you, hard. Heart attacks, strokes, cancer cases…

We’re the ones still here on earth, still alive, still able to take certain steps or precautions to extend our livelihood. Sure, God takes us when She wants, but i feel there are human actions we can partake in to take care of ourselves too.

Throughout the past 6 months, i’ve been sporadically stepping into V Wellness for some health scans, mostly because i hadn’t committed myself to checking how my body is doing… and it was time to give myself peace of mind that all was fine!

The fact that we have so many services, technologies + information at our fingertips to dive into the knowledge of our physical well-being gives us no excuse to turn a blind eye to our personal health (which, i know, many people do. It’s like they’re on some mission to avoid the doctors at all cost, but the irony is that by letting sleeping dogs lie, those issues could quietly grow till it’s too late.)


The wellness centre spans across a few fancy floors and i got a little confused walking around cos it’s so large and i only visited a few times (and would blindly follow Rabten or the nurse wherever i had to go next).

Before I started on a range of tests (each of which were individually suggested, to which i’d agree to take), i sat in a lounge area and went through a questionnaire with a nurse, that spanned a few pages long. Most of them revolved around my past medical history (nothing spectacular save for many stitches for being a tomboy) and lifestyle habits like how often i drink alcohol. There was a moment that sticks out in my memory >

Nurse: What drugs have you taken?
Me: What… kinda… drugs… are you referring to? Recreational drugs?
Nurse: Yes   *gestures tip of pen at empty space under question*
Me: Like, in the past few months?   *thinking oh, no big deal, just some spliffs*
Nurse: *stares at me confusedly*
Me: *i stare back and it dawns on me*   Oh! You mean, like… ever?!   *stares off into space as experimental mid-20s phase flashes through mind*
Nurse:  *poised with pen in hand*
Me: I think it’d be easier if you wrote what i didn’t take!

Never lie to your medics right? :p

The first test i did was a Bio Resonance Scan. Manufactured in Germany and used by Russian Cosmonauts to evaluate their health before a space mission; the Bio Resonance Scanner uses the principles of Quantum Physics technology to measure the frequency of individual body’s cells. Totes my jam. All matter consists of atoms that should be vibrating at specific optimum frequencies, and this machine uses electromagnetic wave signals of extremely low intensity to scan the biofield around the brain and nervous network via specially designed headphones.


I removed all my jewellery and metallic objects before just having to sit there for around 15 minutes, watching a screen in front of me showing the live scans of various parts of my brain, bones, organs, tissue, etc., one after another – in swift motion. It was fascinating!

Different coloured icons would pop up showing the energy levels of all the cells whichever part it was scanning – yellow exemplified optimum levels, pink/red meant average, and brown/black meant they were weak or in a compromised position.

Basically you’d want to see LOTS of yellow as the images flash by.


You can view a close-up of the chart above, here:

In contrast to an MRI scan (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) which has radiation involved (= less feasible) and can only detect current health conditions by creating images of organs and structures inside the body; the BR scan (Bio Resonance) is safe and able to detect future health risk factors.

Detection of subtle imbalances or ‘stress potentials’ in our body help us plan proactive measures to help correct any energy imbalance.

There were dozens of images that were shown to me on the screen, but the centre compiles scans of any parts with these subtle imbalances, to bring to my (and the doctor’s) attention.



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A new phase, a new team

Comments (1) La la la, Musings & Personal

This week has been painful, physically. My hips ache, my neck is stiff, my head hurts, even my heart ached (till i cried for a few minutes on Monday)! I feel like an aunty having to stretch every day so i can move around. -_- I think it’s mostly due to the gruelling 3.5hr #fckthefloorsessions i went to on Sunday, and all these shifts happening emotionally and mentally.

There has been a lot of release for me this week. Of people, beliefs, and mental moods; that i’ve clung unto for the past year. I feel like a different person, especially today. Wow, maybe my mental shifts are mirroring in my physical state – making me feel like i’m breaking out of my body. Cracking open a cocoon. Climbing out of an egg. Emerging as a new being.

Or maybe i’m just using that as an excuse for the fact i’m still hurting terribly from that dance session where the floor fucked me instead. (I have a newfound deep respect for exotic dancers. That, and the realisation i might be past my prime to take it on as a future career).


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A conversation with a snail

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I spent most of today on my laptop and phone working, whilst my 4 companions who have been my family this week went out drunking since lunch time. By 7:30pm, i’d had enough of screens for the day, and committed myself to wine time, a non-work vid call with Baby, dinner and lots of reading.


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