Day 4: in Bologna, Italy

Here are a plethora of pictures i took in Bologna on our first day there. I was super excited to go to the city described as the capital of food, and stuff myself silly. I stuffed myself so much i could barely keep awake after  my first day there!

I count myself really lucky cos it’s my fourth time in Italy! Every time i return i just fall in love with the country more and more :) This is gonna be a bit of a rushed post cos it’s already 2:15am in London and i need to wake up at 8:30 to visit my grannie in the hospital one more time before my flight back to Frankfurt!



bologna-italy-3 daisies

I can’t help ooh-ing at daisies every time i see them JUST because we don’t get as many in Malaysia.
My aunty always says i’m gazing after weeds.

bologna-italy-12 handmade pasta

Oh my lord… there’s nothing like pasta in Italy. Nothing.


The fruits and vegetables are so bright, they look fake!


It’s spring time which also means lots of flowers!!!

Prepare to view like 50 pictures after the jump. :p



Interns and freelancers needed for KinkyBlueFairy!

A quick note!


I am looking for 2 new interns to start from mid-April onwards.
Your responsibilities will be helping out with marketing and operations at KinkyBlueFairy, writing, photography, PR, well, basically a lot of different things we throw ourselves into doing!

I am also really looking for a photography / videography intern.

Our office is based in Damansara Jaya, PJ, and your travel costs will be covered.

Interested please email with the title “Interns”


I am looking for interns/freelancers who will operate from their home towns of Penang and JB. There are events that i’d like to have covered there sometimes and i need a representative that is good at writing, photography and PR skills. I want someone who’s passionate about lifestyle and connecting with people :)

Interested please email with the title “Interns – Penang/JB”

I love Italy!!!

Ok i’m back in London for a week and barely had ANY TIME to message poor Clem, let alone blog!
Here are two pix taken by the club photographers when Mario and Bea took me partying on the coast in Italy.
I had SUCH a great stay there, and it’s mostly thanks to the wonderful hospitality Beatrice, Mario and the rest of the Italians have shown us. Italy is memang one of my favourite countries to travel to in the world!


Michelle, Mario, me, Beatrice and Camilla at Indie Pop Fashion Club
My black and white dress is from Monki, (a Swedish brand and the same company that does H&M) who will be opening their stores in KL VERY SOON!


Taken at Deap Club



Frankfurt Day 2: Kleinmarkthalle, wooden toys, modern art & a picnic by myself!

Er… i’ve been in Europe for a week and only up to Day 2 of my travel posts :p Last night i went partying with Beatrice and Mario with their friends in a club on the East coast of Italy, and they dropped me home at 7:30am  >.<

I had to get ready in a hurry at 12:30pm to go out for lunch with everyone, and when Aunt G asked Mario to turn up some opera in the car, the elaborate sounds combined with my hangover made me go @_@”’

Here are some pix from my second day in Frankfurt! You can view blogpost on my 1st day *here*.


I went to walk in the food market aka Kleinmarkthalle. One of my FAVOURITE things to do when in a new city or country is to visit their local market, grocery store or supermarket! I love looking at all the exotic foods, fresh produce and if i’m in the supermarket – interesting label designs.


Scores of fresh fruit!


These nuts and chocolates were REALLY TASTY. The lady kept giving me samples to try and i unabashedly tried a bit of each and asked what they were. In the end, the chocs were so good i bought a packet for Uncle Mark cos he loves them so.


Oh this looks so much like pate du tete! I wanted to try some but didn’t think they’d let me buy a tiny bit so i just stared and it and salivated. Now that i’m looking at it again, i should have just BOUGHT SOME and coulda brought the rest to London with me!


Tongue… looks so gross but tastes SO GOOD. I love tongue.


Easter is coming!

Germany, England, & Italy: 3 countries in 2 days

I just realised that…

i had breakfast and lunch in Frankfurt,
then supper in London at night,
breakfast in Reigate,
and then lunch in Bologna,
and dinner in Imola.


(Kononnya glamour but actually i’m dying for some rest…)

I don’t know what i was thinking – that i could keep up with blogging all my pictures on a daily basis!
I can’t even keep up with my emails..!
I’m just gonna throw some pictures on now and blog the rest of the really nice pictures i’ve been taking all over the place in other blogposts when i have the time. (correction, when i MAKE the time!)

On Thursday morning (yesterday), i had my last breakfast at the Kempinksi Hotel outside Frankfurt.



Every morning after breakfast there, i would admire the cherry blossom tree on the walk back to my room.


For lunch i headed into Frankfurt to meet up with Sam, who took me to Chez Ima at the 25Hours Hotel by Levi’s.

aa-chez-ima-frankfurt-1 aa-chez-ima-frankfurt-2

I had the chicken schnitzel which was really good.
Well, the reason Sam took me there is cos all the food is good!


Thanks Sam!

That evening, i boarded my Lufthansa flight thanks to some luck, cos there was a worker’s strike at the Frankfurt airport and flights only resumed from afternoon onwards! I flew to London Heathrow where my Uncle Mark picked me up at 11:15pm and we headed into the city apartment where i saw my grannie and gave her a hug, had some supper and slept till 4am.

My aunt, uncle and i left London city at 4am to head for their house in Reigate, where i unpacked what i didn’t need for the weekend. It was bloody freezing (4°C) and i had to force myself to wash up before our taxi came at 6:30am to fetch us to Gatwick airport for our flight to Bologna at 8:30am.


Moon & stars coffee at Gatwick.

We flew over the Swiss Alps and it was so beautiful.
Like giant black waves with frothy tops frozen in time.


We arrived in Bologna where Beatrice and Mario picked us up.


Had lunch at Trattoria da Gianni, a real hole in the wall Italian place. The food was outstanding. Italian food is always outstanding! Ahhh how i’ve missed REAL Italian pasta and hams!


How could i come to Bologna and not order the Bolognese XD


Tortellini in brodo


Mario, Beatrice, Aunt Gerry, Uncle Mark, me!

OK i have to leave for dinner in a bit, CIAO!


Happy 60th Birthday to my Mummy!

My mum turns 60 today!!!
We took her to Awanmulan last weekend and it was my family’s first time there.
Unfortunately my dad literally broke his back when we arrived  :*( so he’s not in the pool pix


My mum she realises why Clem and i go there so much!


Mummy, Nick & Sonia


Family pic! (Note that hoop is part of family XD)


Extended family pic!





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