Laugh Malaysia!

Laugh Malaysia with Harith Iskander

Harith Iskander, the Godfather of Malaysian Stand-up Comedy, will be headlining Malaysia’s largest comedy gig happening Oct 29th, 2014 at Bukit Jalil Stadium. Called Laugh Malaysia, the show will also be featuring his fellow comedians Dr. Jason Leong and Papa CJ.

Get your tickets at *HERE*


On left is Harith and i.
Wow, i managed to find my old blogpost when we went to the Miss Malaysia/World contest in 2006 :p
How time flies… like i told him, i turned around and suddenly he’s got two daughters!

On right is pic shot at my tailor’s, cos i’m getting her to make fashion bibs for me to wear when i eat curry and soupy food. I’m sick of meticulously arranging paper napkins on my chest! I wonder why i didn’t just do this before! Making some extra ones so i can sell them on KinkyBlueFairy :)


Above was taken when i went for Yiu Lin’s private launch of her new Shoes Shoes Shoes boutique in Telawi.
The space is GORGEOUS and women in there were going crazy… i saw so many pieces that caught my eye but they sold out in my size in mere minutes -_-


I returned the next day (i had to rush off to work) and bought new sparkly shoes that make my heart sing!

On right is Sweet Ee looking incredibly sweet, on a rare night we worked till 11pm. We decided to work off-site and it’s kinda dangerous cos with food and drink at hand, one need not stop… until the restaurant kicked us out cos they were closing.


I crashed the Halston Heritage launch to see Patty and Lexie after the Ferragamo one.
My favourite pair of black heels tragically broke so Patty and i went to Topshop to get a new pair.
We both came out with new clothes and… i didn’t even get a new pair of shoes -_- 

We had Korean for dinner, wine at La Bodega, and i met one of their friends who has “I love Thailand” tattooed on his arm. Hilarious.


Sarah and i caught up at the Marie Claire event.
Check out Deb and her on the cover on the right! Purdy purdy!


One weekend night i went to see Cameron (oh yeah, and his parents too) cos he’s growing up soooo fast!

I swore i just saw him a month ago, and suddenly he’s RUNNING and CLIMBING and not giving a shit that Aunty Fairy is actually really fun and wants to run away from me all the time. He’s still small enough for me to pin down and smother with kisses, but he’s so ROUGH that i’m afraid one of his flinging arms would smack me in the face! Boys! I thought i could continue force-hugging and kissing him till he’s about 4 but now i’m not so sure.


We had steamed egg yolk crab and snails at Luck Kee Seafood Restaurant!


Givin’ some love to Sephora

Beauty department store giant Sephora have been spoiling the KinkyBlueFairy team aplenty by sending us a mystery box every month filled with all sorts of make up; from glittery Stila eyeshadows, to Marc Jacobs’ palettes, Algenist moisturizers, Peter Thomas Roth face masks, and more recently… a whole plethora of the latest EYELINERS.

You should have seen our faces when we opened the box that month.
Screams were muffled and all work halted.

I got Sweet Ee and Jane to take pix of the eyeliners on Jane’s arm,
so from left to right are gel liners, liquid eyeliners, and pencil liners.



I’ve tried most of them and i will give you my own account of which ones are my favourite to use right now. I’m loving:
- #5 (Stila liquid liner in black) because it can draw really thin and really black if you go over twice.
- #9: an automatic pencil liner from Stila that comes in a subtle glittery plum. I use it to on my lower eye line when i’ve applied heavy eyeshadow for a night event. It balances out the heavy top eyeshadow wonderfully. After applying #9, i’d draw a thin line with #5 to pull the whole eye’s look together (i guess a picture would be a better description but i haven’t had time for that!)
- #3: Oh my god this glittery gel liner from Urban Decay is so sick. I loved it so much that i just kept it at home for myself and gave Sweet Ee a separate one for her birthday -_-
- #8: Sweet Ee loves thick black liner and said the Eyeko one is great, i didn’t try that one yet

Sephora had an event for which i wasn’t around for, but knowing them, it would be a ton of fun so i sent Sweet Ee and Joe to go cover it. The below is written by SweetEe:

+ + + + + +

A couple of weeks ago, Joe and I attended an event by Sephora for us to preview the Holiday 2014 from brands like Stila, Too Faced, Make Up Forever, Marc Jacobs, Bliss, etc.


