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Food Trucks in KL: A Meal At The Mothership

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Kuala Lumpur is in for a treat, because the Mothership has landed. Kuala Lumpur’s latest premium food truck has already begun making waves in the industry.


The Mothership is the brainchild of Malaysian party starters Alvin Teoh & Hoe Yin (more popularly known as DJs Goldfish+Blink) and their partners Simon Lam (Blink’s brother-in-law), who is the head of kitchen operations, along with VJ Anand (the executive creative director),  James Yam and Gerald Quek. The Mothership is the first offering by KAMI (the company started by the partners), and it definitely looks like they’re off to a brilliant start. Blink attributes part of the reason there were minimal hiccups in the planning and implementation stage was due to how these individuals aren’t just partners, but rather, family.

Blink and Simon who are from ‘foodie families’ came up with the idea one day when they were at home talking about the food they’d eaten throughout their travels. Fun fact: Blink’s grandmother is the Madam Kwan of the famed Malaysian Madam Kwan’s franchise, and Simon is a self-taught chef that used to run and manage Chinese restaurants in the UK.


Aside from being probably one of the coolest looking food trucks ever, The Mothership promises that at least 90% of the meals they have to offer are unique and completely new to the food truck industry in Malaysia. Check out the Mothership’s unique take on the hot dog >

Po Dawg The Mothership Kinkybluefairy KL Food Truck

The Po Dawg is a fried popiah shell, filled with pulled chicken as its main stuffing, alongside caramelized onions and The Mothership’s special blend BBQ sauce. It is their best-selling item, and definitely a must try.

Another fan favorite would be The Bolo >


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Fresh Off The Plane: Experiencing student life overseas

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I’m sure we’ve all experienced it- there comes a time when someone we know, be it a friend or family member, decides to pack his bags and pursue further education overseas. Heck, some of us might have or are planning to make the same decision ourselves. And why shouldn’t we, it’s certainly an exciting opportunity. The adventure of exploring a whole new country, meeting an abundance of people with completely different upbringings, all while being able to acquire the skills and theories necessary to further our careers.

Not many of us know what it’s really like until we walk a mile in the shoes of those who have made this big step in their lives. Is it really all fun and adventure the way our minds let us imagine? I, for one, never having the privilege of continuing my education overseas, often look on with envy as my friends begin their adventures and expressing the experience as perfect through the social media.

And then it hit me, instead of wondering whether this experience was everything that social media has led me to believe, I decided to ask a few friends what their experiences were like. I asked them about the good, I asked them about the bad, and occasionally, I got a lot more information than I thought I was asking for. But anyway, let me share the gist of what I learned from them, with you. Without further babbling, meet the lucky subjects of my little interview >

Nicholas Wong, 21, Economics & Management @ Kings College London, UK

Studying Overseas_KinkyBlueFairy_NicholasWong

Carpe diem moments like going up to Duck & Waffle after clubbing at 4am, or just paying £10 for Nasi Lemak because its oh-so-worth-it”

Achieving straight-As in his A-levels examinations back in 2014, Nicholas earned himself a place within London’s King’s College faculty of academics. Opting for a degree in Economics and Management, you would expect Nicholas to be a perfectionist when it comes to his work, as well as being extremely driven, and you wouldn’t be wrong. That doesn’t mean however, that his life lacks the excitement and thrill of those who spend a little less time with their books.

A self-described ‘altruistic hedonist‘, Nicholas is no stranger to the phrase ‘work hard, play harder’. Whether it be travelling, partying or just casual nights out with his closest friends, Nicholas has probably been there, and has managed to balance his academic duties alongside them successfully. 

It wasn’t all fun and games for Nicholas though. Although he decided to think of his time over at the UK as his next big adventure, he mentions it definitely wasn’t easy leaving behind the place he calls home, his family and his friends for such an extended period of time. Having traveled quite a bit before he moved to the UK to pursue his University Degree, it wasn’t the same as this was the first time he was travelling abroad knowing he’d be away from his family and his friends, and knowing that so much could change by the time he returned.

But as with every dark cloud, there is a  silver lining. Nicholas talks about how he has experienced so many things in the UK that he probably wouldn’t have been able to should he have had decided to stay in Malaysia. He talks about how travelling to Europe for the weekend was possible, being just a train ride away. Spain and Paris are just a couple of the stamps added to his passport during his semester breaks.

When asked about what advise he has for anyone who is planning to undertake a path similar to his, Nicholas says;

“Do ample research about the university, the course structure as well as the city you will be in. It never hurts to know the facts before making your decision. Also, do make contact with the University’s Malaysian Society, as they are always more than willing to help you adjust to the lifestyle over there, regardless of where you’re going.”

He then adds;

“On a less serious, but no less urgent note, Ipoh White Coffee, Indomie and sambal paste are part of the key necessities to survive when away from Malaysia.”

+ + + + +

April Tho, 20, Fashion Buying & Merchandising @ London College of Fashion

Studying Overseas_KinkyBlueFairy_April Tho

“If you’re thinking of bringing more things over in hopes of shopping less and saving more money, you know, embracing the ultimate student life… not gonna work out, honey.”

