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The End of an Adventure

Comments (6) Dating, Musings & Personal

The closing of a chapter.
The beginning of a new phase.

“I think it’s time,” Baby said to me today. “Are you gonna write about it?”
“Is it? I have so many other things i need to write about!” I made excuses. Then reverted to the core emotion: “I’m scared!”
“Face your fear!” she cheered with gusto.

I think it is time… most people have guessed, but i’ve spent the past month bumping into friends who ask me, “Where’s Jun?”
And then i have to go into a whole explanation in summary about how we’ve broken up.
So i’m gonna write about it so everyone can please stop asking me cos i’m bored of talking about it already. My friends are bored of talking about it too, they’ve had to deal with it for MONTHS.

I’m not even sure where to start. It’s such a long story. And i’ve learnt so much from this relationship.


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DCODE House of 1A

Comments (0) Events, Events, Party & Festivals, Featured Post

I rocked up solo at the preview of DCODE, that was held in Tujo Bar at the Ascott. After taking a shot at the photo wall (no pic means no proof right?) i gingerly stepped inside to survey the vibe and where i should head to first.

Lam (who was my team manager when i used to work in BAT) ushered me to have some food, and i thought, “Yes, fill my tummy before i start drinking.” There lay a spread of medium rare steak with a variety of sauces, and oysters that were regularly replenished on a bed of ice. As i stood behind a couple i didn’t know and stared at the oysters, i jumped into conversation with them, “Dammit. If i knew there were oysters here i wouldn’t have eaten them yesterday!”

One of them said, “You can never have too many oysters!”

Actually, yes you can. When i went to the Whitstable Oyster Festival with Neena + Jason, i ate so many oysters i almost threw up oyster, and didn’t feel like eating a single one for an entire year. Now my penchant for them is back with a vengeance.

Turns out the couple were tattoo artist Taco Joe and his gf Shanta, who was very sweet to invite me to join them.
“Who are you with?” she asked.
“I came alone.”
“Join us,” she nodded her head towards the next room and led the way.

At the table were more people i knew like Julian Oh (who did my upper arm tattoo) whom i chatted to while eating my food. Dennis Yin emceed, and i got to meet Jazel Lim in person for the first time (whom we’ve only communicated with for work via email) and found myself enjoying my conversation with her. #Sorrynotsorry Millennials, but i seem to only connect with some individuals of your generation. But then again, i believe it’s not an age thing… it’s a personality thing.


With Venice Min and Jazel. Doesn’t she look like a Disney cat?

We discovered we have a 10-year age gap.
Jazel: I hope i look like you at 34!
Me: Oh you will, Asian genes!


Had a great chat with Roen whom i spilled secrets to… cos he’s an old friend. And also cos i made him swear on his daughter’s life. This is gonna be my new trick – make sure friends who are parents keep mum by making them SWEAR ON THEIR CHILDREN’S LIVES. 😆


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Living dangerously since 1983

Comments (0) Nature, People & Beings, People & Beings

I was over at my parents’ for dinner one Sunday.

Daddy queried whether i fixed a locksmith issue i’d asked him a contact for, and i said it was for a friend’s door.
Then he asked, “Do you know how to open a door with a card if you were locked in?”
I shook my head.
He continued with hand gestures, “You slot the card in so that… … come, i show you.” And he got up from the sofa.
I followed suit ohkay tuition time

We headed to the kitchen where Mummy was cooking noodles, and he taught me how to cut a plastic card into an L-shape in the case the door lock was slanted the opposite way.

“Does this mean i have to put an L-shaped card in every room in case i get locked in?” i stared off into space weighing its actual possibility… “Are you afraid i’ll be stuck in a room and nobody would find out and i die in that room!?” I continued babbling to myself as much as him, “I guess if i did get stuck, it would take days before i get discovered… maybe i should start a system where i message our family group chat every day, and if i don’t, then you have to come looking for me!”

Because i’m such an independent person, i’m sure my parents worry sometimes when i don’t get in touch for days or weeks. Just today i had a lunch date with Daddy and he asked if i’d heard from Nick cos he hadn’t messaged our family group chat for awhile. “Wait,” i said, opening Nick’s IG profile. I clicked on his instastories and showed Daddy, “See, he updated 15 hours ago, he’s alive don’t worry.”
Daddy: What’s that? Is he trying to sell one of his fountain pens?
I looked at the screen and typed a message back to my bro: Give me la
Nick replied: Too late


Back to that Sunday night, my parents were clearing out the storeroom and found a whole stack of old photo albums we ended up going through.


This is me at 1.5 years old.

Me: Wasn’t that a bit dangerous, letting me stand on a tricycle like that…
Daddy being all nonchalant and blasé: Mmm… probably



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Going Organic with Skinsaikel skincare

Comments (0) Beauty, Fashion, Style & Beauty, Featured Post

When i went to Sydney earlier this year for my cousin’s wedding, i managed to squeeze in a meeting with Vince, the founder of Skinsaikel, whom i had not met before. He had reached out to me via email a few weeks prior and wanted to discuss the possibility of KBF doing the PR for Skinsaikel in Malaysia. I couldn’t help thinking how kismet it was that i would be in Sydney (where he’s based) and after a coffee meet up and a dozen emails later – we took on the project to seed their products that would be making its debut here.

