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My 34th Birthday

Comments (0) Birthdays, Musings & Personal

I wasn’t really sure what i wanted to do for my birthday, because i was gonna be in Australia for so many weeks beforehand, and felt i might want to just decompress after the trip.

Also, 34 isn’t a particularly spectacular figure. 33 is kinda cool cos it’s a double digit, 35 is the half mark into the 3rd decade, but 34 is neither here nor there. I was open to the idea of just going with the flow and having a really quiet one. 3-4 days before my bday, which fell on a Friday, i decided to text a bunch of people to have dinner at Ad Hog cos i thought i’d really like to get lots of hugs from friends that day 😀

Jun insisted on making dinner for my birthday eve, and i opted for Chinese food where we also had Mama, Uncle Mark and Aunt G over.


He cooked spicy assam fish (his mum’s recipe, sowh damn good), veggies, braised mushrooms, soup, and his grannie’s recipe of fatty pork + egg.


Mama taking a break after eating.
I kept catching 11:11 and 1:11 when checking the time only every few hours. I took it as a good sign the angels are with me.

On my actual birthday, it auspiciously fell on the same day as Malayalee New Year / Vishu, Baisakhi, Tamil New Year, AND Good Friday. Dhanya invited me to her family home to sample her mum’s annual vegetarian feast. I couldn’t think of a better meal i’d have loved to have for lunch and immediately said YES. The memory of her mum’s mango chutney rings in my mind months after it’s passed through my mouth, and she only cooks it once a year! And that is, if i’m lucky enough to be invited cos each of her 3 daughters only invites a few friends.


My banana leaf on the right. I continuously topped up on various dishes and rice as i went along… and slowly ate what must have been two helpings of everything and was SO satisfied and stuffed after.


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PUPA Pink Muse Makeup Collection

Comments (2) Beauty, Fashion, Style & Beauty

KBF has been running some digital projects for Sasa Malaysia, and we’ve been loving it cos the team there are lovely (and all girls woohoo) and i find them so easy to work with. It’s pushed us to work with influencers out of the usual bunch we engage for other brands, from teenagers to hijab KOLs. Peeps totally out of the circles i see at events. Very interesting.

I digressed. The point of this blogpost (as title suggests) is this make up collection Sasa sent to me. Dahlah i’m happy enough we work on things with them, and they send me more make up too!?

I had to blog about it cos this collection is slick.

PUPA-Pink Muse-Makeup Collection-Sasa(2)


As you know, i cannot bear taking more than 15 mins to apply make up. I swear this was the result. The eyeshadows are really smooth and easy to blend!

Unrelated – when i posted the pic above, someone commented my fingers are really long. Hell yeah, i could reach an octave when i was a kid. Unfortch i haven’t touched the piano for years now.

Please admire the earrings in the pic. They’re a piece of pride in my accessory collection, crafted by metal smiths in Bali. I never wore them for years and just kept them in a box. Bought them back when i didn’t have property bills x1033984 to nurse. And nowadays, i just USE all my prized possessions. What’s the point of them sitting in a box for nobody to see?



The sunset that day killed it with my make up. #casafairy ftw


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Sydney: Marrickville & Darling Harbour

Comments (0) Australia, Explore, Travel & Stay, Sydney, Travel

I tasked myself with booking the accommodation for Sydney when my family and i went there for my cousin’s wedding.

In true Joyce-last-minute-travel style, i booked them rather hurriedly one Sunday afternoon i blocked JUST FOR searching for Airbnbs. There are so many to choose from, and i was a little stressed if the place turned out crap (cos it’s not just ME staying, it’s my parents!) so i read through reviews and went through neighbourhoods that we would have a nice experience living in.

Every time i stay in a location for a week or more, i always book two diff airbnbs in diff neighbourhoods, just cos i think it’s nice to get a feel of diff grids in the same city!
In Berlin, i stayed in classy Mitte, before moving to artsy party Kreuzberg.
In Las Vegas, Yishyene and i tried staying in the city, as well as the old side of Vegas.
In Porto i stayed in a beautiful modern city flat right above the bars, before moving to a more rustic one by the water.
In Tokyo, we tried quaint neighbourhood Nakameguro, before moving to Shinjuku for the weekend.
Maybe one day if i get to it, i’ll do a blogpost on all my favourites i’ve stayed in!

