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Online Shopping :)

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Blog Header-Rachel

You know your online shopping addiction is real when you see the same courier man ringing at your doorbell with yet another parcel at least once a week. That was me once upon a time in my University days. I still stumble upon clothes with their price tags intact and tiny knick knacks in bubble wrap; evidence to my impulse purchases of very unnecessary items.

Online shopping is a form of guilty pleasure. I find joy in receiving parcels addressed to me. Often, the feeling of surprise comes before delight because I tend to forget what I’ve purchased. I also have a habit of online window shopping now and then. I just can’t help it. I blame Instagram/Facebook for enticing all of us with shopping ads. I’ve put together several online shopping sites that carry fun, versatile and edgy fashion, accessories and lifestyle items for you to feast your eyes on! >


Cuevolution was introduced in July 2014 with the aim of showcasing exciting designers from around the globe. Founded by former scientific researcher, Lim Ai Chiin, Cuevolution is a celebration of individuality and the unique symbiosis between designers and trendsetters. Inspired by each other, Cuevolution believes in the evolution of the designer’s creation and trendsetters’ sense of style. In that spirit, designers have teamed up with Cuevolution to create exclusive pieces that are only available at their site. *Blogpost on their physical showroom here*


Brigitte Natural Hemp Boater w/ “Daydreamer” Embroidery (USD 375); Sunny Ivory Toyo Sunhat w/ “Do Not Disturb” Embroidery (USD 465). Both items by Eugenia Kim.


Rosa Hand Painted Clutch with Acrylic Paint by Azooi (USD 345); Tear Down Your Honey Tank Top in Peach/Teal by Moto Guo (USD 355).

Instagram: @cuevolution

+ + + + + + +

Zalora Malaysia

Zalora is one of Asia’s leading online fashion destinations with over 500 top international and local brands and designers. They are one of the largest and fastest growing fashion focused e-commerce sites in Southeast Asia.

As I get older, I gradually got absorbed in what my friends like to call, the #AuntyLife where we shop for bargains or deals. Sometimes one of us will get a discount code with a disclaimer that says “Only applicable with RM 500 purchase”, which leads us to gather the whole girl gang or mom gang to put our purchase into one transaction.

If you’re someone who loves great deals, voucher codes and exclusive promo codes while shopping online, Saleduck Malaysia has got you covered if you shop at Zalora (and other sites). They go by the code names “discount guru” and “voucher hunter” because they too want you to embrace the #AuntyLife to the fullest. Follow them on Facebook and check out their *website* to lookout for great offers all year round of the latest fashion and fashion trends.


Aldo Bower Wallet/Sling Bag (RM 268.9); Something Borrowed Off Shoulder Romper (RM 79); Zalora Ankle Strap Heel Sandals in Blue (RM 109).

Instagram: @zaloramy

+ + + + + + +

Young Hungry Free

Young Hungry Free is a Singapore fashion label that has gained international recognition. They carry pieces that are edgy, street and chic.


Tastefully Yours Romper in White (SGD 37.8); Sneak A Peak Top in White (SGD 31.8); Basket Skirt in Brown (SGD 31.8).

Instagram: @younghungryfree


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Japanese design store Koncent Malaysia

Comments (0) Art, Art, Architecture & Culture

Blog Header-Rachel

I really love everything about Japan; from the onsen eggs, cute novelty stores and canggih technology to the efficiency of their public transportation system. Sometimes during the weekends, I go through pictures of my recent sakura-filled trip to Kyoto/Osaka and cry over how beautiful it was 😢

Joyce shared about this awesome Japanese Zakka store in our neighbourhood… which I had zero knowledge of its existence. I’m even more surprised with the fact that no one is raving about them yet. We hope we’re the first ones enthusiastically raving about them!!!

KONCENT is a Tokyo-based retail store that connects consumers with the world of Japanese design. It is the brainchild of Hideyoshi Nagoya, founder of a product design studio based in Tokyo called h concept. In Japanese, KONCENT literally means power point or metaphorically a source of energy.

The KONCENT outlet in Malaysia is operated by local partner, Pride Works who were also the ones to introduce a similar range of products under The Jekyll & Hyde Project. Sharing similar passion towards Japanese designs, culture and the design industry as a whole, KONCENT Malaysia aims to introduce more delightful products to Malaysian consumers and also to serve as a platform for all sorts of design-related activities.

There’s even a cosy little cafe corner in the store that serves coffee, green tea and cakes while you slowly explore the range of design products or browse through their private collection of books. Sounds like a place that I can camp out at all day!

We’ve listed down some cool and innovative products of brands in store that you should check out >

+ d is a brand of interior decorating items collaboratively designed by h concept and product designers in Japan. The Japanese are good at integrating creativity and functionality into their products with the use of their cultural references. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the little details which goes into each individual item.

Kaki Floating Vase (RM 73.14) – This vase makes it look like a flower is in midair. It’s made of soft material that can be repeatedly stuck to flat surfaces like glass, mirrors or tiles.

