KinkyBlueFairy will be at Urbanscapes 2014! We’re giving away 5x tickets!

The team had such a great time spreading our fairy love on It’s The Ship that when another opportunity came for us to do it all over again, we just had to say YES. So if you missed the boat (or rather The Ship), you still have the chance to come and check out our fun and colourful items.


Urbanscapes is Malaysia’s Creative Arts Festival, currently in their 12th consecutive year and it is looking to being one of the best yet. The all-day event features some of the best talent in music, art, design, photography and more.

It will be on Saturday 6th December 2014 at the Horse Ranch, Resorts World Genting.

Who’s playing?


Kimbra of the hit song “Somebody I Used to Know”; US indie rock back Local Natives; Jagwar Ma from Australia and alternative rock band The Lemonheads .

But there’s going to be much more than music. Installations by Biji-biji Initiative and Market of Experiences as well as a whole host of other vendors selling awesome merchandise are set to complete the festival.

Don’t have tickets to Urbanscapes yet?

KinkyBlueFairy is doing a giveaway!
We are giving away 5 passes worth RM207 each to Urbanscapes.

All you have to do is:
1. Follow @KinkyBlueFairy, @JoyceTheFairy and @Urbanscapes on Instagram
2. Regram/repost our giveaway post with all accompanying words.
*Here’s a sample of the giveaway post*
You may post on FB or IG. Make sure you hashtag #kbfgiveaway #urbanscapes

Deadline: Thursday 4th December 2014 at 12 noon.
Winners will be picked at random so the more you repost, the higher your chances are!
Winners details will be under guest list for ticket collection at Urbanscapes itself.

We can’t wait to play with you next weekend!! So come look for us at the circus tent! We’ll be selling festival gear, LED accessories, animal masks, LED hula hoops, and sooo much more!!

For more information on Urbanscapes:

Instagram: @urbanscapes
Twitter: @urbanscapes



You know of SOS. But have you heard of SWS?

I’m just about getting over SWS (Ship Withdrawal Symptoms). I don’t even think the team is over it yet. This morning they were all still talking about stuff that happened on the ship and after 30 minutes, i piped up, “OK ENOUGH! I’m gonna separate you all if you don’t stop talking, i can’t do my work!”

After that, silence.
And i felt like the mean schoolteacher.  -_-

OK fine, the ship was really awesome. Some ppl asked whether it was as awesome as the pix depicted.
And i was like, “Yezzzzz”

The vibe on the boat was so awesome cos everyone basically had to be a community for 5 days. Everything was within walking (or stumbling) distance – restaurants, pool, clubs, bars, rooms, sports amenities, casino. Because getting on the ship costs a certain amount of money, i felt that it got a crowd that was slightly better behaved. I only met two people that made me feel negative, out of hundreds of amazing beings i made friends and hung out with. Everyone was smiley, saying hi in the corridors, it was easy to go up to anyone and strike a conversation (cos we’re all in the same boat har har). When i got off the ship and continued smiling at strangers on land, i realised i was back to ‘reality’ when noone returned my smiles. #sad

Everyone on the ship was just in such a good mood cos it was a holiday!

Signs of SWS:

1. You eat a lot.

I’ve been eating like a horse during and after the ship. On the day we disembarked; i had breakfast at 6am, a huge lunch in Singapore at 1pm, char siew pau at 4pm, and two dinners in one sitting at 7pm. For the first time in my fanship at Fat Spoon, i ordered two main dishes and walloped both by myself after coming straight from the airport cos i couldn’t take it. I felt like passing out from hunger.

2. You surf #itstheship on IG constantly.

The first night i got back, i couldn’t help checking out IG to see all the pictures and get links of people i’d met on board. After a few hours, i decided i HAD TO STOP.

3. You’re messaging people you met on the ship, when you’re home.

I’ve been messaging and voice-noting all these people i met during those 5 days. It’s like we can’t get enough of each other. It even applies to old friends. Aaron asked to meet up tomorrow, and i was like, “Seriously?? We just saw each other for FIVE days on the ship! Not enough issit?” Deep asked me to come out to 42 today; i was at a pre-wedding dinner so noooo.

