What makes Rimowa the BEST

I’ve come to realise that any simple travelling outfit can easily be dressed up with one crucial accessory: luggage.

I think luggage is something that is largely overlooked by most people, because we tend to favour utility and don’t really see the need for it to be particularly stylish because it is only a means to transport one’s belongings around. However I’ve discovered that with Rimowa, utility and style come hand-in-hand.

If you’re not familiar, Rimowa is a German luggage brand that was started in Cologne in 1898 and was the first company to introduce aluminium trunks to the market in 1937. In 1950, Rimowa introduced its aluminium suitcase with the characteristic grooves which have remained iconic until now. The high quality aluminium is made from bauxite which is a sustainable resource and can also be completely recycled.


The Topas collection, one of the oldest and most iconic of the aluminium range, comes in a variety of sizes and is one of the lightest and most durable suitcases IN THE WORLD.


The Topas collection also comes in titanium, for those who crave extra luxe.

In 2000, the current President and CEO of Rimowa, Dieter Morszeck was the first to introduce the recyclable material polycarbonate to luggage making and changed the industry forever. Rimowa’s polycarbonate cases are extremely lightweight, highly durable, and nearly break-resistant because they are elastic and yield under pressure. Once the pressure is eliminated, they automatically return to their original shape.


The polycarbonate cases come in the form of several collections; namely Salsa, Bolero, Bossa Nova, and Limbo; not to mention a variety of beautiful colours.

Rimowa stands out due to its integration of style and utility. Durability aside, Rimowa suitcases are also equipped with certain unique features that sets itself apart, such as its sturdy lever-action lock which is securely set in the frame to prevent any damage. It is also equipped with TSA locks, developed by the Travel Sentry Inc. which makes security checks much less of a hassle.

Another stunning feature would be the patented Multiwheel® system, which was adapted from office chairs, allowing even the heaviest suitcases to be moved effortlessly. The polycarbonate cases come with the YKK zipper which has a tensile strength of 110 kg per inch.

The new Salsa Deluxe Hybrid also comes with three practical front pockets made of durable Keprotec® –reinforced with Kevlar® brand fiber to ensure all your small belongings can be stored efficiently and safely.


My favourite feature has got to be the award winning two-compartment-system which allows for each section of the suitcase to be opened separately. The Flex-Divider system is also adjustable which keeps both compartments of the suitcase neat and organised.

Additionally, for the fifth time, Rimowa sent the German national football team to the World Cup this year with custom made suitcases from the Salsa Deluxe Hybrid range featuring an embroidered logo that reads “Die Nationalmannschaft” (National Team) together with the respective player’s number. These suitcases were made in a special shade of red called  Victory Red which also appears on the players’ football jerseys!


No wonder they won!

If this hasn’t convinced you enough, Rimowa is also widely used by some of the most famous celebrities!


Hollywood actor, Bradley Cooper (left) and Victoria’s Secret angel Alessandra Ambrosio (right).
Ugh, so sexy… And the people carrying the suitcases aren’t too bad either.


My favourite model, Cara Delevigne (left) and my fashion spirit animal, Diane Kruger (right).


And… these two. Moving on.

To see the suitcases in action, check out this cute little video that Rimowa put out!

If you’re ready to take the plunge, you can check out Rimowa in
- Pavilion, Level 2, Fashion Avenue
- The Gardens Mall, South Court, Ground Floor

For more on Rimowa, check out:


Going all out

My clothes that is. My clothes should go out more often.
I realise i have so many clothes, but i’m always saving them for
“a particular event with a theme i’ll need it for” (tho who knows when that theme crops up)
or “that day when i REALLY feel like wearing it”.

Well screw that.
If’ i’m gonna be living each day like its my last, then my clothes should too.
I have this terrible habit of wearing the SAME favourite things over and over and over again.
SweetEe has seen me wear all of them countless times.
Nowadays i’m pulling all these nice things from my closet and just WEARING them, or else when would i?!

I haven’t gone shopping since i was in Korea in June (which is, trust me, considered long for me)
but i’ve been avoiding malls and online shops.
(Ok fine i went into Zara the other day cos the SALE sign was too alluring to resist,
but i only allowed myself a quick walk around :p)

Every time i feel like shopping i think about how i need to put $ towards furniture, renovation and big trips in 2015.
That immediately kills off most desire to buy anything :p (for now)

Stuff i’ve been wearing! >

Wore this to Ezra‘s Raya open house. Thanks for feeding me lots!
Watch him on That Effing Show on www.popteevee.net
Photo cred: Clem!

a-1 aug14 joyce-wong-fashion-blogger-malaysia

Necklace: Echo & Keera
Dress: Bangkok
Turban: By Jap
Laptop sleeve cum clutch: Snupped.com

+ + + + +

Work ensemble.
Photo credit: my right hand woman Sweet Ee!


