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Good Vibes Festival 2016 #MeetMeAtStarclub

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10 days ago i woke up extra early on a Friday to get work done, drive to a fitting in Cheras for KLFW, lunch with Baby, pop by the office to blow up some balloons, then home to get ready to leave for Good Vibes at 4pm!


Thanks to Heineken for providing us the ride back and forth! I do prefer sleeping in my own bed after a fest  😆
I didn’t know we were gonna get a 6-seater, cos i woulda brought MORE balloons!

8. August - Good Vibes Festival 2016-1

Wore my purple Palladiums and noticed how i seemed to be on a blue and purple theme that day!
Ring from Thomas Sabo, watch from Malaya Co, top from H&M, shorts from Levi’s, tote bag from Bangkok.
Necklace was handmade by a friend’s bf’s cousin a few years ago so i’ve completely forgotten her name :p


Joe came out to bring Jun and i in, we both have green hair!


The dolphin balloon popped from the pressure when we arrived :(


At Starclub, the designated drinking area serving Heineken, where we also picked up some goodie bags


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Spring in Hokkaido with Parlo Tours & Air Asia X

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Blog Header-Faridah


When Joyce assigned me to represent #KinkyBlueFairy for a media trip to Hokkaido, Japan with Parlo Tours and Air Asia X, I was over the moon as this would be my maiden trip to the “Land of the Rising Sun”! Haha, did I just use moon and sun in the same sentence? I amuse myself sometimes.

Joyce: I have been to Japan twice. You go for this one.
Baby: Are you sure?
Joyce: Of course! You deserve it!
Baby: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. *tears of joy*

I have only read about Japan, watched documentaries, and heard from friends who’ve been there on how great Japan is to the point some make it an annual holiday destination. My ex-boss visits Japan at least twice a year (exemplifying how much he loves Japan). I didn’t get it then but I do now, Japan is wonderful!

My trip started on Saturday. My overbearing sister, Dikwi, insisted on sending me to the airport (as she does ALL my trips). 

I arrived at KLIA2 at 9PM, and met up with the group at the designated check-in counter. There were 11 of us in total – 7 members of the media from various publications, 2 reps from Parlo Tours and 2 reps from Air Asia X. I was a bit nervous about the trip because I’m the only non-Mandarin speaking person in the group and afraid I would lose out on information throughout the trip. Luckily for me, Michelle Cheam from Parlo Tours volunteered to be my personal translator for the whole duration of the trip and later on, the whole group helped me in translate every single detail. I feel so grateful to be part of this media trip. Everyone was so nice, helpful and accommodating! #MediaFamily

We took the red-eye to Sapporo-Chitose airport. Reps from AAX, Siew Lee and Chui Yien, made sure we were all comfortable in our seats and well fed. Maybe next time, we get to try the sleeper seats 😛 After a meal of Nasi Dagang and coffee, I put my eye-mask on, slept for a good 7 hours and by the time I woke up, it was only an hour before touchdown in Hokkaido! 


Hokkaido is the 2nd largest island in Japan (after Honshu, where Tokyo is). Hokkaido and Honshu are separated by the Tsugaru Straits, but connected by the underwater railway Seikan Tunnel (oh, Japan. You thought of everything!). The largest city in Hokkaido is Sapporo (yes, like the beer). While people frequent Tokyo for its hustle, bustle, and nightlife; Hokkaido is a place you go to relax your mind and enjoy nature. Time moves rather slow in Hokkaido. I don’t know if it’s the weather, or the life there, but I felt so relaxed and whenever I glanced at my watch, was always surprised, “OMG, how is it still so early?! We’ve done so much!” Because time seems to move slowly, we managed to cover a huge area of the island – Chitose, Sapporo, Otaru, Noboribetsu and Obihiro in just 5 days. 

We arrived in Sapporo-Chitose airport at 8AM local time. Immigration and baggage collection was a breeze. We walked out of the arrival hall and was immediately greeted by our tour guide Mr. Chow, a hilarious and patient man (for always accommodating my request for extra time). 

Baby: Noooo… 5 more minutes!
Mr. Chow: Ok, 5 minutes. You run, now. Now it’s 4 and a half. Run, now!
Baby: *while running* THANK YOU, MR CHOWWWW!

The day was bright and sunny but cold, so cold. It’s a nice change to Malaysian weather though. I was so freaking happy to be in Japan that I didn’t mind the cold at all! I took a look around and saw that Japan is very clean. No cigarette butts on the ground, not even one single piece of rubbish around me. I’m so amazed! Amazed, and humiliated as to why most Malaysians are not at all concerned about the cleanliness of our own country. *sad face*

Spring in Hokkaido Media Trip with Parlo Tours & Air Asia X-1

As we got on the bus from the airport, we each received this brilliant fruit sandwich filled with fresh Hokkaido strawberries, kiwi and cream! I love Japan!

We began our Spring in Hokkaido journey by bus to Noboribetsu Date Dijaimura. It’s a history theme park highlighting the Edo Period (1603 to 1868) which is said to be the most interesting era in Japanese history. At the park, we got to see and experience what it was like during the Edo Period. All the staff were in character – the Ninjas, the Oirans (top ranked courtesan), the peasants, the business owners and the Samurais! The entrance fee is 2,900yen (RM107) for adults, 1,500yen (RM55) for kids, and 600yen (RM22) for toddlers. But if you’re travelling in a group, the fees would be much cheaper! So, book your trip with Parlo Tours, ok?