This time round, my prioritized filter was to have a parking space for the rental car we’d be having with us the whole time, and i wanted there to be shops and restaurants around for easy exploring.


Found this airbnb in Marrickville that caught my eye mainly cos there was some comment about the number of birds in the garden, and my mum LOVES birds. She photographs birds almost every day and the types of birds she sends to our family group chat astounds me cos i never would have guessed they existed in Malaysia. She has this way of talking to them, and i heard her conversing with them that trip 😀


It was a very cosy place with a coffee machine, our preferred milk set out for us, some fruits, and a very interesting library i had great fun going through. I read a sad book about a boy and a tree (where the tree gave the boy everything till he grew into an old man and the tree was but a stump).



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Channeling Pinkie Pie

Comments (0) Beauty, Fashion, Style & Beauty

When Han at Centro Hair Salon coloured my hair last, i initially wanted a darker colour but i think he’d already planned ahead the tones he was gonna implement onto my crown. Check out *this vid he did for a side project of his own*, so semangat and well done!


These were shot in 5 minutes right outside the salon cos they had Ikwan Hamid over to take some photos.
Eyeshadow from Dior. Lip colour my own.


The combination of pink, peach and purple tresses were a dream.

I caught myself sitting on the sofa after work, twirling my hair between my fingers and simply admiring it. It was like i was my own little pony! I didn’t need to play with their hair anymore cos… mine was even BETTER.

You should have seen how it faded over the weeks, it changed slightly every time i washed my hair, and still looked magical.

In the first week, i had a few days i went ‘all the way or no way’ by throwing on lots of pink clothes and make up. I looked like i was visiting from a pink planet. On days i had meetings and had to look more serious about work, i’d tie everything into a bun (less colour shouting at everyone) and wear black.

One thing i didn’t think i’d get for having pink hair, was the amount of attention i got from little girls. Throughout the many variations of hues i’ve sported, none has enamoured more girls than this one.

I noticed girls tugging on their parents sleeves, or stop walking altogether, with mouths hanging open.

In the lift one day, i found myself standing with a Malay lady and two little girls around 4 and 7 yrs old. The auntie said, “My cucu said they like your hair. They want to have pink hair too.”
My hair was tied up in a ponytail, so i entertained the situation by going, “You mean like this?” and dramatically pulled my hair tie off to let the pink waves loose. Both girls stared up at me with shy smiles and big shining eyes, as the lift doors opened to their floor.
Their grannie shoo-ed them out, but the youngest girl continue staring at me and walked out right into the wall!

So cute, i would have pink hair errday if it could entice someone with the possibility of magic.


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Jin & Min’s Wedding

Comments (1) Family, Musings & Personal

I was in Sydney for 10 days because my cousin got married!

She’s the youngest girl in in our generation (on my dad’s side) and the smallest… hence her nickname Smalls in high school. Though Shannon dubbed her Smallest Wong, which may not be far from the truth. We’re all really tiny women in the family, and i’m the tallest in my gen and half the gen older (shocking but true). I call her Min Min cos of her Chinese name, and couldn’t help looking on in pride at the little girl we used to lock in the cupboard (i swear her sisters played a bigger part in this but i admit partial responsibility by not letting her out) who’s all grown up and gorgeous on her wedding day.


Her bridal troupe preparing torture shots for the groomsmen.


Mama & I

I IG-ed this pic and captioned the below >

🎎☕️🍚 Someone asked Mama how old she was, and she answered confidently, “86!”
I turned to her after the person had left, “No, Mama, you’re 88 this year!”
Mama: hai ga… oh yeah *nods head*
Me: it’s okay, I forget too! (I blurted out I am 27 the other day when I’m 34!)
Mama: it’s okay la. So old, better die! *pats my hand*
Me: shush Mama! Stop saying that! 😳😒😑😂 88 is a good number!! *holds 8 fingers up in case she didn’t understand*

Mama has diabetes and early onset Alzheimer’s. I cried the day I found out the latter. Aunt G has found chocolates in her room whereupon Mama looked in the sky and said she didn’t remember. She’s currently suspected of using her disease to her advantage. #wily 😒

At night, Mama has been found rummaging through her room cos she cannot find her jewelry, much to her despair. She had given it all to us 5 years ago, when she was sure she was gonna go 😒 So to remind her, we photographed the heirlooms she’d passed on to us so Aunt G could print them to keep in her room.



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