Top: Zara
Skirt and shoes: H&M
Necklace: Bangkok

+ + + + +

It was a Friday and i was seeing lotsa people so i dressed up nice.
Got drunk at night partying for Sarah‘s birthday. Glad i didn’t lose my scarf cos i really like it.
Haven’t checked if it’s got a hole yet. I hope not.
Taken outside PULP @ Jalan Riong, Bangsar.
Photo cred: Vince PY. Get ready for a Levi’s project we’re currently working on!


Top: Topshop
Skirt: American Apparel
Scarf: forgot
Laptop bag: Snupped.com
Red jelly bag: Furla 
Red spiked shoes: Melissa 
Sunnies: Charles & Keith

+ + + + +

Wow such a glamourous background :p
Photo cred: Photog Jane Lee


Sunnies: Kate Spade
Denim shirt: Levi’s
Tights under shirt: Neubodi
Flats: Kurt Geiger
Vintage belt: Bangkok


+ + + + +

The day i went to the Google office and had breakfast there :)
I was feeling my S&S headbands that week and wore all red one day and blue the next.


Scarf: Hermes
Tiny polka dot top: Topshop
Headband: Sereni & Shentel
Parrot phone cover: Sottile Design
Long silk scarlet skirt: Sacoor Brothers

+ + + + +

Having Japanese lunch with Sweet Ee after a meeting an Sentral.
We ended up buying colourful crap at Typo. 
Meetings near malls are dangerous.


Headband: Sereni & Shentel
Shirt: Beautiful Disaster (she stopped selling tho)


Day 2 in Jeju, Korea: Mount Sanbang, Yongmeori Coast, Mount Songaksan, Jungmun columns, Cheonjyeon & Jeongbang waterfalls

This is gonna be a real picture-heavy post cos i took so many pictures on this ONE day itself!

I only had 3D/3N in Jeju, thinking it would be enough, but it’s NOT. I would recommend you to visit Jeju at least ONCE in your life cos it’s so breathtakingly beautiful, i was practically screaming in my head by myself the whole time (cos i was traveling alone).

No, but seriously. It’s a great place for a holiday with family/friends, cos it’s got so much awesome nature! Unless you hate nature. Which would be… strange.

Tips for traveling in Jeju:
- Stay for at least 5 days. A week to 10 days would be best so you don’t rush around like cray and still not get enough. I’d suggest staying on the East side of Jeju for half your stay, before moving to the West.
- Get an international driver’s license and share a car with 3 more friends (so going in a group of 4 is ideal, cost-wise). Me hiring a taxi for a whole day cost USD150. And you would WANT to have a car cos everything is quite far in between and you’d want to stop by diff spots marked out on a map and take your time without succumbing to that of a tour (plus you might be forced to see stuff you’re not interested in). Renting a car to drive costs much less.
- Use Airbnb like i did, and stay with the locals so you get a sweeter experience. I make my choice based on the reviews, so spending 2 mins reading them helps heaps.

I chose these spots to visit that particular day cos they were so kindly marked out on the map for me by a couple of Korean girls staying at the same B&B. I went there with minimal knowledge of which places to visit, but it all worked out well. I think i managed to visit some of the most pretty places on my trip. (I want to go back tho… SO MUCH i have yet to see!)



I was picked up from my B&B by a taxi driver called Mr. Kim (many of them go by Kim) and we headed to the temple on Mount Sanbang.

Mount Sanbang is the only mountain on Jeju that doesn’t have a crater, and is said to be the top of Mount Halla (a shield volcano in the centre of Jeju and the highest in South Korea). Legend has it that when a hunter tried to shoot a white deer on Mt. Halla, he missed and his arrow hit the mountain and consequently, the Halla spirit instead. Enraged, the Halla spirit ripped the top of its peak to throw at the hunter, where it fell near the coast.

Jeju is filled with legends like this! Love it.


You can see a memorial in the form of a ship just off shore, that was built to commemorate a Dutch sailor who was shipwrecked on the island in the 1600s. He later went home to write the first book (in a European language) on Korea.


The temple on Mount Sanbang is famous for the only cave shrine in Jeju, which is a short hike further up.


Because i was alone, i would take my time staring and absorbing the details on doors and knobs and walls and paintings and carvings… before wondering if i was taking TOO long and start running down the hill much later on :p


Sotongs Raya trip @ Clearwater, Ipoh

The six of us haven’t had a holiday together since January for Cammy’s birthday at Dusun. Now that Serena has popped and we can all travel (via land) together again, we headed to Clearwater in Batu Gajah for 2 nights. Matt and Serena gave the rest of us a free night’s stay there for our Christmas present last year :D :D :D


My attempt to snack healthy on the way there. Wrapping tomatoes and cucumber in basil leaves wasn’t a bad idea! Of course this whole ‘eating healthy’ plan got shot to hell once the holiday started :p

My denim shorts are from Levi’s latest collection, I keep on wearing them cos they’re so soft and comfy!