We were stoked to meet many makeup artists and chosen representatives from the brands that flew here from their homeland to speak to us about their collections. It also felt kinda awesome to to try all the latest products that aren’t available on shelves yet.


Joe was instantly drawn to Marc Jacobs’ booth.


I love Marc Jacobs’ packaging – strong, edgy, and cosmopolitan!


Click to view pictures of all the pretty collections that will be released for sale for Christmas holidays!



This is currently my FAVOURITE song to dance to at home!
Listen to it while you read this post!

Today is the first day in WEEKS i’m able to just have a day to relax and do nothing!
I was just going through my Instagram and was like WOW. I did so much in the past two weeks!!

Went to Seoul for the Omega event, came back to KL for a few days, worked like crazy, attended 4 events, flew off to Sydney, worked like crazy on the plane and in the airport, went to the launch of Fashion Bloggers, flew back to KL, worked like CRAZY before the Love Bonito launch in Publika, which KinkyBlueFairy did the PR for, and i emceed as well.

I remember i was so excited and positive on the morning of the Love Bonito event! I woke up and meditated for awhile to be calm and focused, and then i played Geronimo and danced in my living room cos i was just so HAPPY and excited for the day!

Friday i tried to take it easy cos i was pretty much just EXHAUSTED. Went to the H&M x Alexander Wang media preview, and had a meeting with Danny (one of my best friends, and now, my architect) to discuss the renovations for my new home… i’ve been so busy that i haven’t put aside time to really think about what final ID i want. All i know is that i’m not gonna conform to using the space how society dictates the rooms be used for… I decided that i’ll use the main master bedroom (which is very large) as my creative space and play area. So i’m gonna have my walk in wardrobe on the surrounding walls, big mirrors so i can dance and hoop in there, and keep my paints and art stuff so i can play in there. It just makes more SENSE to utilize the room in that manner and sleep in one of the smaller bedrooms instead, cos i want to use one room just to REST (feng shui thing, practice certain habits in designated areas in the house so the energy in that space is consistent).

Don’t have much time… in less than two weeks i’m being flown to Paris for a Uniqlo media trip. I wanted to drop by London to visit my grannie just before cos she’s been having some health problems this year, so Uniqlo has been so nice to book me a flight to London first, then i’ll make my own way to Paris, then they fly me back to KL. The next day after i land, i’m being flown to Tokyo and Osaka for another job… it’s gonna be crayyyyy. I’ll be in 5 cities across two weeks! Then AFTER that… i most probably will be sailing from Singapore to Langkawi on The Ship, a 4N/5D party cruise organised by Livescape. I’m sending SweetEe to Seoul for a Kiehl’s event, cos i can’t split myself in two, and i’d LOVE to return to Seoul but… yeah i can’t do everything and be everywhere. (When will teleportation be a reality for human beings? Right now they’re working on teleporting energy and information, but come on guys… hurry up! XD)

Also… I know work is gonna be insane in Nov and Dec as it’s the busiest time for bloggers. I can’t wait to hit the beach in January.

OH! KinkyBlueFairy will be opening a store again at Seek & Keep in BSC at the end of this month! The theme for this edition of Seek & Keep is “party and celebration” and KBF is expanding to selling party and festival accessories and deco!! It’s so me anyway… i keep on buying decorations to do up villas in Bali, i might as well buy in bulk and sell it on my online store and on ground too :D And party stuff here is soooo limited! Every time i want to get decorations for birthdays or baby showers, i end up going to the SAME party shops and paying a bit too much for streamers and things that don’t look THAT special to begin with. Wait till you see the stuff we’re gonna stock!! I’m so excited! So much COLOUR and SPARKLY things and OHHHHH

I’m so excited about life!!! I’ve just been giving myself up to whatever comes my way and do whatever work slaps me in the face, and it’s slowly working out really well… I wish i had a bigger team.