I was really excited cos it’s a skincare line that is 100% vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, and free of parabens, sulphates, SLS, silicone, and artificial colour & fragrance.

Over the past year, i’ve found myself increasingly difficult to work for brands that i’m not passionate about, and have been turning down projects just because they are products or services that i don’t believe in / would use… and felt that i was killing my own business because of my damn conscience.

With a brand like Skinsaikel, it’s exactly the type of brand i want to be associated with – who’s ethical, socially conscious, and want to provide products that will aid rather than harm people.

Founded by two Malaysians based in Sydney, Australia (one of whom is a doctor but they don’t wanna mention it on their website as not to misuse her title but heck i’m writing it here); Skinsaikel is an ethical and sustainable eco luxe organic botanical skincare brand that caters to a range of skin types.

Animal lovers will be down for it cos absolutely no animal bi-products are used in any formulations, and of course, no testing on animals. Emphasis is placed on producing effective and cruelty-free skincare using natural botanicals which are harvested sustainably, with plants’ vital ingredients and valuable bio-active components that remain intact through the methodical extraction process.


Because it’s such a pro-vegan and organic brand, we agreed to seed Skinsaikel to influencers in KL who were into nature, animals, health & fitness, and veganism. And that was exciting for us at KBF cos typically we reach out to KOLs who are into fashion and travel for most of our projects! We also gave away some products to people who weren’t typically digital influencers, but fit the brand really well and had an online presence 🌿🐰

I compiled some of their pix and reviews at the end of this post (didn’t put them all cos there are so many!).

But first, here’s my review >


REFRESHING – Radiant Antioxidant Mask, RM 198
MOISTURIZING – Gentle Moisturiser, RM 168
MISTIFYING – Vitalising Antioxidant Mist, RM 138
DEFYING – Youthful Eye Cream, RM 218
PURIFYING – 1-Minute Facial + Exfoliant, RM 156
* CLEANSING – Gentle Cleanser, RM 148 [not pictured cos i forgot to grab it from the shower 😂]


1-Minute Facial + Exfoliant, RM 156

“This unique formula of both AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) and BHA (Beta Hydroxy Acids) helps to remove dead skin layers and enhance cell turnover. Sandalwood and Tea Tree Powder granules gently buff off dirt and oil to unclog pores, leaving your skin feeling smooth and refreshed. Its antioxidant and soothing properties help to protect newly revealed cells.”


After washing my face (or sometimes, i don’t haha. I just apply it while i’m working on my laptop before i jump into the shower), i massage this quickly on my face once a week and leave it for a minute (usually more cos… kiasu). Letting it sit allows the AHA & BHA to exfoliate my skin further.

There is a slight tingling sensation and redness (which is mentioned on the bottle) due to the natural Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA), but it goes away after i rinse it off with lukewarm water followed by cool water. And tada, softer skin right after!

For someone who doesn’t prioritize time for facials in a beauty salon, this makes me feel that at least i’m giving my face a bit of love.


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Malaysian brand Karya mats for Yoga & Fitness

Comments (0) Featured Post, Health, Spiritual, Health & Develop

When i got back from my little month-long adventure in Bali, i felt a shift in myself which inadvertently meant my life and everything i surrounded myself with changed too. Things were happening quickly (and still am) in terms of my lifestyle, movement, the people i surround myself with, my thought patterns, my moods, work projects… i started appreciating the little things again, and prioritizing the big things.


Little things = admiring how the evening sunlight falls on my Balinese dreamcatcher in my bedroom, or what a great cloud day it is ☁️
Big things = implementing more positive habits, more movement, more laughter, more focus, more manifestation, more thought; into my waking hours

I was so accustomed to doing more daily movement in Bali, that i decided it was high time i got a yoga mat in KL.

Previously, i’d just bring a yoga mat towel with me to my classes, but now that i wanted to do more stretching and movement at home, i hunted around for a local yoga mat brand and as the Universe would have it, found newly-launched Karya Mats.

Finally, a homegrown yoga mat label that is made from biodegradable natural rubber and is prettyyyyy!


karya mats is a purveyor of versatile, comfortable, and stylish eco-conscious fitness mats. We believe form, function, and fun come together in fitness. Our pieces are sourced from biodegradable natural rubber and printed with unique designs crafted with the modern-day fitness enthusiasts in mind. Each design series comes in a limited edition batch and new series are rolled out every quarter annually to ensure variety and quality.”


Thanks to Pika, the Co-Founder of Karya Mats; KinkyBlueFairy x Karya Mats have collaborated to give away 1x karya mat of the winner’s choice, and discounts on karya mats. Read till end of post to find out how!


What my living room currently looks like. I pushed all the sofas to the side to make way for more space – yoga, friends lounging about, more space for more people (not like i have many over nowadays XD).

I find that having a yoga mat in one’s living room gives guests permission to use it… i regularly find friends suddenly getting into a downward dog or chaturanga, or someone passed out (hmm quite a number have passed out) on it. I myself use it to lay on and do some weird air dance with my limbs late at night while listening to music when i’m too tired to stand and dance 😂

It’s super easy to clean by wiping with a wet cloth, or can even be thrown into the washing machine on gentle cycle.

It’s soft and beautiful. I love it. I never knew i could have so much passion for a yoga mat 😏


It even matches my sunset view!!! 🙌🏼 🌄


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