RIP Homey

I had to write a blogpost for Homey, cos he totally deserves it, as does his best man friend Deep.

The first time Homey came on a road trip with us, he stepped all over me in the car till i got banished to the backseat.
But i totally accepted it cos the front seat was *his* seat anyway, and i was small enough for him to bully.
I’m so happy i have this blog… cos it holds memories of him too. *Blogpost here*

Homey always had some rocking birthday parties.
Deep would invite everyone over to the house for Homey’s birthday parties.
The house would be filled with people streaming in and out,
there’d be SO MANY doggie birthday presents,
and there was a mini-party going on in every room.

Homey lived up till 13 years old and passed away last Tuesday.
I couldn’t get a hold of Deep on the phone and was heading home when this voice in my head told me to just turn on to Deep’s road to check whether he was in.
Cos that’s what you do right when someone is going through a loss.
You go find them, and you sit with them.
Another thing that made me really WANT to be there, was because i remember when i lost Steven, it was so hard for me to handle that i would run off to Deep’s house to seek solace and he was always there for me.

After i had parked across Deep’s house, i saw him standing outside.
“Just in time,” he said.
“In time for what?”

I was just in time for Homey’s funeral.
My timing couldn’t have been better.

The guys had already dug a hole in the forest across the road, and we all made our way into it.
I was flicking off giant red ants crawling all over my feet and legs, and tried to be calm. I’m sure ants can sense fear, so i simply said, “Sorry for being in your territory… don’t bite me!”


Deep broke open a bottle of tuak he brought back all the way from Kuching.
He poured the first bits into Homey’s mouth and we all took swigs from it after.


The whole family came for the funeral too – Deep’s sister Sheila, their mum, and Trish and Moe.


The kids drew a picture for Deep, so sweet.
He was like, “Wah, sempat ah!”


We left Homey half a bottle of tuak.

The mood was sombre.
Deep said a few words, and no one said any after cos it was a bit too difficult.
I think we were all choking up quietly.

We all went back to the house after, where we hung out for hours,
drinking, eating, talking and exchanging funny stories about Homey.
When it was dark, candles were lit on Homey’s grave.

Losing a dog is like losing family.
It’s so difficult.
We always think that our pets will live forever… they become so close to us that we forget we’re actually a different species and our life spans are not of the same. And when they go it hurts so badly.

All we can do is pacify ourselves with the knowledge that all dogs go to heaven, and that all our doggies who have passed on are playing together in a giant green field somewhere up there filled with rabbit holes, balls of every size, cats that like being chased, and yummy doggie goodies of every kind.



H&M Home Media Preview

* By Joe Kwan *

It seemed like the stars had aligned perfectly when I was asked to cover the H&M Home Media Preview; as I am currently in the midst of an agonising moving process, and seemed to be faced with, for lack of a better term, decorating constipation.

Decorating a space, be it only one room or an entire house, is a daunting task, especially if you don’t have an idea of what you want; or in my case, too many ideas. I was excited to see what new ideas H&M would be able to provide with the arrival of their new Home collection in Malaysia.

We were whisked off by a shuttle from Bangsar Shopping Centre at promptly 2pm last Wednesday and were delivered round the corner to Rhombus, where the event was held. A sleek elevator brought us right up to the 11th floor, which opened directly into the unit where everyone made their way into the immaculately decorated space whilst breaking into murmurs of delight.

The collection is described as “Clarity and Poetic Romance”; with the promise of texture, contrast, opulence and warmth; keeping in mind with H&M’s concept of “fashion and quality at the best price”.


The beautifully set up main/living area.


Loving the simplicity of these jewellery cases! And how cute are these storage boxes that are made to look like books?


I’ve never been one to fuss about crockery but these are just too cute!



Behind-the-scene shots @ Jump Street Asia

This week has been challenging in the sense that i’ve barely even had time to feed myself properly (which is bad) but it’s okay cos i rarely do this.

Monday: i had lunch at 2pm, dinner at 10pm then worked till 2am
Tuesday: i had lunch at 3:30pm (i felt so faint i made a beeline to food and nothing else), dinner at 8:30pm, then slept at 3am (my fault for going out till late)
Wednesday: i had half a noodle soup at a 10am meeting, then snacked on slices from half a zucchini at 1:30pm while driving to a shoot. Quite sad right. I just really didn’t have the time to eat!!! Luckily Adam was so nice to get a group of us food from the Bangsar Ramadhan market for dinner which i dug into like an animal at 8pm.

I am so tired that i was in bed by 10pm! But i’m still awake… blogging this post cos i know tomorrow is another jam-packed day, so i better do this now before it adds on to my ever-growing To-Blog List.

Today was by far the most tiring but FUNNEST SHOOT EVAAAAAA!!!
Photographer Vincent Paul Yong was to shoot me for a Levi’s campaign,
and i picked Jump Street Asia as the location cos i thought mid-air shots would be so cool.
Plus just BEING on a trampoline is so much fun… the last time i was on one was 4 years ago in Surrey with Yishyene!