OH YES. I’m still looking for interns and meeting all potentials this week! So if you are interested in interning with KinkyBlueFairy, hit me up at


Triumph Forever Young Launch

* Photos by Jane Lee *

Having barely recovered from the madness of the previous weekend (re: Seek & Keep), i hauled my tired butt over to Black Box @ Publika on a wet Monday afternoon for the launch of Triumph‘s new Forever Young collection. Despite the miserable weather, the turnout was great.

I used to always buy all sorts of different lingerie brands depending on its style and design alone; but as i got older, i learnt that the quality of the underwear and the way it’s cut is imperative for some REAL support. There’s no point wearing a nice bra if it doesn’t achieve its main function!

Triumph has always been synonymous with quality, and is a brand we’ve all known about since we were kids at a time we didn’t even need to wear bras. I must admit that for a few years, the brand didn’t have much allure for me cos it seemed dated. However, i have returned to wearing Triumph a lot more in the past two years… they’ve turned a notch up in their designs, and the knowledge that so much research goes into the construction and design of their bras give me assurance that they are the best out there.

I’ve already been swearing on their Shape Sensation series to friends, and was looking forward to seeing what this new Forever Young collection had in store.


Oversized artificial roses decorated the entrance of the event. They looked so pretty AND real, i was tempted to run off with a few cos they made me feel even more like a fairy!


As a fun interactive activity, Triumph held a contest where guests could upload pix on Instagram with the hashtag #TriumphForeverYoungMY and stand a chance to win a prize at the end of the event. As part of my entry, my immediate instinct was to grab one of the roses and pose with it as it matches my tattoo! Okay fine… i just really wanted to hold the rose. -_-


Loved how they had healthy mocktails that were filled with antioxidants and Vitamin A all in accordance with the health of one’s boobies!


Daphne Iking looking as glamourous as ever effortlessly emceed the event.


There was a panel of discussion about breast health with Daphne, Carey, Maria Tunku Sabri, Dr Harjit Kaur, and Kate Ang, VP of brand from Triumph.

They discussed the facts on how breasts change with age, no thanks to decreased levels of collagen, tissue and fat. These cause it to lose its fullness, not to mention other external factors that surprised me!

There are 4 main factors that make boobs sag:
- hormonal changes
- UV rays (no more sunbathing, girls…)
- genome structure
- gravity

I thought this bit of the event was highly insightful and informative, to the point where there was even a bra demonstration!



Thank you ELLE Malaysia!

Thanks to Shah at ELLE for bringing a whole crew to my home one day to shoot me in my wardrobe. I guess you guys have to come over again when i move house XD


This is in the October issue of ELLE. Yeah i know i’m a bit late with picking up the mag, i totally forgot i was in it till someone told me.

+ + + + +

I am now in Sydney for the launch of Fashion Bloggers, a new Australian TV docu-show featuring 5 of Australia’s most prominent fashion bloggers: Sara Donaldson of Harper & Harley; Kate Waterhouse of; Amanda Shadforth of Oracle Fox; Margaret Zhang of  Shine By Three; and Zanita Whittington of Zanita. The first episode debuts for Malaysian viewers on Astro this Wednesday at 10pm Malaysian time on Channel E! (Ch712).

Initially i thought of sending someone else to come in my place cos it seemed a *bit* mad that i’d attempt to coordinate the guest list for the Love Bonito launch this Thurs while here, and fly to Sydney the Monday-Wednesday before. I asked Sarah, but she wasn’t free after just coming back from Bali. And i asked Claudia, but it’s her first week as editor of Cleo so she’s out. Then i thought, “Maybe… the Universe is saying *i* should be the one going.”

So here i am.

