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Japan: Tokyo-Kawaguchiko for UTMF 2016

Comments (3) Explore, Travel & Stay, Japan, Travel

Last Tuesday, i left for Tokyo with Jun. As it always is before any trip i take, it’s a race to get as much work done before being in transit, and the sleeping patterns i’ve taken on these days in an unperturbed manner can either be considered alarming or a downright skill. I recall sleeping 11pm-1am, then 4am-8am which is a total of 6 hours = i can survive and walk on to the plane (i once fell asleep outside the gate and almost missed a flight. But didn’t.)

Once on the plane, i collapsed into an exhausted slumber. 7 hours later, we arrived in Tokyo late at night. Took a train to Shinagawa, where Jun had booked a hotel within 2 mins walking distance from the station. The plan was to just sleep at the hotel then leave for Mount Fuji / Lake Kawaguchiko the next day. I would have liked more sleep seeing we only got into bed at 4am but the Japanese have this typical check-out time of 10am (!!!). It was a little painful. Instead of paying a little extra to stay in bed a couple more hours, we used the same amount to buy a couple of expensive coffees -_-


Checking in at almost midnight. The meal we had after down the street was unimpressionable so no pix.


My plane face. I got my sequinned sweater from the kids section at H&M in Penang! I saw it sparkling on the rack and grabbed it up right away wondering if i could fit into a 10-year-old-sized sweater. Indeed i could. Quite perfectly. Being petite has its perks!


The food rack at Mont Bell, a running/outdoor shop Jun wanted to pop into. I ended up buying a really cute + comfortable + functional (deflects 90% UV rays or something liddat) T-shirt with cartoon nuts all over it for 1,800 yen (RM76); and an awesome bell which is used to cheer runners on. I honestly just bought it to join my worldwide bell collection.


Ah Tokyo… new surprises every time, down every street, around every corner. There is always so so much to do regardless one’s interests. Thing is, i have so many thus have so many on my to-do! I checked out all the gigs that are happening this week and saw Holy Fuck is performing today (decided against it cos i have a sore throat and don’t want FOMO to get me more sick) but will catch YUCK this Friday! AH! (Both those band names sound unbelievable in the same sentence.)


My funny shirt from #monkistyle


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Finding a serious special someone

Comments (1) Featured Post, Personal Development, Spiritual, Health & Develop, Sponsored Post

When i was single, i relished in it.


I had more time to do all these things i didn’t previously have time for – hooping, blogging, spending time with friends, sitting on my sofa thinking about life (my favourite pastime).

As time went on, there was a little niggling sensation that it felt a little lonely. At times. I wouldn’t really want to admit it, but any single person you’re close to would most probably divulge how nice it would be to cuddle with someone to sleep. Or come home from a long day of work to someone to banter about your day with in complete comfort zone, or snuggle together on the sofa watching series  :roll:

Dating is HARD. We have so many expectations or desires or personal issues that block us from finding a partner.
I would think to myself:
Why is it so hard to meet someone i really like and who likes me back?
Is it our timing? Is my taxi light on when his is off?
Is it because i’m too fussy? (Answer: Probably.)
Am i hanging around in the same circles? (Answer: Probably, too.)
But but… how can this BE when i’m so sociable and go out and meet more people than the average person?

I can’t imagine how it’s like for others who are less inclined to do something due to lack of time or know-how.

There are those who want to date but don’t want to get into anything serious,
and those who are looking for someone to build a future with.
This blogpost is for the latter.

Below are some things i always talk about with friends… and wanna share here.



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Cool Gym apparel / Sportswear in KL

Comments (0) Fashion, Fashion, Style & Beauty


Let’s be real, finding the motivation to go to the gym can be tough sometimes.
I try to exercise regularly… mostly because I love bread (like Oprah!) and eat too much cheese. Also, I live with a friend who works out religiously and has an ass that won’t quit and that makes me think, “Hey, I CAN be like that too!”

Okay, I can’t. Haha. What’s important though, is that I try, right? Anyway, going to the gym becomes much more exciting when we get new gymwear! I remember how thrilled I was when I got my first pair of tennis shoes as a child, I thought I was going to play at Wimbledon.  😆

Well… Wimbledon didn’t work out but I do feel like I can do more squats with new leggings on. The great thing about fitness wear now is that there are so many to choose from!

Here are some that we at KBF think are pretty cool >>

Fit Rebel

Ex-corporate suit turned fitness entrepreneur Nadia Hasbi was importing Brazilian brand Liquido into Malaysia before kickstaring her own fitness wear brand, Fit Rebel.