Spring in Hokkaido Media Trip with Parlo Tours & Air Asia X-8Spring in Hokkaido Media Trip with Parlo Tours & Air Asia X-10

Spring-in-Hokkaido-Media-Trip-with-Parlo-Tours-Air-Asia-X-11 (1)
Michelle Cheam from Parlo Tours

We stopped by a little shop called Waraji-ya which sells Dango – a sweet Japanese dumpling made of mochiko (rice flour). There are 5 flavours to choose from – sweet bean, sweet soy sauce, soybean powder, black sesame and plum. We ordered all 5 to share as the dumplings are huge in size. They cost 250YEN (RM9) per stick and every bite was like a party in my mouth! *much love*

Spring in Hokkaido Media Trip with Parlo Tours & Air Asia X-13


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Weddings, birthdays, outings & pokemon go

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Jun and i have been very busy with social events on weekends, plus with Good Vibes last week, and KL Fashion Week starting today; i think i’ll be ready for a quiet holiday very soon!! This is a pic diary of all the stuff we’ve been up to!


We went for Kubhaer and Serena’s wedding on a Friday night. I wish i could have gone for their other weddings (they had four ceremonies) but time wasn’t on my side so i had to settle for the city night do. Knowing Kubz and i have so many friends in common, plus it’s an Indian wedding = dancing + drinking! – i knew it was gonna be a blast. I readily wore my flats. Who cares if i’m short! I want to be able to dance and run around without killing my feet or having to take off my shoes.

When we arrived, the seating arrangement was ‘free seating’ which was unconventional but worked, cos everyone was flitting around socializing. Aps & Jamie saved us seats at their table… right next to the bar. I stood in front of the long bar surveying what to drink, from left to right was red/white wine, beer on tap, whiskey, rum, gin, vodka and some i probably didn’t notice.


Jun, me, Rahul, Holly and Aps

I had my hair washed + styled by Dexter at Centro Hair Salon just before, and Holly (who’s visiting from LA) came with me.


Aps and i entertaining ourselves with snow


Some of the #Formerfrees – Didi, Clouds, me, Jia Wei and Myra!
Don’t we look all grown up from our time working together in ’08 XD

Claudia left being editor of Cleo, and is now working with Jia Wei on Epik-Shop!
It’s got a lot of cool stuff and i just bought three posters to frame for my home last weekend :p
Logged off before i ended up with more stuff.


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Too Faced Born This Way Naturally Radiant Concealer

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Blog Header-Rachel

I’m a concealer hoarder. I own a drawer full of concealers which are nowhere near finishing yet I still buy more of them. I hate to admit it but I have yet to find my holy grail concealer.

Too Faced recently launched a collection of neatly packaged concealers, with 10 different shades to choose from, making it easy to find the perfect shade to suit your skin tone.

“Too Faced is a serious makeup brand that knows how to have fun. With an joyful approach to everything they do, Too Faced uses the finest, cutting-edge ingredients to create innovative cruelty-free colour cosmetics that women love to wear.”

The Too Faced Born This Way Naturally Radiant concealer claims to instantly hide perfections, make the appearance of dark circles vanish, and blur out the lines and wrinkles from our face. Infused with skincare benefits like Coconut Water to replenish moisture levels, Alpine Rose to brighten and boost radiance, and Hyaluronic Acid for a smoother and youthful appearance; the new concealers not only cover your imperfections but also help to keep your skin moisturized!


I’m really digging the coconut packaging! It gives off a summer vibe 🌴🌴🌴



Swatches from left – right: Deep, Dark, Deep Tan, Tan, Medium Tan, Medium, Light Medium, Light, Fair, Very Fair
[Note: All shades above available in Sephora SEA except Deep, Dark, Deep Tan, and Tan]

Joyce suggested that we each bring a concealer home to test them out since all 3 of us have different skin tones.

King/Faridah: But someone has to show me how to use this thing first.

*proceeds to show her how it’s done*


Joyce on using Medium Tan: I think you’re supposed to dot the concealer in a straight line for pic purposes when doing make up tutorials, but i’m a get-ready-in-5-mins kinda girl. I was REALLY getting ready for an event and found that the best time to test the Born This Way concealer for real! I found the texture to be more moisturizing than other concealers i’m accustomed to, it’s almost like putting on liquid foundation but one that’s creamier and dare i say, lighter. Easy to blend.



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Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso 85th Anniversary @ 8 Jalan Conlay

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Blog Header-Rachel

Joyce and I attended Jaeger-LeCoultre‘s event to celebrate the 85th Anniversary of the Reverso. Hosted at a lavish space on Jalan Conlay, it was an intimate afternoon soiree where everyone was handsomely dressed up. Paired with a constant flow of champagne and splendid canapés from Nathalie’s Gourmet Studio, we felt like tai tais for a day.

Jaeger-Le Coultre Reverso 85th Anniversary @ 8 Jalan Conlay-100




Jaeger-LeCoultre is based in a little town called La Sentier, right beside Geneva in Switzerland. The luxury Swiss watch manufacturer is the only one in the world who designed a wrist timepiece that can be reversed, the Reverso. Inspired by a group of British army officers who challenged Jacques-David LeCoultre to design a watch able to withstand their games of polo, the Reverso’s face dial flips over allowing the watch to withstand all blows while losing nothing of its elegance. Since then, the iconic Reverso has been a statement piece of being different.

Everyone present at the press presentation was shown the video below, exemplifying the detail and passion that goes into the process of every single component that comes together to create a Jaeger-LeCoultre timepiece.


Maxence Kinget, South-East Asia & Oceania Managing Director Jaeger-LeCoultre; with Joyce



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