4. You have to get used to reality around you.

Like the smiling i mentioned earlier on in this post, i had to get used to the fact that not everyone smiles. It felt so weird to be back on land, not have food of all types at your disposal at any given hour, people around to play with, laughing and running around all day, talking to people and having fun, dancing, drinking. Aaron said he was in starbucks getting a coffee on the way to work and imagined the guy next to him was shirtless and holding a beer. Said guy was actually wearing a shirt and tie.

5. Bodily dysfunctions.

I lost my voice on the 3rd day at the ship. By the 5th day i was barely comprehensible if i didn’t try hard enough. I wasn’t the only one. EVERYONE in our group of 12 lost their voices, except Danny and Deep. Something about their genes. And then there are the bruises and urm allergies. My allergies came back with a vengeance cos i drank too much (aughhhh).

6. You’re still not unpacked.

Packing to check out of the ship constituted chucking all my belongings hilly billy into my white rimowa. I usually separate my accessories, chargers and bikinis by packing them in separate pouches; but that didn’t happen this time. Because it’s such a royal mess, i just about got over getting the tangle of stuff out of my bag, and haven’t finished placing all items back in its proper place yet.


A Curious Twist in Christmas Tradition @ YTL’s Cameron Highlands Resort

* Written by Weng Yee *

I am a big fan of crime shows, from Criminals Minds and Bones to Castle. So of course I jumped at the chance of attending a Murder Mystery Dinner! The invitation included a plus 1 so when I asked one of my friends, she was just as excited as I was at the chance of a weekend away in Cameron Highlands.

YTL Hotels had invited us to their 3D2N weekend getaway entitled “A Curious Twist in Christmas Tradition” at Cameron Highlands Resort where I would not only get to partake in a murder mystery dinner, but also witness the Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony and sample a preview of their Christmas Dinner.

YTL kindly arranged transport for us from The Majestic Hotel up to Cameron Highlands and one piece of advice I have for anyone making the trip there is – if you are prone to motion sickness, use the new road! It may take an hour longer but the old Tapah road is not for the faint hearted, it is one curvy road!

Cameron 1

The atmosphere is so different that it’s exactly what you need for a weekend away. The air is crisp and cool, the Christmas decorations are up, and they serve proper afternoon tea! It made me reminisce about my Christmas times in the UK. While KL does put in the effort of having decorations in the mall and Christmas songs on the radio, it just isn’t quite the same. Afternoon tea in the Jim Thompson Tea Room was scrumptious and will easily fill two up. Their home baked scones with freshly made strawberry jam is definitely one of the best I’ve had in Malaysia.

Cameron 2

Our room for two nights. Nice touch of providing a fruit bowl whereby the fruits are already cut for leisurely consumption. I once stayed in a hotel where they provided a whole pineapple in the fruit bowl and no proper knife for it -.-

Cameron 3

Holiday cheer all around! Their fireplace is lit every night which is perfect for chilly nights in Cameron Highlands. Over the weekend, I observed how people would naturally gravitate towards the fireplace while hanging out.

First item on the agenda for the Murder Mystery Evening was cocktails. It was a great way to loosen everyone up so that we could all get into character and talk to our ‘targets’ (everyone had been given a card beforehand with a list of tasks to complete such as who to talk to, blackmail or bribe).

Cameron 4

After that it was down to the Dining Room for dinner.

Cameron 5

The setup was gorgeous. The roses on the table were so perfect that I assumed that they were fake until someone mentioned they were real. I even reached out to touch them to make sure. Dinner was a preview of their New Year’s Eve Gala Dinner Menu.

Cameron 6

From L-R: Semi-dried Momotaro tomatoes with blue cheese, Provence black olives, Aglandau extra virgin olive oil, aged balsamic and fresh basil; Angus beef and ale stew with Yorkshire pudding, green peas and vegetables (the beef was so tender that it melted in my mouth); Chocolate mousse mille-feuille with caramelised banana, pistachio soil and toffee anglaise.