Being an active person herself, she understands the pains and joys of shopping for activewear and wanted to create a platform where women could get exquisite and affordable apparel.


They’ve recently introduced SENI, a new line of high performance leggings that are the result of Nadia’s ongoing crowdfunding  campaign. Featuring hand-painted designs by Malaysian batik artists from the Malaysian Craft Development Corporation, the leggings underwent a series of tests to ensure that they can withstand the movement and impact of high performance activities (such as cross-fit, martial arts, running, dance and yoga) while staying comfortable.

Made of a blend of smooth and durable Lycra, these leggings are RM179.


They also have a range of other products such as shorts, skorts, tanks, sports bras and even casual wear. KBF readers get 10% off when shopping off FitRebel with the discount code: KBF10. (Available for limited time only.)
Get moving, people!!

Instagram: @fitrebelapparel

Tribeca at Bangsar Village II
Lot 1F-31
1 Jalan Telawi 1,
Bangsar Baru,
59100, Kuala Lumpur
Opening hours: 10am – 10pm daily
Contact number: +603 2287 6760

+ + + + + + + + + +

MOVE by Twenty3

Having just shown at KL Fashion Week a few weeks ago, I’m sure most most of you are familiar with Twenty3… but did you know they have fitness wear too? MOVE is their range of fashion forward activewear.


The fully monochrome collection is very edgy for the modern woman. I imagine she’d be the type who walks into the gym and has all eyes on her cause she’s ~fresher than you~ think Beyonce and Rihanna put together.


Instagram: @twenty3my

Twenty3 @ Atria 
G35, Atria Shopping Gallery,
Jalan SS 22/23, Damansara Jaya,
47400 Petaling Jaya.
+603 6731 1580
Store Hours: 10am – 10pm

They are currently running pop-up stores at Publika and Bangsar Village II too!

+ + + + + + + + + +

Lorna Jane

Australia’s leading activewear label is on a mission to empower every woman to lead her best life through the Active Living philosophy and the daily practice of Move, Nourish and Believe.
They translate that by churning out super fashionable apparel for all women!


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Penang for Hari Raya Haji weekend

Comments (4) Explore, Travel & Stay, Malaysia, Penang, Travel

Two weekends ago, Jun needed to meet a fellow runner in Penang who had completed UTMF last year (which Jun is taking part in this Friday) so he could describe the trail to him and know what to expect. The following Monday was Hari Raya Haji (a public holiday), making it a great weekend to get away for a longer period of time. We were afraid it’d be jammed heading up on the highway so we left on Friday night. It was still jammed anyway and we arrived at his family apartment at 1:30am. I headed to bed almost immediately and slept soundly till the next afternoon.

Oh to be able to sleep without setting an alarm!
I’d been getting 6 hours/night for the past week so i pretty much RAN away to Penang so i could get some sleep.


When i awoke, Jun was out buying breakfast.
He didn’t know what i felt like that morning so he bought… 7 dishes for me to choose from #damnlebih


L-R: Curry mee with blood, char koay teow and koay teow th’ng (all my absolute FAVES)

I’d surreptitiously packed my laptop charger and external drive thinking i would get a little work done there.
Arrived to realise… i’d forgotten the entire laptop 0_-
Was a little surprised at myself cos this has NEVER HAPPENED but figured it was for the best since i’ve not been separated from it for more than 24 hours since early June in Langkawi.

I just ate and slept allllll day, it felt sooooo goodddddddddd
In the beginning i was a little antsy, like what do i do? I can’t watch netflix! Can’t google something i’m thinking about to read up. Can’t do a little work here or there to feel less useless.
Wow i really needed to be FORCED to be off my lappie in order to recall what i would do with myself in its absence…
like read the books i brought,
breathe in the ocean air and mentally take note of how it smelt,
fall into cuddles in bed with abandon,
linger in and out of naps.

I glanced at the cats, you guys get to do this all day! I wish i was a cat


Right across the apartments is a little beach that is usually empty with no tourists, the way we prefer!


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A year

Comments (2) Dating, Fairy Love, Musings & Personal

The year seems to have blurred right by
We did so many things yet they all seem like a quick exciting dream
Diving in African seas, climbing Kilimanjaro, Bon Iver in HK,
COUNTLESS good meals, sunsets and drinks…

Thank you for teaching me courage, patience, compassion, focus and resilience

Ok fine i’m still learning them all
haven’t got the hang of it yet


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