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Glenfiddich Valley of the Deer @ Carcosa Seri Negara

Comments (2) Events, Events, Party & Festivals, Featured Post

Went for a really fancy event at the end of May, called Valley of the Deer. I felt it was going to be, when they sent over a bottle of Glenfiddich, two glasses and a long handwritten note with the invite. Then a week before the event, they sent over ANOTHER invite. I didn’t know about it till Baby said i got a package and that “it looks fancy”.


Who sends two invites for an event? Such a buildup, how not to go.

The evening of, i headed to Extreme Cars at Plaza Damas cos Jessie of Boozeat invited me to ride with them in a stretch limo to the event.


The last and only time i sat in a stretch limo was in New York 5 years ago!
Maybe it’s in my fairy stars to start riding them more regularly again *emoticon with hearts in eyes* (Why can’t i have emoticons in my blog… Phillipppppp)


OHAI can i ride like this to work and around town for my meetings every day? Then i can bring my whole team with me and work while in transit as to save time! XD


John, me, Dennis, Melvin, and Michelle


I always have a good laugh with Dennis!
At the far end is Jessie and Kelvin


You can actually rent this limousine (or other luxury automobiles) under the Extreme Limousines brand for rides!


When we entered the entrance to Carcosa, we were given a gold-embossed Glenfiddich wallet with some cards and Valley of the Deer tokens inside the coin compartment which were proper heavy and to be used for drinks.


I pounced on the canapés once i managed to get a few seconds from talking to people, i was starving!


Apparently so was Jeremy



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No rest for magic

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I have exactly 10 minutes to write this post so it’s gonna be quick!
Have been in an insane roll of work that’s been non-stop since February and barely got enough sleep nor exercise but i LOVE my work so much it doesn’t feel like WORK and i finally got started on my summer trip yesterday.

Got 1.5 hours sleep before my flight to London via MAS. I put the last day off for errands but work got in the way and i ended up packing for a 6-week trip 6 hours prior to my flight. Do you know how crazy that is?! Plus i’d just moved so i was packing from boxes which was so tough and i was almost in tears from the amount of work i had on my mind besides afraid of missing my flight and packing stupidly.

I definitely packed too much cos i brought 40kg of things with me?!

Would’ve thought going on business class meant more shopping space to take home but maybe not…

Slept 4 hours on the plane, landed in London at 5pm, had a wonderful dinner with my family before crashing at 10pm.
Set my alarm to wake up at 3am for some urgent work before having to leave for my flight for Vegas at 7am.

It’s 6:44am now. I need to go SOON.

Been planning my big summer trip since last year cos if i didn’t, i wouldn’t be able to tell clients that i’m just not available.

Will be doing Vegas and Nevada with Yishyene, then back to London for time with family, then i’m off to Berlin, Barcelona, Porto, then London again.

Then maybe China, Japan and Maldives in August/Sept for work but TBC. It’s gonna be a crazy Q3 and Q4.

Got an invite to go to Spain in July but obviously i’m already in Europe somewhere so i’ll send Baby in my place.
And guess what, the dates they are sending her to Barca are the EXACT SAME 3 days i’m there too!
So we’ll be reunited in Barca! KinkyBlueFairy in Barca!!

I will be hiring more rapidly from Raya onwards as there is too much work.

If you are interested to work as a writer/editor or in PR, please email [email protected]
I think i need a replacement ME too. If you think you can do what i do, email me [email protected]



Maricel Pamintuan for CUEVOLUTION

Comments (1) Fashion, Fashion, Style & Beauty, Featured Post

A few weeks ago, i did a shoot for CUEVOLUTION.COM, dressed in a piece from their latest collab collection with Maricel Pamintuan.

Maricel Pamintuan originally studied architecture before making the decision to follow her passion as a fashion designer. She graduated from Winchester School of Art, United Kingdom in 2013 with a BA in Fashion Design and has interned at Marchesa in New York.