Just as the first course was cleared, a scream was heard from the drawing room “A MURDER HAS HAPPENED!!” And of course like the kepoh busybodies we were, the entire Dining Room cleared out to take a look at the poor unfortunate soul.

Cameron 7

Who was it but ‘Jim Thompson’ himself. After everyone got a good look, we were told to make our way to dinner but before anyone could sit down, a second scream was heard and off we rushed to the billiards room where we found the second victim…


L’Oreal Luxe: Beauty at The Beast

*Written by Weng Yee*

L’Oreal recently invited us to their event which showcased all the brands under them, as well as gave us a sneak peek into many products that are soon to be released. When Joyce asked me to tag along, all that was going through my mind was, “Finally! All the countless hours spent reading beauty blogs and watching YouTube beauty videos is coming to good use!”


The event was held at The Beast, making the event title Beauty at The Beast which I thought was a pretty cool wordplay from Beauty & The Beast. Get it?


The restaurant was tastefully done up with red roses all around.



Sarah LianNadia Heng, and Joyce


Shu Uemura was letting everyone try their ravishing new lip glosses, which will be available in stores come February 2015.


Shu Uemura International Elite Artist Lisa Yap. Read more about her at the recent Shu Uemura event KBF covered *here*


Be prepared to put aside some extra make up money soon cos these new colours are luscious.


When Bernie Chan tells you to pout, you pout!
L-R: Bernie, Elaine from L’Oreal, and Joyce


Claudia is the new editor at Cleo! Grab her maiden issue for them, which would be the December one!


I need a house assistant

Just about getting back into life on land after spending 5 insane days spreading colour via KinkyBlueFairy festival gear on It’s The Ship. Oh my god i have so much to do now! My house is a mess, i haven’t paid my bills, my Astro got cut, my water bill is pending, i just cleaned up my unpacking from Japan and Paris and now all this colourful stuff is STREWN everywhere cos i need to unpack from the ship.

Gotta run. Blog later. Ton of emails. I NEED MORE ASSISTANTS FOR MY LIFE.

The Hunt

Growing up, I’m sure everyone had that one dream job that they hoped to be in the future. For some it would be something quite noble like a doctor, or it would be an everyday job like being a postman.

As for me?
I grew up hoping to be a spy.

Of course looking back now it sounds silly (or does it?) but it was inspired by my favourite TV series and computer game: “Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?” Carmen Sandiego was the villain who always managed to outsmart the agents by stealing the wonders of the world such as the Egyptian Pyramids or the Taj Mahal. I dreamed of being the one spy who would be able to outsmart the greatest villain and give the world back its treasures. Who wouldn’t love jet-setting around and playing with all the latest cool gadgets?

Here’s the intro vid for a little throwback.

Now that I’m slightly more grown up, I realise that while the wonders of the world are important, there are more essential things to worry about for the average woman. Like not waking up to stains on your 500 thread count bedsheets cos your monthly visitor decided to come in the night.

Hands up if you’ve woken up with unwanted colour on your sheets and had to rush everything to the wash before someone thought you’d killed a small animal on the bed. One in five women experience leakage so you can imagine how many people will benefit from a product that provides better security for those ‘heavy’ nights.

That’s where the New Libresse®  comes in, with two special agents.

Meet Agents Adibah Noor and Fahrin Ahmad.


But alas! Agent Adibah Noor who was tasked with the safekeeping of a top secret briefcase that was crucial to the New Libresse® Launch, had lost it! To find it, Agent Adibah was assisted by Agent Fahrin Ahmad, and members of the public who could sign up to be agents through

Beginning on 7th October 2014, a series of teasers and clues were released to guide consumers and curious participants to find a missing briefcase. The activity ran for three consecutive weeks where each week provided different clues to unlocking different answers that would eventually lead to finding the content of the briefcase. The participants who exercised their sleuth skills successfully were invited to an afternoon of fun and games with Libresse®.




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