A bit dead. I landed at 10:30am this morning after transiting in Singapore. Checked in Fraser Suites Sydney at noon and dived straight into work. Napped at 4pm (cos i only managed 4 hours sleep on the plane). Woke up, worked another hour, dinner with my cousin Smalls, then worked till now… it’s almost 1am.

I should get some rest!

But first a bit of storytelling. Somewhere in the middle of my flight, i restlessly thought to myself, “Man. I wish i was in business class so i could sleep properly. One day… i will only fly business class…” And within the next ten minutes, this air steward came by where i was sitting (we were jesting earlier) and passed just me a Kate Spade night bag from the business class section. How odd! And how very nice of him! Bless him! I couldn’t even find him when i stepped off the flight to say thank you.

I’m taking it as a sign that the Universe is saying, “Be patient.” XD


My week in Seoul

I had such an awesome trip in Seoul that i really want to blog about it…. even tho i didn’t bother taking my camera out with me all the time and just wanted the convenience of snapping it with my phone :p #SorryNotSorry I didn’t even edit these myself… i’ve been so busy and whining to Sweet Ee that i don’t have time to blog about the fun stuff i do, that she said she’ll help me photoshop and resize them :D SPANKS!!!

The group of Malaysian media consisted of 4 other ladies from newspapers and mags, with all of us accompanied by Cath from Omega Malaysia. When we walked through the arrival gate in Seoul, i spotted a TEAM of people dressed in suits holding up giant Omega placards. “I guess that’s us…” i slowly said to one of the girls walking next to me. Usually there is a person or two who greets a media group at the airport, but this time there was almost one for each person. This Korean dude in a suit politely insisted on pushing my Rimowa bag along, as we were escorted to a sleek black car. That was just the beginning of the flawlessness in which Omega designs and executes their events.


I instagrammed the sky pic: “I was so glad that @omega booked us flights on @MalaysiaAirlines. Previously I would fly all the other airlines to try them out… Qatar, Emirates, Cathay Pacific, Thai Airways, Sg airlines, etc. But at a time when MAS is tryna get over a double tragedy (as is the rest of our nation), now is the time to support our airlines. I actually had this morbid thought on the plane – that if I happened to die on a flight, I would readily accept my dramatic fate and decided it might as well be one from my own country.”

Emo or what? Haha.
I’ve become emo in a good way when i have these few quiet moments at home alone. I listen to spotify and think about all the enriching experiences and wonderful people i’ve been coming across. It’s like all the right things happen and the right people come into your path, exactly when you need them. Life is amazing. (Look, i’m emoing again.)

We stayed at The Shilla, a stunning establishment whose buffet spread is comparable to that of the Kempinski.

The pic of me on the right is of me pointing up at this captivatingly sparkly installation in their lobby. Seriously i never got tired of staring at that thing. Every night when i came home, i would take a few seconds to stand RIGHT underneath it and stare up with my mouth open. There was one occasion i was talking to someone in the lobby before we were leaving for the night event, and i lost concentration on what they were saying cos i spotted the sparkly stuff again and went, “Ooh…” Crazy how sparkly stuff makes me trip out like that.


I really wanted to do a catwalk up and down the corridor but i never got to it.


Where i holed myself up for a few days to work. I didn’t sightsee much this trip cos i was SO busy with work, and i’d already done a big exploration in June (sorry, i never did get to blog about that :p). This room was a pleasure to work in.


I used the desk to lay out all my accessories and handbag contents on. It was so much more comfortable working from the sofa!


My schedule and welcome notes were printed on pristine white paper, held together in an equally pristine white box which i’d open by tugging on a tiny ribbon. I’ve kept that box to keep a necklace or something in, it’s perfect!


Bathroom on left. On right is Cath when she took us for lunch in one of the hotel’s restaurants. I could see the relief on everyone’s faces cos we were all knackered from the night flight and didn’t want to venture far.

I didn’t want to have champagne during lunch cos i’ve been drinking too much. But when Cath and Kate got one and Cath kept on nudging me to get one too, i caved in. It was a good choice. I must say the champagne went really well with the sashimi. And the lunch in general XD



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