Through her experimental yet soft and ethereal approach, Maricel was not only shortlisted for the Karen Millen Portfolio Award 2013 but has also caught the eye of Vogue UK. Growing at a fast pace, the young label has been invited to represent Brunei at Asia Fashion Week 2014, Indonesia as well as Mercedes-Benz Stylo Asia Fashion Week 2014 held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Inspired by Japanese confectionery also known as Wagashi, this capsule collection is based on the visuals of traditional Japanese cakes whereby pastel and candy shades make up the colour palette. Some of the garments make use of traditional closure methods such as ribbon strings in place of modern zips to signify the delicate methods in producing these cakes. Delicate sweetness forms the overall mood of the collection. The collection retailing from $120USD to $260USD (roughly RM400- RM1000) in size 8UK and 10UK and available for purchase on  CUEVOLUTION.COM.”

Maricel for CUEVOLUTION campaign Joyce Wong Lexie Rodriguez

Me next to Lexie! Heehee
By the way Lex just launched her fashion blog, check it out here:

Maricel for CUEVOLUTION campaign 1 Amy Yasmine

Amy Yasmine! Formerly editor at The List, and now at Harper’s BAZAAR Malaysia. 

Maricel for CUEVOLUTION campaign Sarah Lian Shana Azooi

All-around hot stuff Sarah Lian; and Shana of Azooi

Maricel for CUEVOLUTION lookbook 2 Joyce Wong


More details on the collection’s pieces, the personalities modeling, and Cuevolution itself after the jump


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Chivas 12 Made for Gentlemen by Bremont Launch

Comments (0) Alcohol, Food, Drinks & Desserts

* Written by Joe Kwan *

It had been a long ass week, when I got the email from Joyce, asking me to attend yet another watch event. I scanned the email briefly, already deciding this wasn’t my scene, when I saw the word “whiskey”. I typed out the words “I’d love to!” with a flourish and hit Send and the rest was history.

Fast forward a week, on a particularly hot Thursday, I was looking forward to the end of the work day when my phone bleeps, reminding me about the event. Thank God I was decently dressed. I raced down to Pavilion, fighting peak-hour-traffic, and arrived just in the nick of time.

Held in the Swiss Watch Gallery in Pavilion, the event celebrated the latest collaboration between Chivas Regal, British watch company Bremont and Swiss Watch Gallery. The entire space around Swiss Watch Gallery had been covered up in black velvet drapes, one would not have guessed it was smack in the middle of a mall! Behind the sexy black curtains were even sexier watches on display. From my last watch event, I’ve gained a mountain of respect for the art of watchmaking, especially the crazy attention to detail that is so easily taken for granted.




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Be Malas

Comments (0) La la la, Musings & Personal

Today is the first day in 3 weeks i can just sit at home and do NOTHING.
I didn’t want to go out.
I didn’t want to put on make up.
I didn’t want to put on my contact lenses.
I didn’t even want to comb my hair.

I just wanted to stay in my bed and watch Popcorn Time
cos i haven’t watched a single movie for a month.

Really felt like curry laksa cos i’m not gonna get any while going away in 2 days time
and decided to use Be Malas
Baby has been using them to deliver our balloon orders for KinkyBlueFairy
and i thought hmmm why not.
Just get them to buy curry laksa and deliver it to me.

Never actually contacted them myself before
so i SMSed the number from my bed
and gave specifics on what noodles and that i wanted extra cockles.
Bill was RM33 and i wondered for awhile whether i was being too much for paying that to get it sent when the coffeeshop was a 2-minute drive from me.
But the thought of getting ready and driving in the hot sun…
I’m thinking of it like a freelance butler service.
Like, if i used them 10 days out of a month, that’s about RM300.
Which is cheap for butler service right. XD

I love it!
Thanks for having such a service exist in KL.

The only thing i had to DO was put on a bra and open my front door to take the laksa from the guy.
He asked whether he could have a pic with me but i was all, “No… i’m sorry i look like crap today… Next time!”