Flowerman (RM174.90) –  Turn a single flower into a soothing friend! He’ll watch TV with you in the living room or see you off at the door. He can even take on a variety of expressions as his flower starts to droop over time, appearing to be lost in thought or dozing off. Place him wherever you like and he’s sure to make your day a little brighter.


UnBrella (RM 408.10) – A revolutionary new umbrella that makes rainy days fun! It closes inside out with the wet surface inside, keeping it out of the way of those around you in crowded places. Its reverse design also helps keep you dry whenever you step out of a shop or your car. What’s more, when you set it down, it can stand on its own without an umbrella stand!

This is the original version that is designed and made in Japan since 2013.


Folio Tissue Box (RM 72.08) – ‘Folio’ means to “fold in two”. Tissue boxes tend to take up a lot of room, but folding them in half helps them use less space. Folio can be put into different positions at different angles.  Also the top and bottom have slots to pull out tissues from, which increases its versatility.


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Ken’s Curious Grocer Test Kitchen

Comments (0) Food, Food, Drinks & Desserts

Ken Lai is one of the people i’ve known for over 10 years from Somo days… back when he + Andrew + Vince ran it (for a good 5 years too!). His passion for food must have taken its first professional foray then, and now, it’s taken another turn.

We’ve been whatsapping each other about how we have to meet up to catch up, but as one gets older and amasses more friends + responsibilities, everyone finds it harder. I myself have a mental queue of old friends i want to see, and we probably do a lunch or dinner once a year. In between weeks of messaging, getting the date wrong (me), postponing due to work (him); the stars finally aligned and all was set. But suddenly Jun was sick with a viral flu, and Ken sounded so disappointed they wouldn’t get to meet.

For some reason, Jun said a voice was telling him to go, and he shuffled his poorly self to Ken’s office / showroom / test kitchen. I had no idea what i was in for. I didn’t even know what kinda business Ken was running now, except that it was to do with food!

Curious Grocer is his food business which imports weekly shipments from Japan and Spain to Malaysia, which he supplies to F&B establishments and hotels, but also sells online to the general consumer like us. I think he’s adding more to the website soon.

When i stepped into his workspace, my first reaction was “Wowowowow! What is this!”

Ken's Curious Grocer Test Kitchen-3

Ken's Curious Grocer Test Kitchen-2

The Lava V.333 vacuum sealer.
Jun has a larger one in his kitchen and said he’d not seen this small and compact version before.

The German-made Lava vacuum machine above starts from RM 1,999 for home units (with 2 years warranty) with its more expensive sister model going for RM 3,300.
I observe Jun using his to pack all these separate parts of fish/meat to cook in the sous vide machine for hours, keep the rest for times we want food on-hand, to keep it fresher, and to cook it in its own juice instead of oil so it’s healthier. Plus the packed fish/meat takes up less space in the fridge to keep when you stack it, so it’s a lot neater.


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Being the boss

Comments (2) Musings & Personal

Nobody tells you how many more hours you’d have to work
Or heartache you go through as you learn how to deal with people’s emotions as well as your own
Learning how to improve yourself, and everyone around you
Keeping a balance, a seemingly normal life while trying to juggle a dozen things at once
Utilizing every second and minute to be productive and efficient
Maintaining your cool when clashing occurs

Oh god i’m so tired!


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The Lunch Club X Tish Lifestyle: A Thousand and One Nights

Comments (0) Food, Food, Drinks & Desserts

Blog Header-Rachel

The Lunch Club recently got a face-lift and came back into Kuala Lumpur’s foodie scene unveiling its newly revamped platform. The Lunch Club’s website features over a dozen independent foodpreneurs across the city with yummylicious spreads ready to be ordered directly online for easy group catering. Their mission is to democratize the independent food industry by cultivating a community of foodpreneurs or what they like to call, Food Maestros, and urbanite foodies.

The recent beta launch of The Lunch Club’s new website is refreshed weekly with scrumptious offerings from Food Maestros like TwobySeven, The Rebellious Chickpea, Simply Sandwiches, Cooking Men Co., Food Matters, Sekor & Co.Little Fat Duck, and Thyme Out.

Self-catering for events and occasions is just a click away with their easy-to-order web interface. The Lunch Club caters to orders with a minimum of 6 pax. You can opt from a range of serving formats to suit the theme of your occasion; ranging from canapé styles and shared plates to individually packed meals, each designed to suit a variety of occasions such as corporate training sessions to team meals, launch events to birthday parties and even family dinners. Throwing a foodie party has never been so easy!

The #KinkyBlueFairyTeam were invited to an intimate makan-makan/buka puasa session to get a taste of what The Lunch Club has to offer. The soiree was inspired by the tales of A Thousand and One Nights and was a a creative collaboration between The Lunch Club and Tish Lifestyle.




Lemon Thyme Roast Chicken.



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