Our room was really nice for RM200/night! (with air con and hot water)

Clearwater is a golf resort that celebrated its heyday back in the day… and it’s got beautiful surroundings by a lake so you can fish and play golf. You just can’t expect much from the service there cos it’s extremely basic.

clearwater-ipoh-3 clearwater-ipoh-4

You can see what i mean by beautiful surroundings, but furniture in the restaurant is kinda old.


Selamat Hari Raya!!!!!

Selamat Hari Raya to everyone!!! I’ve spent the last two Rayas taking long holidays in Sri Lanka and Myanmar, so it’s the first in awhile i’m around (ok besides taking a road trip to Clearwater last weekend, but it was only for 2 nights). I think cos i haven’t been around during Raya for a few years, i only got invited to two open houses! It’s probably better cos i eat way too much stuff i’m not supposed to (nor should but my willpower is at is weakest right now).


One batch of friends tucking in at the Sufians


Ryan, Mo, Fook and Tianna had a little jamming session.

I came out of Rudy’s room to see them gathered together and was like, “Yay! Free music!”
Rudy joined them but after watching him talk and play and go all over the place, Ion was like, “He’s on his own planet.”
Me: *burst out laughing* “You’re the second person to say that to me in the past hour!”
The first was Rahul teehee.


Claudia and i totally vibin on some contemporary yellow patterns that day!

Past Life Regression Therapy

I have been led to believe that i needed to get this done in order to find dots to the whole answer i am looking for. One month ago i wouldn’t even have known what past life regression therapy was if you’d asked me. But for some peculiar reason, it has been coming into my space, the most obvious being an occasion when the words were being said aloud to my face. Even then, i still ignored it. When the desire in me to know became so strong, i went online to find out if there was one in KL.

I easily found a blogpost review of someone’s experience doing it, ironically, at a centre shy of 10 mins drive from where i live. I booked myself the next available appointment (a week from then), and started a detox 3 days prior, feeling i could be a bit ‘cleaner’ when i went for it.

A friend said that it was of utmost importance that i feel comfortable with the place and the therapist before moving forward, and i put it into memory. When i reached the centre, it looked and felt legit. There were books on spiritual awakening, and pamphlets on curing all sorts of conditions via hypnosis in stands.

I filled out a simple form, and entered the Dr’s office to find a tanned, smiley Chinese man of over 50. He reminded me of Uncle Laitong and the realisation that i liked him immediately put my heart at ease.

I was eager to start. And daftly assumed it could be started on the get go.
“No!” said the Dr, “Your past memories are like millions of files. Going into them to search blindly, is like going onto Google and not typing in search words.”
“I love the way you described it. OK, i totally get it now.”

A drawn out conversation was had before we began.

I was asked to sit in a relaxed position with my eyes closed on a comfortable chair, yet with my back straight so my chakras are aligned. The Dr. got me into a state of calm, to get me into that state between consciousness and subconsciousness. The whole time i could think. And i must have conveniently forgot that he *did* mention my being conscious, cos i started thinking that it wasn’t working, as he brought my visualisation through tunnels and space.

Man i don’t think this is working… what a waste of money!
*small tinier voice* Can’t believe i thought this could work
*louder voice* Oh just try. Just TRY. You’re already here …

So i tried harder. I called upon my angels to assist me.

Kwan Yin, Abundathia, Tara, Isis and… dammit. I forgot your name again. The fifth one. Sorry! I’ll go back and check later… (See my memory is bad even with my angels! I found out later it’s Artemis.)

When the Dr figured i had gone through enough tunnels and whatnot, i was asked to look down.
So i did.

Dr: What do you see?

I was thinking, “What do i see? I see nothing cos my eyes are closed -_- Things are blurry.” But instead of being openly negative, i replied, “Nothing… Urm…”

Dr: Take your time… What do you see?

From the beginning of the session, i was told to say whatever appears in my mind first.
Go with my instinct.
At the time, i replied joyfully, “Oh i love that game!”
But as everything was going on, i FORGOT that i was supposed to do that cos it was a bit surreal and i was trying not to panic or have disbelief in me. Which when i write down now, sounds ironically silly that the FACT i had to cast off my fears it would not work, i was in turn sabotaging my own hypnosis. (But i’m okay with that, i’m only human and tried the best i could then.)

I tried to be calm, and looked down as he requested. I saw some blobs take shape, it was like a distorted cylinder with two bumps at the end. I realised that i was looking down at my legs and feet. Or what was supposed to be my legs and feet except they didn’t look like my usual ones.

Me: Slippers. I’m wearing slippers. And a sarong.
Dr: Is your hair long or short?

Before i could conjure up putting my hands up to my head, i KNEW that i was wearing a turban.
I KNEW what my physical appearance was but had no idea my name nor location.
I was an old Indian man. It felt SO weird but NOT.
I’m in the room, yet i’m elsewhere. I’m in two places at once.
It was like a dream but different.



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