Readers who have read KinkyBlueFairy for a while now would definitely remember April, one of the Fairy Interns at one point of time, as well as a contributing writer to the blog. Initially thinking she would go for an Anthropology major over in the States or Canada, an acceptance letter from London College of Fashion made her realise that fashion was what she really wanted to do, ever since she was a child. Taking a leap of faith, with much support from her parents, April made the decision to pursue Fashion Buying and Merchandising.

Leaving home wasn’t such a big deal for April, who views it as a huge blessing. She mentions like all things new and undiscovered, it was a little scary. But her fears were definitely outweighed by the excitement of discovering new surroundings, meeting new people and getting used to a whole new way of life.


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Tainan Highlights: Fort Zeelandia, Hayashi Department Store, temple

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Besides all the food i managed to devour in Tainan, i think we did a fair bit of sightseeing for 2 days!


The Lion Travel van that took us from our hotel in Taipei to the train station.
We were to ride the high speed rail train (THSR) from Taipei-Tainan which would take us 2 hours and costs about RM120.


Don’t i just blend into the train station and the train itself


Uli and Yina from Singapore, me and Daphne from KL, and Tuniez and Mamo from Bangkok.


All chirpy and happy in the morning! By the end of the day we are the opposite of this… all dead tired from sightseeing haha


Arrived in Tainan, where first thing we did was walk out to find food!


Pic by Chanun from Bangkok, krap khun ka!


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The planet is our home

Comments (1) Nature, Nature, People & Beings

When i was in Porto a few years ago, i decided to go for a run along the river by myself to work off the extensive gobbling and guzzling i had been doing there (Porto is an AMAZING place for a food holiday!)
Because my running shorts had a tiny pocket, i only took my airbnb key and my credit card. I didn’t take my phone because i wanted to live without it for a tad. Surely i can survive a couple of hours without my phone?

I jogged across the wide bridge and ran along the riverbank, with the ocean in sight in the far distance. A little yellow splotch. I kept on going, past people walking their dogs, mothers out with prams, and fishermen with their rods lined up. My only intent was to keep going, without thinking about how i had to return later.

As i looked ahead, i worried a little, what if i get lost? What if i don’t know where i end up or how to go home?
And then a voice spoke in my mind: I won’t get lost! No matter how far i go, i’ll still be on this planet. No matter what happens, i am home.


I won’t get lost
cos the whole planet is my home
so no matter how far I go,
I can’t fall off
And I won’t get lost 🌎


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Freeze Your Fat Away with Zimmer Z-Lipo

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Being a bit rounder than my friends hasn’t always been easy. And no, it’s not because i’m hurt when they make fun of me, I’ve learned not to take that sort of thing too personally. Being round means I’m lugging around a little extra weight whenever my friends and I are in a game of football, or on a hike up Broga Hill.

We all know losing weight is mostly about combining a healthy diet alongside constant exercise; but for some reason, there is always stubborn fat that refuses to leave us, no matter how much we sweat it out at the gym, or how many times we replace french fries with celery sticks.

Recently a solution presented itself in the form of Zimmer, a German company specializing in creating revolutionary aesthetic products and services.

Zimmer recently unveiled their brand new Z Lipo cryolipolysis treatment. For those who aren’t sure exactly what cryolipolysis is, it is a process in which a machine freezes a targeted fat packet, theoretically ‘kill’ the fat, which will then be flushed out of your system naturally. The best part is it’s quick, completely non-invasive, and free from side effects.

Zimmer Z Lipo Machine 1

The Z Lipo treatment basically involves a suction cup (top right), that is applied on to the targeted area. This cup then uses suction to draw up fat and excess skin into the cup, which is then cooled to -7 ºC. This is completely safe, of course, as a special gel pad is applied to ensure the machine never comes in direct contact with your skin, hence, preventing any chance of frostbite or injury.

I was lucky enough to be invited to try out this new non-invasive procedure, and I have to admit, even after reading extensively about the procedure, I was more than a little afraid as I haven’t been to any slimming treatments or cosmetic procedures before this.

Having just been brought into Malaysia, RE Plastic Surgery Clinic is the place to be if you want to try out this out. Located in Publika, I nervously made my way there one rainy Saturday afternoon, unsure of what it would be like. Almost all my nerves were calmed the moment I stepped into the clinic, as I was greeted politely by the receptionist, before meeting Dr. Yap Lok Huei, a certified plastic surgeon who runs the clinic. Dr. Yap briefed me on the procedure to make me as comfortable as possible, before leading me to the treatment room.

The treatment room itself is pretty simple, nothing too fancy, but comfortable. The room was quiet, and considering I would be facing the ceiling for most of the treatment, definitely not too bright.

The treatment takes an hour for each targeted body part, so here’s a tip- bring along a book for you to pass the time, or bring a power bank so you can watch YouTube while waiting. I brought George R.R. Martin‘s Game of Thrones to allow myself to be surrounded by dragons and knights while hooked up to a machine slowly freezing my fat away.

Now, on to the actual treatment itself, the first step involves them applying a thin layer of gel and a pad that acts as a wall between the suction cup on the Z Lipo machine and your skin. This acts as a protective layer to prevent injury and skin damage of any kind. AND, it was cold. Wide awake from the unexpected cold, I watched as they placed the applicator on my belly.

After the applicator was placed firmly on the target area (namely the belly I had as a result of all the late-night nasi kandar and beers), the Patient Care Adviser, Phyllis, asked if I was ready.


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