Jump Street Asia is the first trampoline park in Malaysia, and is right behind the Robert Bosch building down the road from Jaya One in PJ. It’s in a massive warehouse and has lots of different trampoline activity areas like Dodgeball, Basketball, Free Jumping Areas, The Foam Pit, The Cage, and The Wall. Find out more on

Thanks so much to Duncan for granting us permission to shoot,
giving us a personal lesson and providing his staff to take real good care of us!!!


Laine Wong did my make up. Check out her new tattoo done last week by Julian Oh.
Incidentally Adam got one from Julian yesterday too so i saw two new works of his in one day!

aa-7-jumpstreet-vpyp-joyce-wong live in levis

I’m wearing a pair of shorts from Levi’s newest collection!
It’s really soft and was super comfy the entire time i was jumping.


Starting off with some still shots… Click to see the rest of the pix!



Rent A Dress media launch

* Photographs by Jane Lee *

Last week, I did the PR and hosted the launch of Rent A Dress – a new startup business by solo female entrepreneur Shuen.

A lot of people asked whether i’m old friends with Shuen but i just met her face-to-face a few months ago! She randomly emailed me sometime last year saying she’s a blog reader of mine and asking what i thought about this idea she had – which was to rent out designer gowns and cocktail dresses to girls in Malaysia – and i gave her my honest opinion on how i thought it was a great idea and that she should go for it!

Four or five months later, she emails me again saying she’s been working on it and plans to launch soon and i was like, “Wow you’ve been working hard! Good girl!” We ended up sharing resources to save cost for both our start ups, and i was very happy to be involved with her launch in Publika last week :)


We had most of the fashion and lifestyle media attend, along with fashion designers, personalities, and some of Shuen’s closest friends.



Miss World Malaysia 2010 Thanuja Ananthan, DJ/host Patricia K, Rent A Dress founder Shuen, me!, and Miss Universe Malaysia 2013 Carey Ng.

We’re all wearing dresses from Rent A Dress, with brands ranging from Badgley Mischka, Alice & Olivia, Marchesa Notte, David Meister, Halston Heritage, and many more. The one i’m wearing is from Halston Heritage, for rent at RM200.


Ena Sommers, Syomir Izwa, Shuen and i


Sarah Lian, and Calvin Chong from Tatler mag



KLFW 2014 Style Shots //// Dude & the Duchess After Party

* written by SweetEe *
* Photographs by Jane Lee and Evan Lau *

If there is one thing I truly love about fashion week, it has to be the opportunity to see people in Malaysia dressing up in their own fabulous ways. It’s one of the few times in the year when you see people who live and breathe fashion parading their favourite designers’ pieces, albeit with a personal touch.

In between shows at KL Fashion Week, Jane and Evan snapped some style shots.
Let’s see if any of them inspire you cos they definitely did for me.

If you missed our blogposts on KLFW, the links are below:
KLFW Day 1: Joe Chia + Silas Liew + Kittieyiyi *
* KLFW Day 2: Dude and the Duchess + Tsyahmi + Syomir Izwa + Amir Luqman*
KLFW Day 3: Rizman Ruzaini + Jonathan Liang*
KLFW Day 4: Jimmy Lim + Fizi Woo + Hayden Koh*


Beatrice, Mario, Davide and Shuen

Beatrice, Mario and Davide are Joyce’s friends visiting from Italy, and it was my job to bring them to KLFW that day (Joyce was sick at home). I’m amazed at how well they cleaned up after backpacking around South East Asia for 2 months! Shuen on far right is wearing a dress from RentADress.


Claudia from Tongue in Chic (left), and Natrah of The Extra Piece (right)


Azawi David in the middle who never failed to impress everyday!


Designer Kittie Yiyi, congrats on your showcase!



Rizalman for Zalora /// Eclipse FW 2014 /// When Our Eyes Met @ Streetlove

* Pictures edited by Evan Lau *

Zalora collaborated with renowned Malaysian fashion designer Rizalman Ibrahim to release a collection with focus on the designer’s signature form-fitting cuts and elegant Baju Kurungs.

Embellishments are kept to a bare minimum, as Rizalman focused on the use of beautiful and exquisite fabric to elevate the elegance of each piece. Jersey, lace, crepe silk and georgette silk are used generously in addition to laces and metallic elements that create an old-world sophistication that only Rizalman could have recreated.

Featuring the collection are Malaysia’s models du jour Atikah Karim and Rita Suraya, with another campaign showing off seventeen of the designer’s current muses. These muses represent successful, elegant women from all fields and backgrounds such as popular actresses Scha Alyahya and Elfira Loy, top singer Dayang Nurfaizah and supermodel Amber Chia.






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